An Unexpected Encounter

It had been a long day and I was dying for a drink before dinner. Sarah and Tom were meeting me in the restaurant, but I still had time for a quick G&T. I caught the eye of the bartender and ordered my drink. It wasn’t busy and in no time I had the life-saving elixir in my hands. I took a grateful sip and relaxed. Today had been the last day of the conference I had organised with my colleagues and it had gone very well. I had booked another few days in the hotel as I didn’t normally get to spend any time in the cities we travelled to. It was usually a whirlwind of flying in, organising the event and flying out again. Since no one was really waiting for me at home, I had taken a few days holiday and I intended to spend it roaming around Paris, carefree.
‘Laura, is that you?’
I turned around and felt the blood drain from my face. Coming towards me across the bar was the last person I had expected to see here: Josh, wearing a broad smile on his face like he couldn’t believe his luck.
‘It is you, what an amazing coincidence,’ he exclaimed, reaching his hands towards me. ‘How great to see you.’
My heart leapt up and heat gathered at my core before I remembered I was supposed to be mad at him. He still looked the same, dark hair sweeping low over startling blue eyes. His eyes had gained some wrinkles around them and his hair was speckled with grey, but he was still the same man I had been so close to years ago. I hardened my heart though.
‘Great to see me, huh?’ I asked. ‘Well, isn’t that precious.’
Josh frowned, his expression confused. ‘Of course it is great to see you,’ he said. ‘Why wouldn’t it?’
‘Three years, Josh,’ I spat. ‘Three years with no word from you at all whatsoever and now we run into you and you act as if we are long lost friends.’
Josh set his drink on the bar and pulled his stool closer to me. ‘But we are long lost friends,’ he said.
‘Are we?’ I asked. ‘Then why did you disappear into thin air three years ago? No emails, no phone calls, nothing. One day we were emailing like normal and the next day – nothing. I haven’t heard a word from you in three years.’
For some reason it felt good to keep repeating the time span, as if that by itself validated my feelings. But I did have good reason to be mad. Josh and I had been close, very close. We had met five years ago when he was going through a nasty breakup and I was just getting married. We had become close really quickly and had always stayed in touch. You could say we had been soulmates. Circumstances had prevented us from being together sexually, though the undercurrent had always been there. We had remained best friends for three years until he simply disappeared from my life without any explanation. For years I had been convinced it had been my fault, it had been something I had said or done. But then I simply accepted that Josh had moved on in life and I had not fitted in with his plans anymore. No more complicated than that.
Except that he was here now, and apart from being mad at him for acting as if nothing had happened, I was extremely happy to see him. All the old feelings came flooding back – even more so since I was unattached. My marriage hadn’t lasted and I was single again. But despite my treacherous body flaring up in lust, I couldn’t simply pretend nothing had happened.
‘I am sorry,’ Josh said.
I blanched. ‘What?’
‘I am sorry,’ he repeated. ‘I should have explained.’
‘Yes, you should have,’ I said. ‘But it’s all a bit too late now, isn’t it? About three years too late.’ I wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily. He had really hurt me when he had disappeared and his absence in my life had become even more gutting when not a year later my husband had left me as well.
Josh had the good grace to look ashamed. ‘Can I make it up to you?’ he asked.
I shook my head. I had spotted Sarah and Tom at the other end of the bar and I did not want them to see me with Josh. I didn’t want to have to explain.
‘No, it’s too late,’ I said resolutely. ‘I have to go.’
I gulped down the last of my G&T, grabbed my handbag and got up. Josh grabbed my wrist. ‘At least let me know how you are,’ he pleaded.
The touch of his hand on my skin sent sparks through my body, but I gently pulled my arm free. ‘I am fine,’ I said. ‘Divorced, with a successful career and very happy. Not that I know why you’d care,’ I added snarkily before turning around and joining Sarah and Tom.

Dinner was supposed to have been a celebration, but I was not in a celebratory mood. I couldn’t keep my mind off Josh. Seeing him so unexpectedly – when I had thought him miles away in a different country – had unnerved me. I could still feel his touch on my wrist and I regretted having been so short with him. Sure, I had reason to be mad at him, but now that I was no longer in his presence I wished I had asked him for the long overdue explanation. I hated to keep things between us unfinished. And if I was honest with myself, my feelings for him had not died out over the years; they had only been repressed. And I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I took part in the conversation absent-mindedly, thinking about Josh instead. Was he in a relationship? Or was he single, like me? Would I be able to find him after dinner to have a good talk?
After dinner, Sarah suggested we go to the bar for a drink and I agreed, only to see whether Josh was still there. To my utter disappointment he wasn’t. What did I expect though? I had rebuffed him, I couldn’t expect him to hang around hoping I would change my mind. Tom excused himself after one drink, leaving Sarah and me alone.
