Silence in the Library – Part 18 The End

Continued from Part 17.

It was two weeks after the conference. Rachel had healed quicker than expected and Chris had taken advantage of that by taking her to ladies’ night. All his female clients – and the wives and girlfriends of his male clients – had been invited. Rachel was to be the entertainment. She was under no illusion what that meant and the thought of being at the disposal of a group of women turned her on. 

Chris tied her to a bed in the middle of the room. She was naked, obviously, and wet with anticipation. She had expected the women to start in on her right away, but no one even looked at her. She lay on the bed listening to the sounds of the party all around her, growing increasingly more bored. Was she just there for the women to look at? Or was everyone too scared to be the first to start?

Finally, a young woman approached the bed. Rachel judged her to be in her twenties. She smiled shyly. Rachel smiled back. 

“Hi, I’m Faye.” 

“I’m Rachel.”

Faye’s eyes travelled over Rachel’s outstretched body. “Do you enjoy this?”

Rachel grinned. “I love it. If you don’t believe me, check how wet this makes me.”

Faye’s eyes widened but she ran her hand over Rachel’s thighs and gently slid her fingers over Rachel’s folds. She brought her wet hand up and blushed. 


“See? I love being tied up and played with.”

Faye frowned. “Well, that can’t be right.”

“Why not?” It felt strange to have this conversation while she was naked and tied up but she wanted Faye to understand how much this turned her on.

“Because you’re tied up. You’re at our mercy. You can’t do anything. How can that be pleasurable?”
“Trust me, it is.”

“Even if I do this?” Faye reached out and pinched Rachel’s nipple hard.

Rachel inhaled sharply. She had not expected this diminutive, shy woman to do that. “Yes, even that. It hurts, but it’s a good pain.”

“A good pain?” Faye sat on the edge of the bed and placed both her hands on Rachel’s breasts. She massaged them, avoiding her sensitive nipples. Rachel sighed with pleasure.

“I don’t like hurting people,” Faye said, her eyes fastened on Rachel’s breasts. “I do like your breasts, though.”

“I like what you’re doing with them.”

Faye smiled. She bent her head and licked both nipples, one after the other. Then she returned to massaging Rachel’s breasts again, this time rolling the nipples between her fingers. 

“I can see how much that turns you on,” Faye observed.

“She can take a lot.” Another woman had joined them at the bed. “I saw her at the conference.”

Rachel flushed. “You were there?”
The woman smiled with a faraway look in her eyes. “It was amazing. She just kept being fucked senseless and still begged for more.” She looked down on Rachel. “How many cocks did you take in the end?”

“I don’t know. A lot.”

The woman reached out and cupped Rachel’s mound. “Pity we’ve been instructed not to penetrate you.”

Rachel yelped in surprise. “What? Why not?”

The woman shrugged. “Orders. I don’t know why not.”

“There’s still a lot we can do,” Faye said.

“And a lot she can do to us,” the woman added. “But for that, you’re going to need your hands.”

Before Rachel could protest, the woman loosened the bounds around Rachel’s hands and freed them. Then, she deftly stripped off her clothes and climbed onto the bed. She straddled Rachel’s face.

“You can start with me.”

The woman’s cunt was wet and fragrant and Rachel grabbed the woman’s hips to pull her closer. The woman slapped her hands away. “You’ll need those for something else.”

What that something else was became immediately obvious as two women knelt next to her on either side. The grabbed one of Rachel’s hands each and guided them to their sopping cunts. Rachel started licking and rubbing the three women at once. 

It was more difficult servicing three women at once than three men. Women had more places to explore and each woman seemed to want her to focus on something different. She was so caught up in exploring the women’s faults that she was taken aback by the feeling of soft lips kissing her labia. She moaned softly as a tongue lapped at her hot entrance, licking the juices within. 

She wasn’t able to see who was licking her, but whoever it was, knew what she was doing. As Rachel tried very hard to concentrate on pleasuring the other women with her tongue and fingers, she could feel her orgasm build up. The woman servicing her focused on her clit, not letting up the soft flicking of her tongue on the small button. Rachel thought she’d go mad with lust. No man had ever licked her like this, not even Chris. Men often thought they needed to switch things up, where all she wanted was a relentless stream of licks at exactly the same pace. As soon as she could feel her climax start to wash over her, the woman changed tack and moved away from her clit. Rachel groaned in frustration as her climax ebbed away.

Her hands and mouth fucked woman after woman while she was still denied an orgasm of her own. She had tried bucking her hips against the woman but to no avail. The need to climax grew inside her and she fucked the other women furiously. They came, one after the other, while she was left gasping for relief.

Her body shook with need. Her hands, wrinkled and stained from the juices of the women, were cramped from rubbing. The last woman slid off her face, sated and happy. Rachel lifted her head feebly and looked at Faye who knelt between her legs.

“Please make me come,” she whimpered.

Faye shook her head and got up. “Not part of the deal.”

A wail erupted from Rachel’s throat. “Why?”

“You really have to ask, you worthless slut?”

Rachel gasped at the sight of Chris striding into the room. 

Chris sat on the edge of the bed. He chuckled and shook his head. “Such a greedy cumslut. I heard you did well with the ladies. They looked quite sated. I’m proud of you.”

Rachel reached for him, but he grabbed her wrists and tied them together. “You need to be patient. I hear you’ve been begging for relief.”

“Please…” she whispered. The desire was like a fire in her belly, all-consuming and threatening to rip her apart. She needed to be fucked.

“Just a little bit longer. I think I’ll have fun with Faye a bit instead.”

