Sex toy review: Tantus Rumble

Tantus Rumble box

I recently became an affiliate for Tantus and they asked me to pick a few toys I wanted to review. I have always wanted to try a wand vibrator and the Tantus Rumble looked interesting. Tantus kindly sent me one to test.


The Tantus Rumble comes packed tightly in a handy box. The box itself is wrapped in plastic, so you know it cannot have been tampered with. The Tantus Rumble lies in a form of foam along with the instruction manual and the charging cable. The box can be used to store the Tantus Rumble in when not in use if you so with. (I just tend to put all my sex toys in one box together.)


Tantus Rumble chargingThe Tantus Rumble was already charged when I received it and is good for 4,5 hours of play. That is quite a long time. It is charged through a mini USB connection which is so convenient. I mean, I always have a mini USB cable with me when I travel whereas with other vibrators I always have to remember to bring my special sex toy charger. And when you forget that one, as I did on one trip, it’s game over. The other vibrators I have are waterproof, so the pin connection is necessary, but the mini USB connection was a welcome sight.


The first thing that you’ll notice about the Tantus Rumble is it’s unusual shape for a wand vibrator.

Tantus Rumble unusual shape

The Tantus Rumble is curved with the head of the wand vibrator at an angle. There is an indent to be able to hold it better. The head is large and made of very soft silicone. The controls are on the front of the handle, but spaced out so you don’t accidentally press them when using the Tantus Rumble.

Turning it on

Tantus Rumble controls

The Tantus Rumble is turned on by pressing the ‘on’ button once. It’s very easy, maybe even too easy. I would be worried about traveling with it as it could accidentally be turned on in your suitcase or bag. You can use the up and down buttons to scroll through the speeds and vibrations. They are responsive, but not so responsive that you would accidentally change speeds or vibrations while using the vibrator.

Ease of use

I found this wand vibrator easy to use. I had read some reviews of the Tantus Rumble saying that people found the shape awkward with the head on an angle, but I didn’t have that experience. The Tantus Rumble is a bit on the heavy side, though, which you can expect from a toy that is as powerful as this one. So if you are experiencing wrist problems, then the Tantus Rumble may be a bit difficult to use. It is also quite loud, especially on the highest setting, but again, this is something you’d expect.

The head of the Tantus Rumble can be detached and you can buy different attachments for it so it can be used for different uses.

Pleasure factor

In terms of the pleasure the Tantus Rumble gave me, I absolutely love it! I am able to orgasm within a few minutes when I use it. And they are very intense orgasms too. The large head is a contributing factor to my orgasm, as the head stimulates my whole vulva, rather than concentrate only on my clitoris, which I particularly love. I love strong, rumbly vibrations and in that respect, the Tantus Rumble lived up to its name. I find with some of my vibrators, if I use them at the highest setting, the vibrations use some of their rumble, but not so with the Tantus Rumble. Deep, strong vibrations that travel further than just my clit and vulva and that bring me to a climax without fail every time I use it.


Tantus Rumble headThe Tantus Rumble is easy to clean. Because the toy is not waterproof, you need to use toy cleaner wipes to clean the handle with the controls, but the silicone head comes off so you can thoroughly clean it either with soap and warm water or with boiling water or bleach for a deeper clean.


The Tantus Rumble was my first wand vibrator, so I cannot compare it to other brands like the Doxy or the Hitatchi. But for me, this wand vibrator works very well. I absolutely love it and I would certainly use it often during solo play if I want a quick orgasm. Yes, it’s not waterproof, but that doesn’t particularly bother me. I’m happy enough just to lie back on my bed and let the Tantus Rumble do all the work. I can definitely recommend this toy if you are looking for a wand vibrator.

Rating: 10/10

You can get the Tantus Rumble at Tantus’ website for $129.99.

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