Sex toy review: Hot Octopuss AMO

Hot Ocotpuss AMO in box
When Hot Octopuss contacted me to ask if I was interested in reviewing the Hot Octopuss AMO bullet I didn’t hesitate to agree. I love bullet vibrators, they are my absolute favourite. But when the AMO arrived, I was a little worried. It looked very much like the Hot Octopuss DiGiT, which I didn’t really get on with. Was I destined to be dissatisfied with the AMO as well?

Before we delve into what I thought of the Hot Octopuss AMO, let’s first take a look at the product itself. The AMO is a bullet vibrator made of body-safe silicone and an ABS plastic base. It looks really sexy with the pink base and the black top. It is rechargeable, fully waterproof and has a number of speeds and patterns. I could do without the patterns, but the nice thing about the Hot Octopuss AMO is that it uses a different button for the speeds as it does for the patterns. So you’ll never accidentally end up in pattern land when all you want is a higher speed. I really love that feature.

Hot octopuss AMO and box

The Hot Octopuss AMO is curved on one side but has a pointy end on the other side. This means that you can use it for broad stimulation and pinpoint stimulation, whatever you are in the mood for at that moment. Another thing I like about the AMO bullet is that it’s very easy to hold. Bullets tend to be on the smaller side, which sometimes makes it tricky to get a good grip, especially when the bullet is slick with lube. You won’t have that issue with the AMO.

I also really like the package. It’s small and efficient, but really sexy. I love the British flag on one side, which shows you that the Hot Octopuss AMO is made in the UK. It also comes with a little drawstring bag, which I quite like. I have kids and I keep some of my sex toys on my bedside table in the bedroom. Being able to “hide” my toys in their own little bags is a bonus.

So…what did I think of the Hot Octopuss AMO? As you may have remembered, I was not a fan of the DiGiT. I also didn’t like the Queen Bee, but I loved the Pulse Duo. That’s not surprising: no two people are the same and what works for one, may not work for someone else. Doesn’t mean you are strange, or your body is broken, it just means your preferences differ from others.

Unlike the DiGiT, I did really like the AMO. Yes, that surprised me too, because the AMO isn’t that different from the DiGiT. The vibrations are roughly the same strength (which, on the DiGiT was not deep and strong enough for me) and the buttons work the same. I do have the same issue with the buttons as I had on the DiGiT. They are small recesses in the toy rather than buttons and they are hard to feel and hard to press. You don’t want to have to fumble trying to increase the speed of the vibrations mid-wank; it should all be a seamless operation.

I like how quiet the Hot Octopuss AMO is. I liked that about the DiGiT too, and it’s a real departure from Hot Octopuss’s loud toys like the Pulse Duo and the Queen Bee, which are so loud I can’t use them. In contrast, the AMO is so quiet I feel comfortable using it in my bedroom even if the kids in their bedrooms are not asleep yet. That is a real bonus for me.

Hot Octopuss AMO in hand

The main reason I like the AMO when I didn’t get on with the DiGiT is because of the pointy end of the toy. I don’t find the vibrations strong enough when I use the broad side of the toy, but when I use the point, oh boy! Does that ever feel amazing! For pinpoint stimulation, the AMO definitely has enough power. I don’t feel the need to start on the highest setting, but can start low, tease myself a little before slowly increasing the speed of the vibrations. By the time I reach the highest setting I am seconds away from an orgasm.

Apart from the fiddly buttons, I love everything about this toy. The strength is perfect, I can use the point to great effect and it’s really nice and quiet. And even more bonus: I can use it in the shower. I love using my toys in the shower, so whenever I get a waterproof toy I’m thrilled. I can heartily recommend this toy. If you loved the DiGiT, I’m sure you love the AMO as well.

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