Sex toy review: Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower

Satisfyer Vibe Power Flower in box

We all know how much I love Satisfyer’s suction toys. Especially the ones who suction and vibrate as well. I am not as enamoured of their purely vibrating toys, and two of the other toys in the Satisfyer Vibes line have not been that great.

I did hear good reviews about the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower though. As it was a bit different from the other vibrators (and as I didn’t need to insert it), curiosity got the better of me and I thought I’d give it a try.

Top shot of the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower

The Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower looks like an actual flower. I have to say I really love how it looks. It’s cute, it’s different and not at all intimidating. It’s just a fun vibrator. And it has the Satisfyer Vibes handle to hold it with the loop for ease. I really like holding toys that way as my hands are often slippery from lube (lots and lots of lube) and having a handle like that ensure I can get a good grip.

All Satisfyer’s toys are good quality: the handle is made of hard ABS plastic and the flower is made of body-safe silicone. The Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower is fully waterproof and rechargeable. My particular toy was already charged when it came, so it needed only a bit of a top up, which is nice as I wanted to use it quite quickly.

Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower charging

I wasn’t entirely sure how the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower would work out. I mean, those flower petals look a bit pointy and sharp, how would that actually feel on my vulva? Would the vibrations even carry through to the tips of the petals? Was I really prepared to be assaulted like that?

But sex bloggers who I respected spoke very highly of this toy (in a surprised voice, as they, too, don’t typically like the vibrating toys from Satisfyer) so I silenced my doubts and handed my husband the toy. He likes to try out sex toys out with me and he is usually very good at making me come with them.

Sadly, not with the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower. Rather than pleasurable, the toy felt painful against my vulva. It almost felt like it was going to cut me, it was so sharp. I was really disappointed and asked my husband to stop shortly after he had turned it on.

I wasn’t deterred though. I figured that maybe my husband hadn’t used the toy properly on me. After all, he can’t feel what I feel, so maybe I needed to just try it for myself. I chose a time when I had the house to myself and enough time to relax and just play and I took the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower in hand once again. I also placed some other sex toys close by, just in case I needed back up.

I did not need back up. In any way, shape or form. I don’t know if it’s because I was more relaxed, or I could operate the toy myself, thereby ensuring I moved it away from my vulva enough for it to stop being painful, but this toy made me feel amazing! The flower is broad enough that the petals can stimulate my clitoris and my vulva at the same time. The pointy-ness of the petals is perfect for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, and if I hold it at just the right angle and distance from my vulva, it really, really feels good.

I love toys that are slightly different. Of course I have my stand-by favourites that I use when I want to be guaranteed of an orgasm, but the Satisfyer Vibes Power Flower has seen action more than I would have expected since I first tried it. I have to hand it to Satisfyer: they have finally made a vibrating toy I can get behind.

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