Sex toy review: Rocks Off Chaiamo

Rocks Off Chaiamo in box
Rocks Off recently sent me a few of their new sex toys to test. I have tested some Rocks Off toys before and I was delighted that they offered me to test some more toys. They sent me a list so I could pick a selection of toys I thought would suit me.

I picked the Rocks Off Chaiamo, because it looked really neat and I always love a clit toy. At least, I thought this was a clit toy. I clearly hadn’t read the description properly, because the toy was much bigger than I thought it would be. Here is a picture to show you to scale how big it is:
Rocks Off Chaiamo in hand
It’s not massive, but bigger than a little bullet vibrator. But hey, I wasn’t going to complain, because I kinda liked the idea of being able to use this as an insertable toy as well.

The Rocks Off Chaiamo is made of body safe silicone which feels incredibly soft. Most of my favourite toys are ABS plastic, but the silicone on this toy is lovely. It does tend to pick up a bit more lint and dust, so just make sure you clean it properly before and after use.

There’s not much to the shape of the Rocks Off Chaiamo: essentially just a long shaft with a tapered end. The end it not tapered this enough for pinpoint stimulation, but it’s nice nevertheless. The Rocks Off Chaiamo is rechargeable: it takes about three hours to charge and then lasts about three hours as well. I never masturbate with one to for three hours on end, so for me this means that the toy can last for days, if not weeks, before I need to charge it again.

Rocks Off Chaiamo charging

The Rocks Off Chaiamo is very easy to use. There is a button on the top which turns the toy on, and then you can scroll through several vibration speeds and patterns. Yes, it has the dreaded patterns (at least, dreaded by me). The position of the button is a bit awkward, especially if you want to insert the toy: I kept pressing it accidentally, which moved the vibration speed to vibration pattern which mean I had to either scroll through all the patters or turn the thing off and on again. A bit of a hassle, but it only happened when I inserted the toy.

I do like Rocks Off packaging, it’s so beautiful. Even if you just throw out the packages, which I do with most of mine, to be honest, it’s lovely to get a vibrator that is presented in such a nice way. I never used to care about packaging, but when you hold a Rocks Off package in your hands, it does make you feel special. And it’s always exciting to open the package and reveal the goodies within.

After opening the package, I first charged the toy. Annoyingly, Rocks Off’s toys show a solid red light when charging, which flashes when it’s finished. That’s the opposite of all my other toys, so I have to keep reminding myself of this lest I take the vibrator off the charger too soon. As I received the toys on a day I worked from home, I plopped this one on the charger right away and went back to work. By the end of the day it was fully charged.

I’m always a bit wary when I first turn on a toy. I wouldn’t say I judge a toy by the depth of its vibrations alone, but it is a big factor. I like my vibrations deep and rumbly. So when I turned on the Rocks Off Chaiamo, thought I had died and gone to heaven. They vibrations are so deep! I don’t know what kind of motor they have put in this thing, but it’s amazing. Even on the first setting it made my hand shake like mad. Not great for people who are not really into rumbles, but fantastic for me. Based on the vibration alone I think this may become my favourite toy.

As I prefer clitoral stimulation, I tried the Rocks Off Chaiamo as a clitoral toy first. My clit and vulva definitely liked the deep rumble, but my clit prefers more direct stimulation than even the tapered end of the Chaiamo can offer. So I decided to insert it. Best. Decision. Ever. As an insertable, the Chaiamo is slim and not too long, which is exactly how I like my insertables. When angled properly, the deep rumble hit my G-spot and I was able to come in no time at all. When I tried using it a second time, I decided to add a pointier clitoral vibe, and I think I may have found the winning combo.

If you like pinpoint clitoral stimulation and thick, long insertables, this toy may not be for you. But for me it ticked all the boxes. Can’t wait to play with it again!

You can get the Rocks Off Chaiamo at Rocks Off for the very decent price of £39.99.

4 thoughts on “Sex toy review: Rocks Off Chaiamo”

  1. Hi! Thanks for reviewing this. Been thinking of getting it. Is it more pink than burgundy (as it’s shown in product photos)? Personal preference, and a bit silly maybe, but I don’t like my toys too bright.

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      No, it’s not too bright at all. I would say it’s more burgundy than pink. For some reason my camera never captures the colours right (may have something to do with the fact that I don’t have professional lighting in my house as well).

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