Fury ripped through Rachel and she strained against her bonds. “Don’t you dare!”

He got up with a smile. “Or what? I don’t see how you can stop me. Unless you want to forfeit that orgasm?”

She slumped back against the pillows. She needed her climax. She felt as if she’d break into a million pieces if she didn’t get some relief.

“Just as I thought,” Chris said. He turned around. “Faye!”

Faye appeared almost immediately. “Yes?”

“Bend over next to her/“
Faye’s face lit up in a smile and she did as he asked. 

Rachel’s whimpers turned to sobs as she watched Chris undo his trousers and release his cock. It looked glorious and her cunt ached to feel it inside. 

Faye moaned as Chris entered her, an expression of bliss on her face. Rachel looked away. It was more than she could bear. She tried to tune out the sounds of fucking next to her, but couldn’t ignore the shaking of the bed and Faye’s high squeals of pleasure as Chris deftly made her come.

By the time Faye staggered off in post-orgasmic bliss, Rachel was a sodden, whimpering mess. Chris looked down on her, an expression of contempt on his face. 

“Look at what a mess you are. Are you really that hungry for my cock?”

“Yes, Sir,” Rachel whispered. 

“Who owns your orgasms?” he asked.

“You do, Sir.”

He smiled. “That’s right. I own your orgasms, so I get to tell you when you can come. Today I want you to come only for me.”

The words sent a thrill through her. She wanted nothing less than this. “Yes, Sir.”

“Open up,” he said.

She obediently opened her mouth and he thrust his cock inside. She could taste Faye’s juices on him.

“Clean me up and then I’ll give you your reward.”

She sucked him greedily, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. A little bit of pre-cum leaked out and she lapped it up eagerly. He was still rock hard even after fucking Faye senseless.

“Good girl,” Chris whispered, stroking her hair. “Well done.”

He pulled out of her mouth and settled himself between her outstretched legs. “You’ve made such a mess of the sheets. Let’s add to that mess.”

Tears streamed down Rachel’s face as Chris teased her entrance with his cock. She’d learnt her lesson and stayed still, letting him set the pace. 

“Good girl,” he whispered again.

He grabbed her hips and sunk deep inside her. His cock dragged against the walls of her sensitive cunt, making her arch her back in pure bliss. She moaned as he pulled out again and slammed home with a quick thrust. It only took a few of those to make her come. Her cunt pulsed around his cock, clenching against his hardness and pulling him in deeper. 

The relief was immense. Her blood sang in her ears, her body floating as if on a cloud. Every fibre of her being flooded with pleasure. Stars burst behind her eyelids. Her cunt kept convulsing as orgasm and orgasm ripped through her. Chris didn’t slow down but kept fucking her, pushing her over the edge again and again. 

He reached between them and rubbed her clitoris. She hadn’t thought it possible to come any harder, but that did it. A primal scream ripped through the room, a scream of agony mixed with ecstasy. Chris seemed to be spurred on by this as he fucked her even harder, plunging into her as if he was possessed. Sweat poured off him, drenching them both. And then he uttered a guttural cry and shot his load deep inside her.


Afterwards, they lay entwined on the bed, utterly spent. 

“You were magnificent today,” Chris said, kissing her head. 

She sighed. “It was torture not to be allowed to come, but you made it worth it.”

He grinned. “I know exactly what you need and when you need it.”

She nodded meekly. “I see that now.”

“Do you trust me?”

She snuggled closer. “Always.”

“I have something for you.” He gently pulled away from her.

She whimpered as he left her side, but he returned soon with a box in his hands. She sat up. He put the box in her lap. 

The box was heavy and much bigger than a ring box. She’d been worried for a moment that he’d ask her to marry him. She wasn’t ready for that at all. 

With trembling fingers, she opened the box. She gasped as she saw what lay within. Her eyes flew up to meet his.

“Are you serious?”

He smiled. “More than anything.”

She lifted the circle of metal out of the box. A beautifully crafted collar of shiny steel with a lock at the back. 

“Rachel, will you be collared by me? I know we’ve lived together for a while now, but I would like to officially claim you as my sub and announce this to the world.”

She couldn’t stop smiling. “I would love that.”

He gently took the collar from her hands and opened it with a key. She bent her neck to allow him to fasten the collar around her throat. The click of the lock sent shivers down her spine. She was now officially his.

As she lifted her head, her eyes met his. He trailed his finger along the collar. “You look beautiful.”

“I’m yours.”

He bent his head and kissed her. Her heart filled with joy.

“I love you,” she said as they pulled apart. She never would have imagined she would say that to anyone, let alone a stranger she’d met at the library. But it felt right. He was the only one she wanted to be with.

“I love you too,” he whispered as he pulled her into his arms again.

As she put her head to his chest, her exhausted body melting against his, she felt she’d come home at last.



The Insatiable Jane Travers coverThe Insatiable Jane Travers

It’s the roaring twenties.

Desperate to escape the stifling confines of her life with her aunt and uncle in New York, Jane Travers arrives at her friend Rachel’s country home determined to enjoy a summer full of fun and excitement. Rachel has promised her risqué parties, but what awaits Jane is beyond her wildest dreams. Guided by her old flame, Sidney Fitzroy, and the sensual singer Lillian Smith, Jane enthusiastically embarks on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

With Sidney and Lillian both satisfying her deepest desires, Jane sheds her restrictive upbringing and embraces her newfound freedom. As her feelings for both Lillian and Sidney intensify, Jane faces an impossible choice: a stable future with Sidney or a lifetime of excitement with Lillian.

But how can she choose when her heart belongs to both of them?

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