Silence in the Library – Part 13

Continued from Part 12.

It was weird to be back in the library. May had been overjoyed to see Rachel again, which had been endearing. Rachel hadn’t realised how much May cared about her. 

Chris had taken good care of her and the welts on her back, ass and legs were slowly disappearing. She’d insisted on going home after the first day, but Chris had pointed out that she wouldn’t be able to treat the welts on her back. She didn’t want to admit it to him, but the time spent together had been great. She’d never had someone take care of her like that and she started to like it. Which was not a good thing. She was independent and didn’t need anyone to take care of her. She’d learned long ago that it wasn’t good to be dependent on someone. They’d always let you down.

The sex had been great too. Sex in the library was fun – she’d never tire of that – but having sex in a proper bed was a nice change. Especially since her back still hurt.

Chris hadn’t mentioned when she would see him again. That wouldn’t have bothered her even a week ago, but she found herself checking the door throughout the afternoon, hoping to see him enter the library. 

At the end of the day, when May had already gone home, the library door opened. For a split second, Rachel thought that the man in the perfectly tailored suit who entered was Chris and her heart lifted. Then she recognised Martin. Her stomach curled into a ball. What was Martin doing here? How did he know this was where she worked?

He approached the reception desk. His smile was that of a predator who has spotted his prey. Rachel did not care for it at all.

“Hello again.” He walked around the desk and stopped in front of her. “It’s good to see you again.”

Rachel wasn’t sure what the relationship was between Chris and Martin. She wanted to tell Martin to fuck off, but she didn’t want to make things difficult for Chris. So she merely smiled.

Martin reached out and stroked her cheek. “Looking radiant as ever. I see that our little get together hasn’t done any permanent damage.”

Rachel took a step back. “What do you want?”

Martin chuckled. “I like a woman who comes straight to the point. I want you. Tonight. I need to impress some clients and you’ll do perfectly.”

Rachel scowled. “I’m not your property. Go find someone else to play with.”

She pushed past him. She balled her hands into fists to keep them from shaking.

Martin followed her. “You’re Chris’s whore and you’ll do as he tells you.”

Rachel opened the door. “I’m not Chris’s whore, I’m his sub. There’s a difference, which you’re too stupid to understand.”

Martin chuckled. “I love a feisty woman. I’ll get Chris to pick you up in an hour.” He looked her up and down. “And do something about that dress, it’s far too drab.”

He patted her cheek and left.

Rachel slammed the door closed behind him. Her heart pounded and her stomach churned. This was not part of the deal. She was happy for Chris to come and fuck her at her place of work, but Martin needed to leave her alone. She wanted to call Chris and tell him what happened, but she realised she didn’t have his number. That wasn’t the type of relationship they had. She resolved to change that as soon as she saw him.

Chris arrived an hour later. Rachel had gone home to change and was waiting for him outside. Her conversation with Martin still played in her head. Had she really called herself Chris’s sub? She supposed she was his sub now, after what had happened. But did Chris feel the same? She wasn’t sure she wanted to find out.

“So what, you’re Martin’s lackey?” she said as he got out of the car. “Coming to pick me up like the obedient servant you are?”

“Get in the car, Rachel.” He sounded weary.

She crossed her arms. “Why should I?”

“Because I tell you to.” He was with her in two steps and grabbed her forearm. His face was drawn in a snarl. “In. The. Car.”

She wrenched herself free. “And what right do you have to order me around?”

The words were out before she could think. She wished she could take them back, but they hang between them.

Chris stepped back and held up his hands. “You’re right. I have no right to tell you to do anything.”

Her gut twisted itself in a knot. This was not what she had meant. She wanted him to force her into the car, to tell her she was his and to do his bidding. 

Chris leaned against the car. “That’s a pretty dress.”

She looked down at her dress. It was sexier than anything she’d wear to work. Bright red with a plunging neckline which clearly showed she wasn’t wearing a bra, the dress barely covered her ass. 

“Thank you.”

“I have a feeling you didn’t wear this to work, am I right?” He nodded to her feet. “Nor those shoes.”

Of course she didn’t. The shoes were four-inch high heels. She wouldn’t last an hour in those at work.

She shook her head. “No, they aren’t.”

The corners of his mouth curved up into a smile. “So you went home to change after Martin paid you a visit, is that right?”

She nodded. 

“And why would you do that?” His smile was still pleasant, but his eyes were calculating. 

She didn’t have an answer. She couldn’t tell him that she wanted him to force her to come with him. 

He approached her again, slowly as if she was his prey. “I bet you’re not even wearing underwear underneath that dress,” he growled. “I bet you’re fucking wet just thinking about being used like a fucktoy again.”

If she hadn’t been wet before, his words certainly set her off. She shifted on her high heels.

Chris caressed her legs, running his hand over her thigh. He pressed her legs apart. His fingers slid through her wet slit. 

He chuckled. “Get in the car, slut. You’re mine and you know it.” He brought his mouth to her ear. “And you fucking love it, don’t you? You’re already wet at the thought of being filled with cum. All those men taking their pleasure from you, making you come over and over again.”

A whimper escaped her. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “Next time I tell you to do something, you do it. Do you understand? You’re my submissive, is that clear?”

Joy and relief flooded her and she lowered her eyes. “Yes, Sir.”

He slapped her hard. She reeled back and teetered on her high heels. Lifting her hand to her stinging cheek she stared at him.

“I didn’t ask you to call me Sir. You don’t get to call me anything. You haven’t deserved that privilege yet.”

Her heart soared. He had claimed her as his sub. She was officially his. 

He pushed her towards the car. “I think I’ll have a little fun with you before we go over to Martin’s. Why should those men be the first to fill you up tonight?”

He bent her over the hood of the car and spread her legs. She pushed her cheek against the warm metal, the rush of desire coursing through her. She didn’t care that they could be seen by passersby. The potential of exhibitionism thrilled her.

She heard him undo his zipper and the next moment he pushed himself past her folds into her hot, wet core. She sighed with delight when he sunk deep inside her, resting there for a moment before starting to fuck her. The roughness of his thrusts, along with the realisation that she was his now, made her head spin and she gave herself over to him completely. An orgasm tore through her and she could barely stand on her high heels, but he held her up until he had spent his cum inside her.

When it was over, he pulled her to her feet. “Get in the car. And don’t you dare get any of my cum on the leather seats.”

She clamped her pelvic muscles together to keep his cum in and scrambled into the seat. Her heart lifted in jubilation and she couldn’t stop the grin on her face. 

Chris caught her grin and smiled. “Ready to be thoroughly ruined?”

“Can’t wait.”

He put the car in drive and sped off.

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