Silence in the Library – Part 16

woman in libraryContinued from Part 15.

Rachel had worried that being home full time would be boring. She’d always had a job, even though she hadn’t really enjoyed working in the library much anymore. The structure of a workday had been good for her as well. She liked to have a reason to get out of bed for. 

She needn’t have worried though. Chris put her in charge of the household and she found that kept her busy enough. She made his breakfast, cleaned the house, did the shopping and was ready with dinner when he came home. She never thought she’d like being a domestic goddess but taking care of Chris gave her real satisfaction. More than her job had ever done.

The sex was still good as well. Chris kept her properly fucked, making good use of all of her holes. But Rachel wanted more. It had been three weeks since she had last been used as a fucktoy and she missed it. She yearned to be used again – degraded, beaten and filled with cum. She wanted all her holes to be filled at the same time. The need had become physical anguish to the point that Chris no longer fully satisfied her. There was a yearning that only humiliation could fulfil.

To add to her irritation, Chris had brought her to a work conference. She had expected hot hotel sex, but she’d spent the first day alone in the hotel. Chris had networked with his colleagues after dinner, leaving her hot and bothered by herself. She was thoroughly fed up when he invited her along the next morning. 

“The sessions today are very interesting, I’m sure you’ll like it,” he said. 

She scowled at him. “I’m sure.”

He set his jaw. “You’re coming with me. No argument.”

His tone sent a shiver down her spine and she nodded. 

The hall he led her into was filled with men in business suits and women in business dresses. Rachel felt out of place in her mini skirt and high heels. Chris had made her apply make-up, including very red lipstick. Among the muted business people, Rachel stood out like a peacock.

Several men nodded at Chris as he moved through the hall, eyeing Rachel up and down. 

“Chris, so good to see you.” An older man stopped them and shook Chris’s hand heartily. “This is my wife Susan.”

“Good to see you, Richard. Susan.”

The nondescript woman next to Richard smiled sourly. 

“This is Rachel, my fucktoy,” Chris said.

Rachel gasped. Susan gaped at them, shock etched on her face. 

“Excuse me?” Richard asked. His tone was affronted, but Rachel could see the expanding bulge in his pants. 

Chris smiled pleasantly. “I keep her as my cum slut. She’s always ready to take my cum. Aren’t you, pet?”

Rachel swallowed, lost for words. Richard and Susan looked like they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Chris reached out and pinched one of Rachel’s nipples. She cried out from the pain. “I asked you something, slut.”

“Yes, Sir.” Rachel’s voice was barely more than a whisper.

“I don’t think Richard and Susan could hear you.” Another pinch.

“Yes, Sir.” Her voice trembled.

Chris nodded with a smile. “That’s better.”

Susan looked like she wanted to flee. Richard, on the other hand, licked his lips. A hungry look had come on his face.

“Show them how much you like my cum,” Chris said.

She froze. A few more heads turned into their direction. This was not like one of Martin’s parties. Behaviour like this was not expected at a conference. Embarrassed, she shook her head.

“This is disgusting,” Susan said in a high voice. Her cheeks were flushed. “Come, Richard, we don’t have to stand here and listen to this.”

“I assure you that this is exactly what a cum slut is for,” Chris said conversationally. “There’s nothing disgusting about it.”

Susan opened and closed her mouth, but no sound came out. Despite her protest, she didn’t move away. Richard stood rooted on the spot, his eyes fixed on Rachel.

Sweat broke out on Rachel’s skin. Chris’s colleagues seemed part horrified, part fascinated by what was going on. This was a business conference, not an orgy. And yet, no one had protested and asked them to leave. It was almost as if everyone wanted to see where this was going. 

She had wanted humiliation. But not like this. This felt a step too far. She’d wanted to be used, abused, filled with cum, but in a setting that was meant for it. Not here. These people hadn’t come here to see her humiliated. They’d come for a serious talk on stocks, or the state of the market. This was not at all appropriate. She hugged her arms around her and shook her head.

“I gave you a command, Rachel.” Chris’s voice was low with menace. “Take off your clothes.”

It was as if the air was sucked out of the room. No one moved. Everyone looked at Rachel. She wanted to sink into the ground. And yet, disobeying Chris was not an option. 

With trembling fingers, she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall on the ground. She slipped her skirt over her hips and thighs. No one made a sound. 

