Sex toy review: Rocks Off Fuzion Enigma

Fuzion Enigma in box

I have been taking a break from reviewing sex toys as I wanted to focus on other topics on my blog, but when Rocks Off Ltd contacted me to ask if I wanted to review some toys (my choice) I decided to accept their offer. They had a good selection of new toys and I chose the Chaiamo, Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Lubrication Potion and the Fuzion Enigma, which this review is for.

The box this toy came in was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t typically keep the boxes that my sex toys come in. For one, I don’t have the space to store my sex toys in their original boxes, and also, often the sex toys don’t go back into their boxes nicely. But this box is so gorgeous and the toy fits into it so well that it now resides in a special part of my closet just so it can stay in the box.

side view of fuzion enigma box

I don’t generally like insertable sex toys. There are a few exceptions, but I tend to grab a bullet vibrator when I have the choice. However, I asked to review the Fuzion Enigma because it is a bit different. For one, the shape of it is quite ergonomic. Most insertable vibrators I have used have a short base with barely enough room to grab hold. So you’re reaching between your legs, trying to manoeuvre the toy in place when you barely have a grip on it. Not ideal, in my opinion.

Fuzion Enigma toy

The Fuzion Enigma is different. Not only does it have a sizeable handle, but it is also curved, so that you don’t have to bend yourself into two just to get the vibrator into place (I exaggerate a little, but ergonomics isn’t something most sex toy companies keep in mind). The curve of the toy makes it easy to insert and play with it no matter how long or short your arms are. As an average-sized, abled woman I can’t comment on how well this will work for my disabled sisters, but it seems a lot better than a regular vibrator. And if it makes life easier for me, then it will get my approval.

Fuzion Enigma in two parts

The Fuzion Enigma comes in two parts which you can screw together. Well, I say “screw”, but it’s more like a twist. I’m not sure if the purpose of having to screw it together, but it’s not really a big deal and it would make the toy a bit easier to store if you didn’t want to keep it in the box. Once twisted together, the toy is completely waterproof which gets a thumbs-up from me. I love using sex toys in the bath and shower, so I rate waterproof toys very highly. I also like how I can wash this toy in the sink rather than having to faff about with toy cleaner and wipes.

Fuzion Enigma in opened box

The Fuzion Enigma is made of body safe silicone and has 10 speeds/pulsations. It has magnetic charging ports and can be charged in 3 hours. Oh, I just thought of another reason why the 2-part toy thing is good: you charge it when it’s apart. Which, if you have inquisitive children, like I do, is great as you can charge it without it being obvious that you are charging a sex toy. Not that I leave mine out just for all to find, but even if it’s tucked into a drawer my son tends to snoop and find it.

Fuzion Enigma charging

As any good rabbit vibrator, the Fuzion Enigma has two motors in the toy: one for the clitoral arm and one for the G-spot part. The best part is that you can operate both motors independently AND that the controls allow you to scroll up and down through the setting, so that, if you inadvertently get stuck in a pulsation mode, you and scroll down rather than to have to scroll through 7 vibration patters to get back to where you want to be. The only downside is that it gets a bit fiddly trying to adjust the speeds on both arms as you have so many controls, but I tend to get myself up to speed and then leave the controls alone, so that wasn’t much of an issue for me. But I can see it maybe bothering other people.

Fuzion Enigma controls

The reason why I tend to dislike insertables is because I have a very narrow pelvis and am quite tight, so most vibrators and dildos end up hurting me. Or, at the very least, they are plain uncomfortable. The Fuzion Enigma isn’t particularly narrow, but the shape works very well with my body. It also really helps that both arms of the vibrator are very flexible, so I can move the toy around until I have hit that sweet spot, which seems to be in a different place for me than for most standard people judging by other toys I have tried.

Fuzion Engima being bent by hand

Overall I would say this is a good quality toy. I know not all toys work for all people all the time and that’s fine. I find I dislike a lot of toys other sex toy reviewers rave over, but this toy worked really well with me. The vibrations of the Fuzion Engima are strong and deep enough for me to enjoy and it’s one of the very few toys I like inside me. If I have a niggle it’s that the clitoral arm is maybe a bit too flexible. I often like strong pressure on my clit and the flexibility of the Fuzion Enigma clitoral arm doesn’t really make that possible. So I have to press the arm down onto my clit to get the stimulation I want.

I would heartily recommend this toy. I have tested and reviewed far more expensive toys and not got on with them, so for £99.99 this toy is well worth it. You can get the Fuzion Enigma at Rocks Off Ltd.

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