Sneaky lingerie picture

Isabelle in lingerie

This is my contribution to the Lingerie is for Everyone meme. I’m usually quite hesitant to post pictures of myself, so I’m not sure how long my nerve is going to hold with this one.

I don’t have a lot of really sexy lingerie, but this is one set I own (and love). Sadly I don’t have a lot of privacy in my home so setting up a good photo shoot is difficult. This is just a selfie I took rather quickly in the bathroom this morning.

You can see more (and better) pictures when you click on the badge below.

Lingerie is for everyone

6 thoughts on “Sneaky lingerie picture”

    1. Isabelle Lauren

      Thank you! It’s more a “to-be-worn-in-the-bedroom” set, but I like it. I really do have to buy more everyday use lingerie that’s sexy.

  1. Sexy – the smoothness of the bra probably gives away nipple peaking, which is delicious. I love the gathered sections on the knickers too – I can relate to the furtive selfies. My pictures are often in the same camp!

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