Share our Shit Saturday – 17 February

I took a week off blogging, so there was no #SoSS post from me last week. I am feeling a bit more refreshed this week, so I am throwing up some links I liked reading this week. Let’s share the shit out of our shit and fight the continuous censoring of sex writing!

I am participating in the Smut Marathon and the first assignment was quite challenging. It was “Write an erotic metaphor” and you could only use 30 words. It sounded quite simple, but it took me forever to come up with something that I was happy with. I won’t complain about how bad I think my entry was; I submitted something, I managed to create a metaphor rather than a simile (although I confess I almost sent in a simile) and I felt challenged (which was my reason for joining in the first place). If you haven’t checked out all the entries, you still have until the end of today to cast your vote. There are some really good entries here.

Lydia Bowers has a good post on her blog about the need to reinvent how we look at sex. There are so many problems with sex in society, but, as Lydia tells us in her article, there is a new platform called the O.School which campaigns for better sex.

Luv Bunny has a nice post about how much she likes a good fingering. I totally agree with her on that one. While I like oral, I love oral combined with fingering.

Short and sweet roundup this week. Please do check out other blogs which feature #SoSS roundups, or just hit me up with your favourite blogs in the comments, I am always looking for cool new blogs to follow.

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