Do the stars make us sexually compatible?


This is a story I wrote for the Wicked Wednesday prompt Astrology. See below for a link to the other Wicked Wednesday entries. This story features my heroine Jane from my new book The Insatiable Jane Travers. Enjoy!

“When’s your birthday?” Lillian asked, leisurely flipping through a magazine.

Jane shielded her eyes from the sun as she looked up at Lillian. “The fifth of June.” She wondered why Lillian wanted to know.

Lillian smiled. “Lovely, that makes you a Gemini. Mine is the twenty-seventh of November, which means I’m a Sagittarius.”

Jane frowned. She didn’t believe in astrology. The idea that stars could influence her life was frankly ridiculous. As far as that was concerned, she agreed with her uncle who never had time for what he called pseudoscience. She was surprised Lillian set any stock by nonsense like this.

She decided to see where Lillian was going with this. “And what does that mean?”

“It means we’re sexually compatible.” Lillian looked up at Jane and grinned. “Isn’t that great?”

Jane leaned forward and kissed Lillian. “We already knew that, we don’t need some star sign to tell us.”

“These things are important,” Lillian protested, holding up the magazine. “What if we were just lucky the first couple of times?”

Jane couldn’t tell whether Lillian was serious or joking. She sat up, pushing Lillian’s feet off her lap. She positioned herself between Lillian’s legs. She pushed her knees apart and moved closer.

Lillian gave a breathless giggle. “What are you doing?”

“Checking if we’re still sexually compatible.” Jane slid Lillian’s dress higher and nuzzled her panties. The smell of Lillian’s arousal worked like an aphrodisiac and she could feel herself get wet.

“We’re in the garden,” Lillian protested. “Someone could see us.”

“You started this.” Jane grinned and moved Lillian’s damp panties aside. She slid a solitary finger along Lillian’s wet cleft towards the sensitive button at the top. She flicked it gently, then lifted her finger to her lips and licked it.

Lillian moaned. “Has anyone ever told you you’re a quick learner?”

“I’m only a quick learner when it comes to fun things.” Jane resumed stroking Lillian’s wet cunt. She wasn’t sure where her courage had come from suddenly. Lillian was right: they were in the garden and the others were all home. It wasn’t impossible for one of them to stumble upon her and Lillian. even though they were in quite a secluded spot. But it was impossible to stop now. Lillian’s gasps were too delicious and Jane wanted to hear more of them. She wanted to make Lillian writhe and moan with pleasure.

She leaned forward and ran her tongue along Lillian’s cunt, lapping up her juices. She loved the taste of Lillian; she could never get enough of it. In need of better access, she pulled Lillian’s panties down and threw them aside. She slipped two fingers into Lillian’s hot entrance and fastened her mouth on her delicious clit, coaxing it out of its hideaway.

Lillian sighed and pushed her hips forward into Jane’s face. She grabbed Jane’s hair and pulled her closer, grinding herself on Jane’s tongue. Jane’s fingers found that special spot deep inside Lillian and rubbed it hard. Lillian’s breath became ragged and her moans became louder. Jane’s cunt throbbed with lust. She wanted to ravish Lillian, make her come so hard she couldn’t speak. In their sexual encounters so far it had been Lillian who had taken the lead, but today Jane felt brazen and confident. She wanted to be the one calling the shots this time.

Lillian bucked her hips against Jane’s mouth, her cunt tightening around Jane’s hand, the tell-tale sign of her impending orgasm. Jane could feel the tremors start deep inside Lillian’s cunt. Then Lillian cried out as her orgasm overtook her. Her legs shook and she pushed Jane away.

Jane gently cupped Lillian’s sex. She rained kissed on Lillian’s inner thighs until the shaking stopped and Lillian reached out for her. Jane curled up next to Lillian on the blanket. Lillian kissed her deeply.

“That was amazing,” she breathed.

Jane smiled. “We now know that we’re sexually compatible.”

Lillian stroked Jane’s cheek. “There is still one more test to do.”

Jane’s body flushed with heat. She didn’t have to ask what Lillian was referring to. Lillian was a generous lover and always made sure Jane got as equally satisfied as her.

“Take off your clothes.”

Jane shot up, alarmed. “We’re in the garden!”

“That didn’t stop you before. Besides, it will add some danger to the situation. A bit of fear will make this even more delicious.” Lillian’s eyes were hard as steel. “You’ve taken enough liberty today. I’m in control now.”

A delightful shiver shot up Jane’s spine. With trembling hands, she pulled her dress over her head and pulled her panties off. Naked, she lay back down on the blanket in the grass, ready to take whatever Lillian was prepared to give her.

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