Some changes to my erotica

For reasons I don’t want to get into, I’ve had to pull the majority of my novels off Amazon. Sales were drying up anyhow, so I didn’t think it would do too much harm to unpublish my books there. Of course this does mean I can’t earn any future income from my Amazon books, which is a bit of a bummer, but my reasons for moving away from Amazon aren’t going to change any time soon.

I briefly considered not writing erotica at all anymore, especially since I had a real slump in my libido and let’s face it, you have to feel a bit sexy in order to write erotica. But my libido is coming back and I still have stories left inside me, so I’m not going to leave erotica any time soon. Although, now I have to balance with all my other writing, a lot of which isn’t erotic.

In order not to lose too much in royalties, and to enable my readers to still get my books for their Kindle, you can buy my books right from my website. The process is very easy and it means I will received a bigger cut of the royalties than if you buy from Amazon or even any of the other sites.

Writing novels takes a LOT of time. Even the smaller stories which “only” run about 10,000 words take a lot of time. Retailers take 30% of the royalties just for hosting the stories on their sites. At every turn, Amazon in particular tries to avoid erotica authors making money. I’ve been told that, in order to start making any real money on erotica, you have to have published over 30 works. To me, with a full time job and a high standard for what I produce, it’s just not possible. It’ll take me years to write 30 works of erotica. Each full-length novel takes me over a year to write and edit – and then it still needs to be edited by a professional. So the dream of making any real money from writing erotica is over. I gave it a go, but it’s time to focus my energy elsewhere. If I didn’t also have a day job, I could write both erotica and non-erotica with ease, but it’s just not doable with a full time job and all my other obligations.

I love writing erotica. I love sharing my words with the world, but I also have to be realistic. I have a full time day job and two kids to take care of, so my writing time is limited. In the foreseeable future, I think most of my energy will be spent on non-erotica writing, simply because that’s more profitable at the moment. Any erotica I do write will be published through Draft2Digital and will be available on my website. I realise that might make me less competitive as I won’t be on Amazon, but so be it. I have to accept that erotica will just be a hobby for me. Something I do when I feel like it, but which won’t pay the bills (or even a coffee – haha!). And with that in mind, you’ll sadly see less of my long form erotica in the future. I’ll still write short stories, but I think they will be published on Medium.

Anyhow, the gist of this is: I’m not giving up writing erotica. I hope I can still make some money off it and I hope that offering the Kindle books on my website will allow people to still buy my books. I may give it up completely if sales dry up altogether, but that’s a worry for a later day. I hope you will continue to support me though.

So… please buy my books from my website if you like my erotica and want me to keep writing. Thanks for all your support so far!

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