‘You’re quiet,’ Sarah said after a while.
I smiled at her. ‘Just tired,’ I said. ‘It’s been a long day.’
She put her hand on my knee under the table and squeezed lightly. ‘Who was that guy you were talking to in the bar earlier tonight?’ she asked.
I didn’t look her in the eye. Sarah and I were more than colleagues, we had been friends since college. We had started out as roommates, but our relationship developed into a tight friendship which had lasted to this day. She had been there for me through my divorce and had at times been much more than a friend to me.
‘It was Josh,’ I mumbled. I looked at her to gauge her reaction. Her eyebrows shot up.
‘Josh?’ she asked. ‘What the hell is he doing here? And why are you not with him right now?’
I shook my head. ‘I didn’t want to talk to him.’
‘That’s ridiculous, Laura,’ Sarah said. ‘I know he really hurt you when he cut you off, but maybe he had a good reason. You always say you wished you knew why he disappeared and now you had a chance to find out and you just casually brush him off and go to dinner? What’s wrong with you?’
I shrugged miserably. As always, Sarah had put into words exactly how I was feeling. ‘I know,’ I said. ‘It was stupid and I should have talked to him. I realise that now. I was just so mad at him and I panicked when I saw you and Tom at the bar. I didn’t really think.’
Sarah rubbed my thigh in sympathy. ‘You never think,’ she said quietly. ‘How did you feel seeing him again?’
I sighed and took a sip of wine. ‘I don’t know. I was really happy to see him and really mad at the same time. And…’ I hesitated, but I knew I could tell Sarah anything. ‘Aroused,’ I finished. ‘He is still hot and now that I am single…’ I left the sentence unfinished.
Sarah grimaced in sympathy. ‘Is he still unattached?’
‘I don’t know, I never got a chance to find out.’
Sarah laughed. ‘You really are your own worst enemy.’
‘I know,’ I said. ‘I had my chance and blew it. He will probably be gone by tomorrow and I will never see him again.’ Having said it out loud made me even more miserable. I gulped down the rest of my wine. ‘I think I am going to bed and wallow in my misery.’
We got up and left the bar. We rode the elevator up in silence, both of us sunk in our own thoughts. We stopped outside of the door to my room. ‘Do you want me to come in for a bit?’ Sarah asked.
‘I am too miserable,’ I said, shaking my head.
‘I know something that can change that,’ Sarah said, smiling, as she reached out and cupped my breast. She rolled her thumb over my nipple, making it perk up in response. She moved closer to me, her breath hot on my cheek. ‘I can make you feel really good,’ she whispered. She rubbed my nipple harder, sending heat waves straight to my clit. I felt my cunt throb in response, wetness gathering at my core. It was so tempting to seek solace in Sarah’s arms, I knew how good she was at making me forget my troubles. But I gently pushed her away.
‘I would love to, Sarah,’ I said, my voice hoarse with lust. ‘But it wouldn’t be fair to you. All I can think of is Josh and no amount of pleasure from you is going to make me forget him.’
Sarah sighed and kissed me gently. She knew me well enough not to be offended. ‘All right,’ she said. ‘But if you change your mind, I’m only a phone call away.’
I kissed her back and watched her walk away to her own room a few doors down. I put the card in the slot and went into my own room.

I tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep. I wished I had taken Sarah up on her offer, but I didn’t call her. It wasn’t Sarah I wanted, it was Josh. Every time I closed my eyes I saw his smile, his blue eyes boring into mine. I remembered the feel of his hard, lean body against mine and I imagined his hands roaming over my body, caressing me everywhere. I had been a fool to brush him off.
I must have fallen asleep at some point because when I next looked at the window the sun was streaming through a gap in the curtains. My panties were sodden wet and I recalled with a blush the dream I had had. Josh had been in my room, in my bed, inside me. Yet it had only been a dream and instead of satisfying me, it left me aching with longing. I got up and took a shower. The hot water did little to quell my lust, but I ignored the throbbing in my cunt and dressed sensibly. I was going to explore Paris today and forget about Josh.
I had little appetite, but ate a croissant and some fruit. I had a refill of coffee and was about to leave the table when a shadow fell over my table. Looking up I was temporarily unable to speak. Josh smiled down on me.
‘Is that seat taken?’ he asked.
I couldn’t help the desire flaring up in me and I could feel my panties getting wet. ‘Be my guest,’ I said, trying to keep my voice level. I took a sip of coffee to hide my excitement. I still had a chance to make things right with Josh.
