When Spring Turns to Autumn

Michelle let herself into the house and dropped her keys on the shelf in the hall. She kicked off her shoes and sighed with relief. It had been a long night.
“How did it go?” Emma came into the hall wearing only an oversized T-shirt and panties.
“It went well. Amy gave birth to a little baby boy at six this morning.” Michelle rubbed the back of her neck and went through to the living room.
“Long night,” Emma remarked, following her.
Michelle nodded and sat down on the couch. It had been a long night. Most of her friends had been jealous when they heard Michelle would attend the birth of her own grandson, but Michelle didn’t understand what the fuss was about. She had been through pregnancy and childbirth – twice – and hadn’t enjoyed it. Of course she hadn’t been able to refuse Amy when she had asked Michelle to attend the birth. How could you refuse your own child something like that? But it hadn’t been Michelle’s preferred way to spend a Saturday evening.
“Do you want me to make you a coffee? Some breakfast?” Emma asked.
“That’s all right, I can make some later,” Michelle said.
“You’re letting me crash on the couch, the least I can do it make you some breakfast,” Emma said.
‘Crash on the couch’ was an understatement. Michelle’s house was big enough for ten people, so Emma hardly had to sleep on the couch. And Michelle enjoyed her company. She had met Emma at yoga and they had become best friends instantly despite the fact that Michelle was thirty years Emma’s senior. When Emma’s husband kicked her out of her house and she needed a place to stay, Michelle hadn’t hesitated to offer her a room in her house. She had not accepted any offers for rent, it wasn’t like she needed the money.
Michelle followed Emma to the kitchen and sat down at the breakfast bar.
“So how does it feel to be a grandma?” Emma asked with a grin. She took out the cast iron skillet and put it on the fire.
“Weird.” Michelle felt guilty that her initial reaction on seeing her grandson had not been joy, but despair. She was not ready to be a grandmother. It wasn’t the fact that having a grandson reminded her of her age – she wasn’t bothered by the fact that she was in her sixties – but Amy expected her to be a hands-on grandmother.
“Makes you feel old?” Emma asked.
“No, makes me feel shackled.”
Emma laughed. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they feel shackled by their grandchildren.”
Michelle shook her head. “Not shacked by my grandchild.”
Emma placed a mug of coffee in front of Michelle. “Then what?”
Michelle inhaled the scent of coffee greedily before taking a sip. The warm liquid strengthened her and made her feel more like herself.
“All my adult life I have been defined by my relationships to someone else. I was Gerald’s wife, Amy and Joseph’s mother and now I am Teddy’s grandmother. When do I get to be myself?”
“You don’t have to let your grandchild define who you are,” Emma said. “Go out and live your life, have fun. You’re still young, no need to be stuck in a grandmother role.”
“Not that young,” Michelle muttered.
“Stop that, you’re barely over sixty. You still have so many great years of your life left. Embrace it. Tell Amy to find a babysitter and do something you like.”
Michelle considered this. The problem was, she didn’t know what she wanted with her life. What did she like anymore? After caring for her husband and children for the better part of forty years, she hardly knew herself anymore.
“I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” she said.
Emma set a plate with eggs, bacon and toast in front of Michelle. “Eat first, then sleep and then you can figure out a way to live your own life.”
“This looks delicious,” Michelle said, picking up her fork. “And you’re right, I need a rest. Maybe not sleep, but I could do with a warm bubble bath.”
“I’ll get it ready for you,” Emma said.
Michelle watched her go as she tucked into her breakfast. It was lovely to have Emma in the house. She helped out, was never needy and treated Michelle as an equal. Michelle could be herself around Emma. She didn’t need to worry Emma needed anything from her. Emma did her fair share in the house. Grateful at being able to stay with Michelle rent-free, Emma cooked, cleaned and kept Michelle company. Each day Michelle was looking forward to the end of the day when Emma would come home. She dreaded the day when Emma would find her own place and move out.

The bubble bath was soothing. Emma knew exactly what temperature Michelle liked it at, which was surprising as Michelle didn’t remember ever telling her. Michelle stretched out in the oversized tub, her body fully submerged in the hot foamy water. As the heat seeped into her bones, Michelle relaxed. She didn’t need to let her family take over her life. As she had told Emma, she could travel, see the world. She had kept herself prisoner in her own home for too long. It wasn’t until Emma had come to live with her that Michelle realized how empty the house really was.
Of course Joseph and Amy had been against her allowing Emma to stay with her. They thought Emma was out to take advantage of their old mother. Michelle scoffed at the memory. She was in full control of her own mind, thank you very much. She liked Emma – a lot. And she loved having her around. Emma made her feel like a woman in her own right. A woman capable of love, joy and yes, lust. Michelle felt the thought staring at her and she faced it rather than fleeing from it, which she had done the last couple of weeks. She didn’t understand it, but Emma made her feel flustered. And not in a bad way.
