Share our Shit Saturday – 20 October

The last time I did a #SoSS post was before the summer, I can’t believe it! In my defence, I did share a lot of others’ content during the summer when I co-hosted the Summer 100 Blog Challenge, but it’s so nice to be back to reading different blogs and posting some highlights. I had asked people on Twitter to share some of their content – which was admittedly a bit lazy for me to do – and I had hoped to get some links from people who are new to me. I received fewer replies than I would have liked, but on the plus side, I didn’t have to choose who to include and who to exclude.


I haven’t read any erotica in months, so I had loads of choices for my round up. Here are some of the stories I have been reading. There is a lot more out there, but sadly I am limited on time.

May More always writes super hot erotica, and this story is no exception. It’s even more hot because it’s a true to life story.

A deliciously kinky story at On Queer Street . This is just one sample of the really hot erotica on this site – make sure you check out their other work!

An old one, but new to me from A Shot of Erotica about two people getting it on during a ride on the bus.

Sex toy reviews

Over at Super Smash Cache, I had never heard of the Bougie Bullet, but her review makes me want to try it. I like my Tango, but I can’t use it for more than one orgasm, it’s that strong.

Viva la Sexy Blog reviews the Doxy Die Cast and the Doxy 3, and it just makes me want a Doxy more than ever. But, as I said on Twitter, our new house seems to have paper thin walls between the bedrooms, so I am very hesitant to use any loud sex toys in fear of traumatising the kids.

(Sex) positivity

One new-to-me blogger who responded to my tweet is Love is a Paraphilia and this post from them is really good. Very inspiring, and timely for me as I have been thinking along the same lines lately.

Aria from Your Heavenly Body filmed herself masturbating and wrote an article about it. It really fascinates me; I have watched myself in the mirror, but have never been bold enough to film myself. Based on this blog post, I may need to give it a try sometime though…

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