She knew better than to cover her nakedness. She stood with lowered head and waited for Chris’s next move.

She shivered when she heard him unbuckle his belt and slide it out of his pants. 

“Bend over the table.” His voice was soft.

She didn’t want to do it. She was wet with anticipation and need and if she bent over this would become clear to everyone in the room. She hesitated.

Chris cursed, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her over the table. The edge dug painfully into her thighs. “Now stand still.”

He roughly spread her legs. She knew her cunt was fully visible to anyone behind her. She could hear a gasp when Chris slid his fingers through her folds. 

“Look how wet she is. A real cum slut.”

The first slap with the belt took her by surprise and she cried out in pain. The belt bit into her flesh as he made it come down on her ass twice more in rapid succession. Her ass felt hot and tears stung her eyes. Chris beat her a few more times, each lash making her cry out until she was sobbing with pain and need. 

“A real cum slut needs her holes filled,” Chris said pleasantly. 

She could feel something press against her anus. It was cold: a buttplug. She pushed against it eagerly, allowing it to slide in with ease. Chris fucked her with it a few times, making her moan.

“See how much she wants it?”

Her cunt was dripping with desire. 

“Who would like a turn?” 

A few grunts told Rachel that arousal had won out over horror. 

Chris caressed Rachel’s sore ass. “I think I’ll get her nice and hot first.”

He plunged a finger inside of her and curled it up against her G-spot. She moaned and pushed back against his hand, ready for relief. He immediately withdrew his hand. “Not so eager.”

She whimpered and he laughed. “You’re so pathetic. Begging for cum, aren’t you?”

“Please…” she breathed.

He pushed his finger back in, pressing his thumb against her aching clit. She sighed in delight as he began fucking her with his hand. She could feel her climax approach rapidly. Her cunt clenched around Chris’s fingers. As soon as she was close, Chris pulled his hand away. 

Disappointment flooded her and she cried out. Chris ignored her. 

“Look at how eager this slut is.” He spread her folds, giving the crowd a good look at the wetness seeping out of her. 

Rachel grabbed the edges of the table. She wanted him to fuck her, to take her mind off the fact that she was exposed on a table in front of respectable businessmen. She wanted him to fuck the humiliation away.

“Stay here,” Chris said, stroking her back lightly. “The session is about to start.”

She looked back, not believing what he’d just said. He smiled at her. The crowd around them moved away, the men and women taking their seats for the first session of the day. Her body was on fire, her cunt aching to be filled. The plug in her ass only heightened her arousal. 

Chris moved away as well, leaving her naked and alone bent over the table. She knew better than to straighten up and sit down. Chris would not allow her any orgasms if she disobeyed him.

The session was dull and the voice of the speaker washed over her. She craned her neck to look at the attendees. No one paid attention to her. As if the lecture was far more interesting than a naked woman bent over a table. 

Frustrated, she rested her head on the tabletop. There was nothing she could do. Her body buzzed with need, but she wasn’t allowed to get herself off. All she could do was wait patiently.

The hand between her legs came as a shock. She stifled a moan as fingers pried between her folds. Looking back, she saw Susan. The woman had a look of fascination on her face as she continued to explore Rachel’s cunt. Susan slipped two slender fingers inside Rachel’s hot hole, drawing out some of her juices. She spread it around Rachel’s sex, carefully avoiding her clit. She pumped her fingers in and out of Rachel’s cunt, making squelching noises which sounded loud in the quiet room. Rachel started to enjoy herself, but before she could come, Susan stopped and moved away.

Rachel’s body was tense with need. Her breath was ragged. The voice of the lecturer droned on.

A man approached the table and unzipped. He grabbed the back of Rachel’s head and began fucking her mouth. Rachel was grateful for the distraction and sucked greedily. No one else in the room seemed to take notice of them. After a few minutes, she could feel the man’s balls tighten and then, with a grunt, the man came. Hot cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed obediently. 

She hoped and prayed for another cock, one in her cunt, but before anything else could happen, the lecture came to an end. Everyone got up and started to leave the room. Chris touched Rachel’s shoulder. She looked around at him. 

“Stay here.”

She wanted to protest, but her mind was blank except for the overwhelming need for an orgasm. 

He left her side and soon she was alone in the room, her cunt throbbing with the need to be filled. 

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