Michelle hadn’t been aroused since Gerald got sick, which had been fifteen years ago. But lying in the hot bath and thinking of Emma, Michelle felt a tug deep inside her belly. Without examining why she was aroused by Emma, Michelle slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her sex. She sighed with relief. Had it really been fifteen years since she last had sex? She hadn’t wanted to be with anyone else after Gerald died and she had never indulged in masturbation. She gasped when her fingers slid over her swollen and sensitive sex. Had it always felt this good? Her fingers explored her thick outer labia, the slick folds of her inner labia and the hot, wet entrance of her pussy. She didn’t think she would have been able to get wet – don’t women in menopause suffer from vaginal dryness? – but her pussy was slick in a way that water was unable to achieve. She traced a path through her folds towards her clit, almost afraid to take her exploration any further. Taking a deep breath, the let her fingers wander over her clit, gently at first. The jolt of pleasure shooting through her made her moan aloud. Oh, she had missed this! How could she have forgotten how amazing sex was? Fifteen years was a long time, of course, and grief and pain had driven out all thoughts of pleasure.
Michelle relaxed and let her legs fall apart in the water. She didn’t want to dwell on what had been, she wanted to enjoy what was happening now. She could hear Emma downstairs, cleaning up the dishes. The mundane sounds made her feel daring and she slipped a finger inside her aching pussy. A sigh escaped her lips and she slipped another finger inside. Her cunt felt tight and oh so sensitive. Carefully she curled her fingers upwards, trying to find that sweet spot that never failed to make her come in the past. She couldn’t quite find it and pleasure turned into frustration at her own ineptitude. She tried rubbing her clit again, but the spell was broken and she suddenly felt silly. Silly old woman, trying to recapture the passion of her youth.
She got out of the bath and rubbed herself dry. The ache was still there, taunting her low in her belly, threatening to spill over into her cunt again, but she tried to ignore it. She was too old to enjoy sex, what had she been thinking? She slipped on her plush bathrobe and slunk off towards her bedroom. She’d have a nap and then she’d feel so much better. No more of this nonsense.

Michelle stretched out her legs towards the roaring fire and took a sip of wine. The nap had revitalized her, but the ache in her cunt had remained. Emma had opened a bottle of wine to celebrate the arrival of the baby and Michelle was uncomfortably aware of Emma’s nearness. She wanted to breathe in Emma’s scent, but willed herself to sit straight and enjoy her wine.
“Are you feeling better?” Emma asked.
Michelle shook herself out of her reverie. “Much better,” she said. If only Emma knew how much better.
Emma smiled warmly. “I’m glad. You deserve to be happy, Michelle, you are a wonderful woman.”
A warm glow infused Michelle. “Thank you.”
“Have you decided what you are going to do yet?”
Michelle laughed. “I’ve hardly had the chance to think about it. I’m going to start by gently breaking it to Amy that I won’t be Teddy’s regular babysitter.”
“You should start dating,” Emma said. “That will do you good. A good dinner and maybe a bit of a romp in the sack.”
Michelle laughed. “I don’t even know what type of man I like anymore.”
“Doesn’t have to be a man,” said Emma. “Does it?”
Michelle met her gaze and held it. “No, it doesn’t.”
Emma swallowed. “So you wouldn’t be opposed to dating a woman?”
“Not if it was the right woman.” Michelle’s skin pricked and she hardly dared breathe. Did Emma mean what Michelle thought she meant?
“Have you ever been with a woman?” Emma asked.
Michelle shook her head. “I was never that adventurous.”
Emma moved closer and took Michelle’s hand. “If I kissed you right now, would you freak out?”
Michelle licked her suddenly dry lips and shook her head. “No, I won’t.” Not in the way Emma meant at least.
Emma moved even closer and put her hand on Michelle’s neck. She brushed Michelle’s lips with hers and pulled away, a question in her eyes. Michelle leaned back in and her lips found Emma’s. That was apparently all the encouragement Emma needed. She pulled Michelle closer. She traced Michelle’s lips with her tongue before sliding her tongue inside Michelle’s mouth. Michelle opened her mouth greedily, wanting to take as much of Emma as she could. Her panties were soaked and the ache in her cunt became more pronounced. She lost all sense of time as Emma expertly explored her mouth.
At long last she pulled away. Emma’s face looked flushed. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” she said. “I had no idea you wanted it too.”
“I didn’t until tonight,” Michelle confessed. “Or at least I didn’t fully realize until tonight.”
“You’re a great kisser,” Emma said.
Michelle grinned, feeling years younger. “So are you.”
