Share our Shit Saturday – 3 March

I cannot believe it’s March already! I know February is always a short month, but it really felt extra short this year. Time is just ticking away – scary.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted a #SoSS post. In another two weeks I am going to Eroticon and, even though I can only go on Saturday, I am extremely excited about it. I am excited to meet so many of you who have featured in my #SoSS posts and who have become friends online. I am also very excited to meet my friend Victoria who I will spend the Friday with. Read my meet and greet post if you want to get to know me a bit better before going. And check out others’ as well.

Nero Black  writes about a very sexy night with his wife, which left both of them very satisfied despite there not be any PiV sex.

This one was for Valentine’s and I totally missed it (sorry, CoffeeandKink!) but it’s too lovely not to share. CoffeeandKink writes some love letters to people in their life and it’s worth a read.

Speaking of love letters, Confess Hannah is writing a different one of their own, namely to lube. I agree with so much in this article: I love lube and even though I do usually get wet, I still love using it at every possible opportunity. And I also dislike the heating or cooling lubes, just plain – but good! – lube is fine for me.

I really liked reading about Pixie Heart’s biker side. It’s always fun to see a different side of someone, which is why I always love bloggers who allow me a glimpse in their lives.

Finally, my friend Victoria writes about her sex toy herstory and I relate so much. I also don’t like insertable toys and am still on the lookout for that one toy that will change it all. I have tried some pretty good ones, but when I masturbate, I always reach for the clitoral vibrators. But unlike Victoria, I think I have found one or two toys that can make me come almost as satisfyingly as hubby can.

Not sure there will be a #SoSS in two week (I try to post every two weeks) as I will be at Eroticon, but I may try to post one next week instead.

Have a fab week!

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