‘I didn’t like how we left things last night,’ he said, helping himself to some coffee.
‘I didn’t either,’ I admitted. ‘I should have at least let you explain.’
‘Will you now?’ he asked.
I nodded. ‘Please.’
‘I shouldn’t have cut you off all those years ago,’ Josh started. ‘It was a mistake, I see that now. But at the time, I was in a bad place. I had fallen in love with you, hard, but you were happily married and I didn’t want to ruin your marriage. I couldn’t be around you either, not without the desire to be with you. I couldn’t risk you finding out, and I didn’t want to break up your marriage. It was a selfish thing to do, but I thought that if I cut you out of my life completely I could forget about you.’
I sat, stunned. Josh had been in love with me? I was elated, but at the same time the irony of it hit me. A year later my husband had left me. Josh and I would have had a chance to be together back then. Now it likely was too late.
‘And now here you are,’ Josh continued. ‘Single again.’
‘And you?’ I asked. ‘Are you single?’
Josh nodded and I didn’t hide the smile that slowly spread over my face.
‘Is that a good thing?’ Josh asked.
‘Yes,’ I said hoarsely. ‘Unless your feelings for me have changed.’
Josh shook his head. ‘Not at all.’
I pushed my coffee away. I did not have an appetite anymore. At least not for food.
Josh took my hand and traced the palm of my hand with his fingers, sending sparks through my body.
‘Do you think maybe we could give it a try?’ he asked.
I grinned at him. ‘I thought you’d never ask,’ I said.
Josh put his hand on my knee and started stroking my thigh. He moved his hand up under my skirt and I squirmed when his probing fingers touched the edge of my panties. He leaned over to me and kissed me. I kissed him back hungrily, our tongues seeking each other desperately.
‘Let’s take this to your room,’ Josh whispered in my ear.
I didn’t need more encouragement and got shakily to my feet. My panties were sodden with desire. We unfortunately did not have the elevator to ourselves, but Josh led me to the back of the elevator and slowly moved his hand under my skirt again. I squirmed when his caressed my ass, moving his hand down so the tips of his fingers brushed the crotch of my panties. I heard the sharp intake of his breath when he felt how wet I was. He increased the pressure of his fingers on my cunt and I had a hard time keeping my composure. I wanted to press myself against him, feel his cock deep inside me. Not a moment too soon we were at my floor and we rushed to my room. As soon as we were inside Josh pulled me into his arms, raining hot kisses all over my face and neck.
‘I have wanted to do this for so long,’ he groaned. He lifted up my shirt and I let him pull it off. His fingers found my hard nipples through my bra and he squeezed them through the lace. I moaned as a spasm of pleasure travelled from my nipple to my clit. Josh lowered his lips to mine and kissed me greedily. His tongue explored the inside of my mouth as he unhooked my bra from the back, letting it fall on the ground between us. His fingers found my now-exposed nipples and I cried out with pleasure as he rubbed them between his fingers. I caressed his back, my fingernails digging into his skin as he heightened my pleasure. My panties were soaked with my wetness and I groaned with desire. Josh gently pushed me towards the bed until my knees hit the edge. He unzipped my skirt and let it slide off my legs. He knelt down in front of me, his breath hot on my sodden panties. I spread my legs wider, thrusting my hips towards him. He ran his hands up my thighs, his fingers lightly brushing the flimsy piece of fabric covering my throbbing cunt. I gasped as his finger found my clit and he started stroking it in a firm, circular motion. He hooked his fingers under the elastic of my panties and slid them down my legs. He gently pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs wide.
‘Let me get a good look at you,’ he said, his eyes dark with desire. I was fully naked and on display for him and rather than be embarrassed, I was hot with arousal. I wanted him to touch me, to dip his fingers into my wetness and feel how ready I was for him. But he took his time, his cheek resting on my thigh as his fingers gently stroked my swollen lips. I squirmed and tried to buck into his hand, but his other hand held me firmly in place.
‘All in good time,’ he said. ‘You have such a beautiful cunt, I just want to gaze at it for a while.’
‘Please,’ I whispered. ‘I am so ready for you. I need you to make me come.’
Josh laughed softly. ‘You want it that bad, do you?’
‘Yes,’ I panted. ‘Please.’
He increased the pressure of his fingers, sliding them through my slit all the way to my clit. He rubbed his fingers in my wetness, getting them all slick before thrusting one inside me. I gasped at the sensation; his finger was strong and slightly calloused, rubbing all the right places. I moaned as he pushed another finger inside me, thrusting both deep inside. I bucked against his hand, wanton in my desire to be taken by him.
‘You like that, don’t you?’ Josh asked, his breath hot on my cunt. ‘You like it hard?’
