Silence in the Library – Part 17

fountainContinued from Part 16.

She didn’t have to wait long until she heard someone come into the room. She hadn’t moved from her position bent over the table. She was too afraid Chris would punish her if he found out. 

“What the fuck?” she heard a man exclaim behind her.

Shock and lust mingled in the man’s voice, hitting Rachel in all the right places. Her thighs were already stained with her juices. Her cunt ached and throbbed.

Chris voice answered, “Do you like what you’re seeing?”

The man swore in response. “She’s yours?”

Chris placed his hand on her back. “She is. I want her to take as many cocks as possible today, so you can break her in if you’d like.”

The man didn’t hesitate. She could hear him unzip his trousers and the next moment, he grabbed her hips and pushed her legs apart. He quickly rubbed his cock between her folds, coating it in her juices. Her heart sped up and she pushed her ass back to encourage the man.

A hard slap landed on her ass. She gasped with pain.

“Stand still, you slut,” Chris growled. “Or do I have to tie you up?”

Tie her up? Those words were music to her ears. She wiggled her ass again, earning her another hard slap. 

“Have it your way,” Chris said.

The man didn’t pay attention to them. He continued to tease her slit with his cock making her moan and writhe. The ache in her cunt was becoming unbearable. She craved for it to be filled but she knew not to push her luck too much. Chris might decide to deny her any pleasure and she couldn’t bear that.

Chris knelt next to the table and pushed her ankles further apart so they were aligned with the legs of the table. He zip-tied them to the table. Then he took her hands and bound them together in front of her. She had some movement but for the most part, she was stuck in one position. 

She sighed with relief when the man finally pushed past her folds and sunk deep inside her. The buttplug made everything a lot tighter, but the man shoved himself inside roughly. He didn’t waste any time, but pulled out and slammed into her again. She cried out. She felt incredibly full even though the plug wasn’t particularly big. She’d never been fucked with a plug in her ass before and the sensation as his cock rubbed against the intrusion inside her was incredible. 

He fucked her with a fury as if he had a point to score. Unable to hold herself steady on the table, Rachel was flung about like a ragdoll. Her ribs banged painfully on the tabletop and the edge of the table dug into her thighs. Despite the discomfort, she could feel the glorious heat of pleasure flood through her. Unable to control herself, she moaned under the onslaught of pleasure. Each thrust pushed her closer to her climax until she came, thrashing and moaning, on the thick cock inside her. Her cunt clamped around the cock pistoning inside her cunt. The man grunted and came, panting as if he’d run a marathon.

Rachel rested on the table, her legs hardly able to support her. If it hadn’t been for the ties holding her to the table, she would’ve slumped down. But the fun had only just begun. As her breathing calmed, she could hear the room filling up with more people. It didn’t take long before someone else approached the table and started fucking her. All around her were the normal sounds of people getting ready to be seated for a seminar. Men talked about finances. Words like “equity”, “return on capital” and “dividends” sounded around her. The dull business talk made what was happening to her even hotter. She dimly wondered if this was par for the course for this conference, but decided she didn’t care. She was getting what she’d been craving for weeks.

The man came quickly before she had a chance of reaching her climax herself. Cum dripped out of her, staining her thighs. She wished she could suck a cock as well, but daren’t ask for it. 

The seminar started and for a while, Rachel was left alone. She’d been close to coming when the second man had pulled out of her and her cunt was on fire. Being tied up meant she couldn’t bring herself to an orgasm. All she could do was wait and try to take her mind off the painful ache in her cunt.

The seminar sounded boring and it wasn’t long before someone else approached her. She could see him from the corner of her eye before he took place behind her. Without warning he pulled the plug from her ass, making her gasp. He pushed the plug inside her dripping cunt and moved it around in slow, deliberate circles. Rachel moaned. Out of nowhere, a blow landed on her ass, low enough for a few of the man’s fingers to hit her exposed pussy lips. The sound was loud in the quiet room, but no one seemed to take note.

