Silence in the Library – Part 14

Continued from Part 13.

CW: humiliation, BDSM

When Martin had mentioned clients, Rachel had imagined a small gathering of a few men. She couldn’t have been farther off the mark. The house was heaving with people when they arrived. Chris pulled her through the throng of people. It seemed like a normal posh party. Men and women dressed in their finest drinking wine and eating finger foods. But Rachel noticed a few naked women here and there in the room. They were sitting in a corner or standing by the wall. 

Rachel’s chest tightened as she realised she was here to join these women. She wasn’t sure what their job was, but she could guess. 

Chris led her into the living room. “Give me your dress.”

She didn’t hesitate and pulled the dress over her head. She handed it to Chris.

He pulled a collar out of his pocket and fastened it on her neck. “Here, tonight, you are nothing. These people may fuck you, or they may not. The collar on your neck signifies that you’re into rough stuff, so expect a beating or two. I’ll keep an eye out to make sure no one takes anything too far. Understood?”

She swallowed and nodded. 

“You may not speak to anyone. You may not refuse anyone. Your pleasure is of no consequence here. You are their fucktoy.”

Rachel looked around at the people in the room. She knew their sort. Rich, entitled, used to taking pleasure where they could find it. They wouldn’t be gentle and they wouldn’t care about her. Nor about hurting her. She believed Chris when he told her that she was nothing to them. 

Chris looked like he was going to say something else, then shook his head and walked away.

If she’d known she’d be standing all evening, she wouldn’t have chosen her high heels. Already her feet were getting sore and she’d only just arrived here.

She tried to calm her pounding heart. She looked at the people in the living room. It felt bizarre standing here all naked without anyone paying attention to her. As if this was the most natural thing in the world to these people. Which it probably was.

She spotted another naked woman across the room. The woman looked bored as if she did this type of thing every night. Maybe she did. Rachel couldn’t imagine this getting boring though. 

An hour later she reconsidered those words. Her feet were killing her and all she had done was stand with her back against the wall while the party carried on around her. It was as if she and the other naked women were literally invisible. Her excitement and lust had disappeared, making place for boredom and sore feet. 

Two men stood near her, talking about shares and profits and other boring stuff. Rachel couldn’t believe they were standing right near a naked woman – placed there for the specific purpose to be fucked by them – and they chose to talk business. She wanted to grab them and yell at them to fuck her already, but she remained quiet. The last thing she wanted was to be kicked out of the party.

Her mind drifted. The evening had been lovely, especially Chris’s declaration of his intent with her. If someone had told her a few months ago that she’d be someone submissive, she’d have laughed in their faces. But it felt so right. Even down to the way he had slapped her.

Heat gathered in her core when she thought about the scowl on his face when he’d bent her over the hood of the car to fuck her. She loved being used for his pleasure, as much as she loved his care afterwards.

She became aware of the two men near her. They had come closer and looked her up and down. 

“Cunt or mouth?” one of the men asked.

The other shrugged. “I’ll start with her mouth, but we can switch later.”

“Sounds good.”

The man who had claimed her mouth grabbed the ring on her collar and dragged her down. She noticed with a start that his trousers were already undone, his cock standing hard between his legs. The man pushed her face towards his cock and she obediently opened her mouth to take him. With a grunt, he pushed himself inside.

The man behind her grabbed her hips and wasted no time sinking deep inside her. She gasped with pain – she wasn’t as wet as she would’ve liked – but the man paid her no attention.

“The Peterman account is yours,” the man behind her said as he continued to thrust into her cunt. “Just don’t screw it up.”

“I won’t.” the other man promised, pressing his cock deeper into her mouth. “I have some great ideas already.”

“Fantastic,” the other man replied. 

They continued to talk business as they fucked her. She was just a hole to be filled, nothing more. They didn’t even acknowledge her the way Martin’s men had done before. At least those men had commented on how slutty she was, these men didn’t even treat her like a human being. 

