Share our Shit Saturday – It’s December!

It is Saturday again, how fast did this week go? And with Saturday it is time for another #SoSS post. If you are new to #SoSS, this is a way in which we try to combat the silencing of sex bloggers and sex workers on the Internet, in particular on social media, by sharing each other’s posts on our blogs and widening our reach. Hopefully you find something of interest here, but do also check out other bloggers’ #SoSS posts by checking the hashtag on Twitter.

So without further ado, this is what I have been reading this week:

Sassycat3000 wrote a sex bucket list, which I think is such a great idea. I have never even thought of what would be on my sex bucket list, but now I may have to write one.

Exposing 40 has a blog post from Nigeria about how sexuality, and especially homosexuality, is still very stigmatised there. They also did a self test for HIV, which sounded really easy and convenient.

This review by Epiphora is from last month, and I am sure it has been shared already, but it is so great, I just wanted to bring it into my #SoSS post. Every time I see the Mimic advertised I think of this blog post and have a good chuckle.

This blog post by Kate at Girly Juice is great. She gives some tips on how to flag to other people that you are kinky without walking around with a sign that spells it out.

I was really interested to read this article by Oh Gush about female ejaculation and squirting. To be honest, I never knew that those were two separate things, so this taught me something. Again. I’m still learning so much!

I always like dressing up in the bedroom, so reading this review by Nat and Tom of the wet look dress with lacing from Red Corner was a real treat. It looks gorgeous and it seems like I could get away with wearing it. Hmm…maybe I need to splurge on myself.

That’s it for this week. Hope you found something you enjoyed, and remember: keep sharing our shit!

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