Share our Shit Saturday – 3 Feb 2018

Yay, another Saturday, another week where I get to share some of the blog posts my fellow amazing sex bloggers have written. I couldn’t come up with a witty title this week, so it’s just the date.

In a time where sex is becoming more and more taboo (but violence is just fine, of course) it is ever more important that we promote each other’s content. I am sure Twitter is going to go the way of Facebook and Instagram soon, so keeping an eye on each other’s blogs is a better way to stay informed.

Girl on the Net wrote a really hot post about being made to beg for sex. I am of the “give it to me now” persuasion, but I think my husband would find it really hot to make me beg for sex.

In this blog post for TMI Wednesdays, the person behind Risque Views reveals quite a bit about themselves. It’s nice to read a personal and informative post like that.

I have never considered a speculum as a sex toy (or sex aide) as anything medical turns me right off, but I have to say that reading this review by Scandarella made me at least a little bit curious. I REALLY need to invest in a bigger mirror though, because watching myself orgasm is something I would love to do (although it would be a bit tricky as I need glasses to see anything and I hate having my glasses on when I masturbate).

Hot off the press, Elle has a great article on her blog Sexponential about how to deal with negative thoughts about your body. As I am aging and my body is changing due to hormonal changes, I find myself being more self-conscious being naked around my husband, even though he still assures me he finds me very sexy. This article has great tips on how to overcome these thoughts.

That’s it for this week. For more #SoSS content, search #SoSS on Twitter. And keep sharing and supporting our content.

2 thoughts on “Share our Shit Saturday – 3 Feb 2018”

  1. Lovely post Isabelle. Lots of excellent reading to catch up with there. Love your humour as well. I tend to keep my glasses on while masturbating otherwise I can’t see the screen when I’m watching porn!

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