After a while they switched holes and Rachel could taste herself on the cock of the man who had been fucking her cunt. Her blood soared with lust and she pressed her hips back against the cock fucking her. A hard slap landed on her ass as a result. 

“Stand still while we fuck you, slut.”

She obeyed gladly. She wasn’t near an orgasm yet, but being fucked this carelessly unleashed something inside her. She wanted the men to finish, to fill her with their cum so that she could take more men. More cocks, more cum. She wanted to laugh with exhilaration.

The men came, pumping her full of cum. They casually wiped their cocks on her body before straightening up and walking away. 

She took a moment to swallow the cum in her mouth and stood up. Cum and juices seeped out of her, but she was far from satisfied. 

She didn’t have to wait long. A couple approached her. They didn’t speak. She wasn’t even sure whether they were a couple or had coincidentally decided to fuck her at the same time. The woman pinched her nipples, making her wince with pain. The man grabbed her collar and dragged her to the floor. He knelt down in front of her and pushed his cock into her mouth as the woman crawled between her legs. The man’s cock tasted of pussy juices and cum and Rachel gagged a little. The man held her collar in a vice grip, almost choking her. He guided her face onto his cock and started fucking her. He was huge. She tried to relax her throat as much as possible to take him in and even then she gagged each time he rammed himself down.

The woman attacked Rachel’s cunt almost brutally. She sucked, licked and fingered her roughly. She pinched Rachel’s labia and spread them wide so she could lick between her folds. Despite the discomfort she was in, an orgasm built rapidly. She moaned and writhed on the ground as waves of pleasure crashed over her. She was barely aware of the man shooting his load all over her face and chest. The woman didn’t let up. She was almost savage in her assault on Rachel’s cunt. 

Finally, she got up and left Rachel on the floor. She didn’t have time to catch a breath, though, as someone kicked her in the ribs. “Get up.”

She got unsteadily to her feet. She’d lost one of her shoes and kicked off the other one. Someone grabbed her collar and pushed her face down on the couch. A hard blow landed on her ass. More blows followed. Hard, angry blows on her ass and thighs. Someone spread her legs and pulled her hips back. Her cunt was fully on display now. A blow landed on the wet flesh of her sex making her yelp in pain. It felt as if they were using a riding crop.

A few more blows landed on her cunt until she felt like she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her flesh felt on fire. She whimpered softly as a man dug his hands into her abused flesh and rammed his cock deep inside her. Another cock was thrust in her mouth and her holes were once again fucked hard. She came hard on the cock of the one man, clenching around it while stars burst behind her eyelids. 

She was once again pushed onto the floor. Man after man entered her, pushed her to an orgasm and dumped their cum inside her. She lost track of how many men – and how many orgasms – she had had. She was weak with pleasure, barely able to stand as men pulled her to her feet, fucked her from behind or pushed yet another cock into her mouth.

Her cunt felt raw and swollen. She was pushed back onto a table, her legs spread wide. Her body was sticky with cum. Cum spilt out of her cunt onto the table. A woman bent over the table and started licking her while being fucked from behind. When she had come, she was replaced by another woman. Rachel tried to protest, tried to tell them she couldn’t endure any more orgasms, but she was too tired. 

Someone slapped her face. “Wake up, slut. You’re not done sucking my cock.”

Rachel opened her mouth obediently and sucked the man’s cock. He had clearly come that evening already because when he came he only managed a dribble of cum. 

With her last bit of energy, she spat it out. “Pathetic,” she croaked. “Is that all you can manage?”

The man’s face contorted with rage. “You fucking bitch!” 

He lifted his hand and she braced herself for impact, welcoming the pain. He slapped her face and then her breasts. The pain pulled her out of her stupor, making her feel alive.

The man stopped, breathing hard. He spat at her, the saliva hitting her chin and dribbling down her neck. She grinned. It was a small victory, but she relished it.

She had expended her last bit of energy though. Yet another man took place between her legs, pumping into her and, impossibly, drawing another orgasm from her. As his cock was replaced with the tongue and fingers of another woman, Rachel could feel the darkness approach and with a sigh, she surrendered.

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