Share Our Shit Saturday: What I enjoyed reading this week

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a platform for sex bloggers. Twitter has started to shadowban sex bloggers, Facebook has always banned anything related to sex and other social media platforms are equally squeamish when it comes to sex.

This is what prompted some sex bloggers to start the hashtag #SOSS, which stands for Share Our Shit Saturday where we share links to other sex blogs which we enjoyed reading this week. I had been toying with the idea to do a weekly round up of sorts anyhow, so this initiative is a good incentive for me to get on with it.

I will not necessarily only post links to blog posts that have been published in the last week. Some sex bloggers are new to me and if I see something while perusing their blogs that I like, I will share it, whether it is an older post or not.

I really love this blog post by I Am The Siren, where she explores what is good sex. I agree with her that having an orgasm is not the measure of good sex, or of a good sex toy; I have had fast, intense orgasms with the Satisfyer toys, for example, but I wouldn’t consider masturbating with a Satisfyer good sex.

Victoria at Pretty Pink Lotus Bud is having a bit of a hard time. You might remember that her house was hit in Hurricane Harvey and she is struggling with that as well as with juggling being a single mum, providing for her family and pursuing her dream of being a sex educator. Her post really resonated with me and made me realise that we can’t work in a vacuum and support is essential.

I liked this post from Laura at The Pearl Diaries. She writes about the detriment of bad sex education and how women are not taught to about pleasure. That definitely rings true for me. There is a part where she says that men get turned on by the look of their erect penis and women don’t have the same visual evidence of their own arousal, making it difficult to get aroused. I have found that myself: if I masturbate and touch myself and feel that I am wet and aroused, it makes me even more aroused.

I was interested in reading Luv Bunny’s review of the E-Stim System, because I am terrified of using something like that. I have to admit that reading this review I am less terrified of using an electric stimulation device, but it didn’t sound like it would blow my mind either. I do know there are a lot of different systems out there, so maybe something will tickle my fancy, who knows?

I also liked this review from C Poly of the Fleshlight Freaks Cyborg Set, comprising of an interesting dildo and a fleshlight. I am always fascinated by strange looking dildos with lots of ridges and bumps, although I am not a fan of too many bumps myself personally. I also like reading reviews of fleshlights, which I couldn’t try myself, as I don’t have a penis, but I am always thinking of getting one for hubby.

This post by Kristin Hambridge on Small Penis Humiliation is very interesting. I first got to know Kristin during the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge and I really enjoy reading her stuff. This is just one of her interesting blog posts, it is worth checking out her whole blog.

That’s my round up for the week. I love reading other sex bloggers’ posts, I first started doing it during the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge, organised by Victoria from Pretty Pink Lotus Bud (as linked to above) and I am excited to continue bringing interesting blog posts to my readers’ attention.

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  1. Wow this is a great idea, thanks so much for the link to my site. I am 100% in agreement- I swear the secret of revamping your sex drive is to just waff as much as you can to jumpstart it 🙂

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