“Be quiet,” the man hissed. “Or I’ll have you gagged.”

She had no doubt he’d do as he’d threatened, so she clamped her teeth together. The man pulled the plug out of her cunt and sunk his cock inside. The intrusion felt delicious, but it didn’t last long. The man pulled out and before Rachel could protest, he pushed his cock against her ass. Her tight hole had been stretched by the plug, so the man didn’t have to struggle hard to get his cock inside. Rachel tried not to cry out. The man pushed the plug back into her cunt, angling it so it pressed hard against the wall where his cock was rubbing from the other side. Her already sensitive cunt convulsed around the plug as her climax overtook her.

The man took no heed of her but fucked her with slow, measured thrusts. She was helpless against the torrent of pleasure his actions provoked. He knew exactly how to push the right places inside her cunt to make her writhe and buck against him. He put his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming as he slowly, deliberately fucked her senseless. She thought she’d pass out from the sensations which threatened to overwhelm her. Her breath was ragged, her throat raw from the effort not to scream. 

Another orgasm washed over her, shaking her body with its strength. She’d never felt this amazing during anal sex. The man grunted and then she could feel his hot cum spurt deep inside her ass. He pulled the plug out of her cunt and pushed it back into her ass. He staggered to his feet and left her.

She didn’t get a chance to catch her breath before another man penetrated her. Like the first man, he took her hard, almost viciously. The table shook under his assault, each thrust pushing her harder against the rough surface. His hands dug into her hips, making her wince with pain. Her heart soared from the overwhelming sensations and she closed her eyes, letting it all wash over her. 

A buzzing sound brought her head up with a snap. Her eyes flew open as a vibrator was pushed against her clit. Chris’s face came into view, his mouth set into a cruel smile. 

“Let’s up the stakes a little, shall we? I think I’ve gone too easy on you.” He kissed her briefly. “And because I know you’re having a hard time keeping quiet, I’m going to gag you.”

Before she could say anything, he’d stuffed a balled-up piece of fabric into her mouth.

The head of the wand vibrator was placed securely against her clit. No matter how she tried to wriggle, she couldn’t get away from it. As another man mounted her, she cried out, the sound muffled by the gag. The combined stimulation of the vibrator on her clit and the cock inside her made her come quicker than she thought possible.

Time lost all meaning. Her body was shaking. She whimpered softly as she tried to keep herself from sliding to the ground. The voice of the lecturer droned on in the background. It felt bizarre to be fucked like this while a business seminar was going on in the background. Her ravaged body had ceased to give her orgasms long ago and still, men came up to the table to fuck her. At some point, the butt plug had been removed and men fucked her ass as well as her cunt. Her natural lubrication had given out a while back but the cum from all the men who’d deposited their load into her aching cunt and ass kept everything going smoothly. 

She became dimly aware of the absence of cock. Her body was numb, her mind blank. Someone took the gag out of her mouth and untied her hands and feet. Chris gathered her into his arms and lifted her up. He kissed her softly.

“You did so well, my love. I’m so proud of you.”

Through the haze of bliss and pain, Rachel smiled, her heart soaring at his words. He carried her to the lift and brought her back to their hotel room. He carefully lowered her into the bathtub and started washing her. She winced at the soreness in her limbs. Her cunt felt swollen and full of cum. Her ass burned from the pounding she’d received there. And yet, she was happier than she’d ever remembered being. The warm water soothed her and Chris gently washed away all traces of sweat and cum. 

He gently wrapped a towel around her and carried her to the bed. He filled a glass of water and let her drink. Then he joined her on the bed and pulled her into his arms.

“Never doubt that I won’t provide for your needs,” he whispered. “I know you missed being humiliated, my pet, but I will always make sure you get what you need.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She snuggled closer to him, relishing the scent of his skin. She felt loved and protected and utterly sated. It would be quite a while before she’d be able to walk without pain but she looked forward to having the reminder of this wonderful day with her for a long time.

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