Silence in the Library – Part 8

Continued from Part 7.

Rachel leaned back against Chris’s chest, too exhausted to protest. Her body buzzed with pleasure, but her cunt still ached for more. As soon as he started thrusting into her she could feel her body straining to receive more relief. 

Holly appeared in front of them. She had undressed as well. Her breasts hang heavy, the nipples puckered. Rachel’s gaze dropped lower. Holly’s pussy was bare, the thick lips moist with arousal. She squatted between Chris’s legs and moved Rachel’s thighs apart. In one hand she held the vibrator, still slick with Rachel’s juices. Rachel worried Holly was going to use it on Rachel but instead, Holly pushed it between her own thighs. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she pressed the vibrator against her bare sex.

Holly scooted closer and pressed her head between Rachel’s thighs. Rachel protested feebly. She didn’t want to be licked by Holly, but her cries of protest turned into cries of pleasure as Holly gently lapped at her slick lips. 

Chris pulled her sore nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through her each time he released the abused buds. Her moans became louder and she writhed on Chris’s lap. His cock filled her completely and she rotated her hips to try and get more of him inside her. Chris guided her hips, pushing her up and down in a steady rhythm. 

Rachel’s head lolled backwards. She felt dazed with the abundance of pleasure. Another orgasm rocked her body, making her cunt tighten around Chris’s cock. He grunted, a sound she recognised now. He was close, very close. Despite the many orgasms she’d had, she wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. She didn’t want him to come.

She struggled upright and pushed Holly out of the way. Holly fell back on her ass, but didn’t get up. She was too far gone in her own world of euphoria. Her hips bucked against the vibrator and she lay back, her legs wide. 

Chris got up and grabbed Rachel. “Where are you going? We’re not done yet.”

Rachel pulled away from him and knelt down, her cunt resting on Holly’s face. “Take me from behind.” She felt out of breath, barely unable to keep herself up as Holly’s tongue slid over her slit, pressing down between her lips before finding her slit.

Chris grabbed her hips and roughly entered her again. He grabbed her hair and pushed her down towards Holly’s cunt.

“If you’re so eager to play with Holly, make sure you suck her off.”

Drunk on orgasms, Rachel lowered herself towards Holly’s cunt. Holly dropped her vibrator and Rachel could see her wet, swollen lips. She’d never been with a woman before, but she didn’t hesitate. She spread Holly’s lips with her fingers and pressed her tongue against her clit. The sensitive button was erect and Rachel sucked it into her mouth. Holly squirmed and redoubled her own efforts on Rachel’s clit while Chris pounded into her.

Rachel didn’t even know anymore where one orgasm ended and another started. It felt as if she was in a continual loop of orgasms. Chris’s cock rubbed against her G-spot, adding another, different sensation to her already abused cunt. She slid two fingers into Holly’s hot cunt, feeling around until she could find the spongy texture of Holly’s G-spot. Holly’s fingers dug hard into Rachel’s thighs, but Rachel was too far gone to register the pain. She laved on Holly’s cunt as if it was the most exquisite dish she’d ever feasted on. 

Chris’s cock seemed to swell inside her, pressing harder and harder against her G-spot until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She bucked wildly against him until, finally, she felt something give way. Hot liquid spurted out of her, drenching Holly. Chris groaned loudly and then his hot cum hit her cervix. He pulled out of her, panting.

Holly lapped at Rachel’s cunt, drawing her closer so she could dig deep inside Rachel’s cunt with her tongue. Exhausted, Rachel fell forward, her head resting on Holly’s thigh while her fingers pushed Holly over the edge. Despite the orgasm shaking her body, Holly licked Rachel’s cunt until not a drop of cum was left. Then she pushed Rachel off her and got up.

Rachel stayed on the floor, completely spent. She was in a fog of bliss, delirious from the pleasure both Chris and Holly had given her. She was dimly aware of Chris spreading a blanket over her. 

“She’s an amazing slut,” she heard Holly say.

Chris grunted in agreement. “I must say I’m impressed she made it through the session without using the safeword.”

“You know you can’t keep her to yourself now.” Holly sounded wistful. “It’s clear she can take a lot of cock.”

Chris sighed. “I know.”

“Has she had any others yet?”

“Yes. Not many, but she willingly let them do whatever they wanted.”

Holly chuckled. “Then I think she’s ready. Martin is going to be very pleased. His men have become restless and a good fuck will do them good.”

Rachel had no idea what Chris and Holly were talking about, but she liked listening to them discuss their plans for her. She was prepared to do whatever Chris would ask of her. It wasn’t just the fog of post-orgasmic bliss that made her feel this way. Chris had a power over her she couldn’t describe. Why else would she have licked Holly’s cunt with such relish? She’d never even dreamed of being with a woman and yet she’d given Holly an amazing orgasm. And what was more: she’d loved every minute of it.

Chris’s voice drifted towards her through the mist. “I don’t know if she’s ready for Martin’s men. They can be rough.”

Holly scoffed. “Look at her, Chris. How many orgasms did we give her? And she just kept begging for more. She’s ready. She can take them.”

“It’s not the orgasms I’m worried about,” Chris muttered.

Rachel struggled into a seating position. She scowled at Chris. “Whatever you’re planning, I can take it. Stop being so fucking worried about me. You’re not my mum. I like being fucked. The more the merrier.”

Holly grinned at her. “Spoken like a true slut.”

Chris shook his head. “Have you ever been spanked? Whipped? Because that’s the kind of sex these men will want.”

Rachel shrugged. “I can take it. I like pain.”

“Chris, you know you can’t hide her from Martin forever.” Holly’s voice contained a warning. Rachel felt the goosebumps on her flesh. Maybe she did need to be afraid of these men.

She looked at Chris. “Maybe you can ease me into it.” She didn’t think she’d need any easing into anything, but if it made Chris feel better she was prepared to take it slower.

Chris looked from Holly to Rachel. “Okay, fine. I’ll take one more session to train her.”

“Make sure it’s only one,” Holly warned.

Chris turned to Rachel. “In three days’ time. But you have to come with me, we can’t do this at the library. I’ll pick you up after work. You better be ready.”

Excitement flooded Rachel and she grinned. “Oh, I’ll be ready all right.”

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