Sex toy review: Satisfyer High Fashion

Satisfyer High Fashion

A while ago Satisfyer launched their luxury brand. The three toys launched in the brand are made with genuine leather and precious metals. I actually really liked the look of them and I was lucky enough that Satisfyer sent me two of them: the Satisfyer High Fashion and the Satisfyer Pret a Porter. As I am scaling down my toy reviews, I sent the Satisfyer Pret a Porter on to my friend Nikki from Love Is A Fetish and decided to review the other one myself.I guess, as a company, if you focus on only one type of sex toy, you need to keep coming out with different, better, versions of it. I mentioned in my review of the Satisfyer Pro 3 that Satisfyer does manage to make each version of the air pulsating toy better than the one before, so I was quite excited to try this one.Satisfyer High Fashion with bag

First couple of things I noticed about the Satisfyer High Fashion: it is quite heavy and the shape is different from my other Satisfyers. If weight is an issue for you, the Satisfyer High Fashion is probably not one you want. It comes with a cute little storage bag, which I always find very handy. I store my favourite sex toys in my bedside drawer and it’s nice not to have them out in plain sight when I open the drawer.

A note: this toy is a beautiful brushed silver, but for some reason, no matter what I did, I was unable to capture the true colour on camera.

Buttons on Satisfyer High Fashion

The buttons on the Satisfyer High Fashion are great. They are very clearly marked and easy to use. My husband, upon seeing the toy, remarked that the seam on the toy seemed to make it not waterproof, but the description definitely assures me that the toy is waterproof and it would surprise me if any of the Satisfyer toys were not waterproof. This Saisfyer High Fashion also has a vibration setting, which I always really like.

Satisfyer High Fashion charging

So…what did I think of this toy? I have to be honest and say that it’s not going to be my all-time favourite. Having said that, I still really liked it. The nozzle is soft like the Satisfyer Pro 3 and seems a bit bigger as well, so it fits around my clitoris better. I find the shape quite handy, as you don’t have to reach down at an awkward angle. As I mentioned before, the weight of the toy – no doubt because they are using “precious metals” – is quite hefty, so that may be a problem for some people. It wasn’t for me.

I was able to orgasm easily with the Satisfyer High Fashion. Probably just as easily and satisfying as with the Pro 3, which has become my favourite. I find the toy is a bit louder and when I used it for the fifth or sixth time, the pulsation became a bit irregular. I’m not sure if that’s a flaw or whether it just needed another charge, but it did annoy me at the time. The toy still worked well, but I prefer not to have to worry about sounds etc.

All in all I liked this toy. The shape makes it a bit easier to handle, although the weight might be an issue for some. I have used it on more than one occasion and it does live in my bedside drawer, so it gets used regularly. Would I spend £133.96 on it? Probably not. Not when you can get the regular Satisfyer toys for so much cheaper.

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