‘Yes,’ I breathed, barely able to control myself, ‘oh yes, finger me hard.’
He shifted position and then his tongue lapped over my slit, the tip probing my clit hard. I gasped and bucked as he increased the pressure and speed of his tongue on my clit, his fingers pushing hard inside me. He expertly flicked my clit with his tongue, finding the perfect spot that always drives me to the edge. I felt my orgasm mounting and I drove myself harder against his thrusting hand.
Suddenly he withdrew his hand and I groaned in disappointment. ‘What are you doing?’ I panted. ‘Don’t stop now.’
He laughed gently. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘I will make you come so hard you will not believe what has happened to you. But don’t you want to have my cock inside you?’
I grinned when I watched him quickly strip off. He pulled a foil packet out of his pant pocket and quickly sheathed himself. Then he was back between my legs, spreading me wider with his knees. I raised my hips to meet him. He rubbed his cock up and down my slit, covering it with my slickness. The tip of his cock teased my clit and I grabbed his cock and, spreading my lips wide with the fingers of my other hand, I guided him inside me. He slid in easily and I sighed with pleasure as I felt him fill me.
‘Oh, you are so tight and wet,’ he breathed as he slid in even farther. He moved slowly in and out, but I wanted more. I bucked my hips against him. ‘Harder?’ he asked, looking down at my face.
‘Harder,’ I begged. ‘Please.’
He didn’t need any more urging and he pulled out and slammed into me again. I gripped the sheet with one hand, my other finding my clit and rubbing the nub between my fingers. I felt the tension mounting and when Josh leaned over and took my nipple into his mouth I cried out with pleasure. He slammed into me again and again and I felt my climax hovering.
‘You are so good,’ I said as Josh increased the rhythm. He groaned and put his hands underneath my hips. He lifted them up and I settled my legs on his shoulders. With the extra leverage he managed to get even deeper inside me and we both cried out as he bottomed out inside me.
‘I am going to come,’ I panted, my fingers still working my clit urgently.
‘Yes,’ Josh breathed, ‘come for me, Laura, I want you to come.’
The walls of my vagina convulsed around him as my orgasm overtook me and I could feel Josh’s cock harden even more. He pounded into me and groaned as he reached his peak as well. He shuddered and slowed down as he came down from his climax. He gently lowered me down onto the bed. I whimpered at the sudden loss as he slid out of me. He cleaned himself off, then lay next to me. His hand cupped my mound which was still throbbing with pleasure. He lazily traced his fingers over my swollen lips and clit, sending sparks of pleasure through my body again. He kept his gaze on my face, a half smile on his lips.
‘My, you have missed me, haven’t you?’ he asked.
I smiled contentedly. ‘I have,’ I said.
Josh’s fingers traced my slit up and down agonizingly slowly. I was still dripping wet, the slickness coating my thighs.
‘So now what?’ Josh asked.
I had a hard time concentrating with his fingers exploring my cunt thoroughly and my breath came in spurts. ‘What do you mean, now what?’ I asked.
He slid a finger inside me and made a crooking motion which made me buck against his hand again. I felt another orgasm mounting. His thumb circled my clit, not really touching it and the anticipation drove me wild.
‘I mean, what are we going to do now? After I am done pleasuring you, that is.’
‘Ah,’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ A spasm of pleasure shot through my body and I moaned loudly. ‘I can’t think right now.’
Josh removed his hand and my eyes flew open. ‘No,’ I whimpered. ‘Don’t stop now.’ My cunt was still throbbing with lust and my clit was screaming to be touched.
Josh grinned. ‘I want to talk,’ he said.
‘I promise we can talk after,’ I said. ‘But first make me come.’
‘What’s the magic word?’ Josh teased.
‘Please, Josh, make me come, make me come hard,’ I panted. If he didn’t resume soon, I would take care of it myself.
Josh’s grin widened. ‘My pleasure,’ he said.
He shoved two fingers inside my cunt and started thrusting them in and out hard, the tips of his fingers rubbing my G-spot. His thumb found my clit and rubbed it hard. It was already sensitive from my earlier orgasm and the roughness of his touch drove me insane with lust. When he slid another finger inside me my climax peaked and I yelled his name as the heat spread through my whole body, leaving me shuddering and spent. Josh removed his fingers from my cunt, but kept stroking my lips and clit until at last I had come down and he rested his hand fully on my swollen cunt.
‘That better?’ he asked.
I snuggled into his arms. ‘Much better,’ I said.
‘I want to be with you, Laura,’ he murmured against my ear. ‘I don’t want anything to come between us anymore.’
My lips found his and I said against his mouth. ‘I want to be with you too. I never want to lose you again.’