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We Vibe Tango in box

I am so excited! I received the We Vibe Tango from TooTimid, a sex toy company in the US, in exchange for a review. I had heard a LOT of good things about this toy from other sex bloggers who are also power queens, so I dared to hope I had finally found a clitoral vibrator that could satisfy me without any effort.

Before we get to the part where I tell you whether I liked this vibrator – and whether it made me come as hard as I had hoped – we need to get some of the specifics out of the way. They are important, as you need to know what you are getting for your money, right?

We Vibe Tango in box 2

The We Vibe Tango comes in quite a nice box. When you lift the lid, the vibrator is nestled in soft plastic which it is easy to take out of. I have the pink version, but it also comes in blue if you prefer that instead (I love pink). It is made of hard ABS plastic which is 100% body safe. It is fully waterproof which means you can use it in the bath or shower as well, which is usually my preference as that is pretty much the only time I seem to be able to get privacy.

We Vibe Tango with charging cord and bag

The We Vibe Tango is rechargeable and it comes with a USB cord, a magnetic adapter and a silky storage bag. I have to admit that I am really happy with the little storage bag, as I don’t have many of them. Very handy if you want to store all your bullet vibrators together, for example (which I do). I had never seen the magnetic adapter, my other rechargeable sex toys either come with a cord with a long pin or with a cord with the magnetic charger end already attached.

We Vibe Tango charging

The We Vibe Tango needs to charge for 90 minutes before it can be used, and the charge is then enough for 2 hours of play. I initially read the instructions to say “9 hours of charging” which really surprised me, but luckily it’s only and hour and a half. It also has a little light next to the power button which will light up when the battery is low, which is SUCH a handy feature as I always let my toys get too low and then I get caught out mid-wank with a dead sex toy.

I found the charging a bit finicky. I can’t charge my sex toys on my night stand – or anywhere else in the open – as I have inquisitive young children, so I usually charge them in the storage box with the cord hanging out of an opening at the back. I had to be very careful with the We Vibe Tango that I didn’t disturb the cable once I had laid down the vibrator or the connection would get loose and it would stop charging. I got there in the end, but you need to watch out for that.

We Vibe Tango

The We Vibe Tango works like any other bullet vibrator I have. It has 8 settings, although unlike most other bullet vibrators, the We Vibe Tango has 4, not 3 speed settings. That is great news for those of us who don’t like patterns, and let’s face it: that’s most of us, right? You turn it on by pressing and holding the power button and you use the same button to scroll through the settings. One nice thing about the Tango is that it remembers the last setting you used, so if you turn it off at, say, speed 3, then it will turn on at speed 3 as well. Scrolling all the way to the settings turns the We Vibe Tango off as well, in which case it will start with setting 1 when you turn it on again.

We Vibe Tango close up

I can unreservedly say that I LOVED the We Vibe Tango. I am always weary of sex toys which everyone seems to like, as they often turn out to be a disappointment to me (see all the Satisfyer toys). But the We Vibe Tango is amazing. The vibrations are strong, very strong, and rumbly rather than buzzy. Before I received this vibrator, my favourite clitoral vibrator was the Ann Summers Climax Power Bullet, which has rumbly vibrations as well, but the We Vibe Tango far surpasses this.

We Vibe Tango with storage pouch

It is not only due to the strength of the vibrations that I now prefer the We Vibe Tango. I also love the shape of it. It is just a bit longer than the Ann Summers Power Bullet and the end is tapered so you have a flat, pointy bit for precision stimulation. I can’t come from pinpoint clitoral stimulation alone, but it is great for changing things up and variety is, after all, the spice of life.

The other factor is that the vibrations travel deep into my body. With the Ann Summers Power Bullet, the vibrations feel great on my clit, but that is usually where they stay. With the We Vibe Tango, my whole clitoris is stimulated, not just the nub that is sticking out. I love having my clitoral legs stimulated and the We Vibe Tango does a great job at that.

So, overall I have to say that the hype around the We Vibe Tango is well deserved. It’s a great little vibrator, which is powerful enough for me and delivers every time. It is also very quiet, which is great in my case, as I have children who don’t need to hear buzzing sounds from their parents’ bedroom. The size also makes it easy to slip into a handbag for traveling. Apart from the finicky charging there is nothing really that I don’t like about bullet vibrator.

The We Vibe Tango is now officially my favourite sex toy!

You can get the We Vibe Tango at TooTimid for $89.99 and they ship worldwide.

UPDATE: I have since noticed that the We Vibe Tango has trouble staying charged. Charging it is fine, but if you leave it for a while, it will lose charge quickly. The best I can advise is to charge the toy right before you want to use it to ensure it hadn’t lost its charge.

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2 thoughts on “Sex toy review – We Vibe Tango”

  1. Not sure why your battery doesn’t hold a charge, yours sounds somewhat defective as my Tango is fairly often left for months without use and it always surprises me that it feels like it has held all the charge that I left it with. It is my only battery toy that doesn’t drain, or at least has negligible drain over time and is in fact something I absolutely love about the Tango. I don’t use the vibe all that much, despite it living right next to my pillow, so having charge when I do decide to grab it in the moment is important.

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      I have had two now which did the same thing (I had reported the one as being defected and WeVibe sent me another one), so it’s not just a fluke.

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