She leaned in and kissed Emma again. Emma moved closer, pressing her breasts against Michelle’s. For a brief moment Michelle wanted to pull away. She suddenly became conscious of her old body, her sagging breasts. There was no way Emma would want that. But Emma moved her hands underneath Michelle’s shirt and cupped her breasts. Michelle moaned when Emma flicked her nipples.
“Is that good?” Emma whispered.
Michelle could hardly talk, as lust took over her body. “Perfect.”
“I want to fuck you senseless,” Emma whispered, pulling back and locking eyes with Michelle.
Hearing that coarse word out of Emma’s beautiful mouth only intensified the ache in Michelle’s cunt.
“Oh yes, please,” she moaned. She realized she wanted nothing more than for Emma to do with her as she pleased.
Emma slipped out of her housecoat and Michelle noted with a jolt that she was completely naked underneath. Had Emma planned this evening to go like this or did she never wear anything underneath her housecoat?
Michelle fought her self-consciousness as Emma pulled Michelle’s top over her head. Michelle wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples stiffened from the sudden freedom. Emma bent over and took them into her mouth in turn, sucking them and biting them lightly. Michelle arched her back, wanting more of this sensation. Emma was gentle, but firm, laving on Michelle’s breasts as if they were the sweetest things she had ever tasted.
Michelle reached out and tentatively stroked Emma’s breasts. Emma’s nipple’s peaked under Michelle’s fingers and she pinched them. Emma’s moan was the most arousing sound Michelle had ever heard. She struggled to sit up, eager to touch every inch of Emma’s skin, but Emma pushed her gently back.
“It’s my turn first,” she said, her voice hoarse with lust.
Michelle trembled with excitement as Emma slowly removed her panties.
“You are so wet,” Emma said, sliding a hand between Michelle’s legs.
Michelle gasped. Emma’s fingers were slender, but firm on her cunt. There was no comparison to her own hand caressing herself. Emma knew what she was doing. She slid her fingers through Michelle’s slit, parting her labia to reach her hot, soaking core. Taking her time, she traced lazy circles over Michelle’s cunt.
Michelle felt like she was on fire. She desperately wanted Emma to relieve the ache, but Emma took her time and Michelle didn’t know what to ask for. She squirmed and pressed her cunt against Emma’s hand, but Emma seemed to deliberately ignore Michelle’s hints. She lightly traced her fingers over Michelle’s labia, occasionally dipping the tip of a finger inside Michelle’s wetness and spreading it around again. Occasionally her fingers would brush past Michelle’s clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her body.
It went on and on, each stroke bringing Michelle closer to a climax. She could feel the tension in her body, coiling like a spring. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. The jolt of pleasure she had given herself in the bath had been nothing compared to the fireworks Emma set off inside her body right now.
Slowly Emma’s fingers probed harder, pressing down on Michelle’s clit with more insistence. Michelle knew she was close to a climax, but somehow Emma seemed to know exactly when to pull away to prevent Michelle from going over the edge. Sweat started to form a film on Michelle’s skin and her whole body was on fire. She no longer cared about how she looked or sounded, writing and moaning on the couch.
“You’re gorgeous,” Emma whispered. “I want to fuck you all night.”
Michelle moaned with arousal.
Emma leaned forward and took one of Michelle’s nipples into her mouth, alternately sucking and biting it. Michelle didn’t think she could get any closer to an orgasm without actually falling over the edge, but Emma managed to push her further.
Her body shuddered and she felt like she couldn’t handle any more. “Please,” she said, her voice hoarse with lust. “Please make me come.”
It was as if Emma had waited for this moment. She slipped two fingers inside Michelle’s cunt, curling them up against a spot deep inside her. Michelle cried out at the sudden sensation of release. Her body felt weightless, infused with pleasure almost impossible to bear. She moaned and cried as her orgasm crashed over her in unending waves of pleasure.
Emma held her, her hand lightly caressing Michelle’s cunt as her orgasm subsided. Michelle felt dizzy and energized at the same time. She pulled Emma close and kissed her deeply.
“That was amazing,” Emma whispered.
“It was,” Michelle answered.
Emma wrapped a blanket around the two of them and Michelle tried to arrange her rubbery legs into a more proper position. She gave up and remained spread-eagled on the couch. It wasn’t necessary to be modest any longer.
“Can you teach me how to make you feel like this too?” she asked.
Emma chuckled gently. “Absolutely. I take it you liked it?”
Michelle grinned. “You are fantastic. I’ve never had an orgasm like this before.”
“Good, because I intend to give you loads more.”
Michelle snuggled against Emma’s warm body and smiled. This evening had turned out better than she had hoped.

The next morning Michelle’s post-coital bliss had not worn off yet. Emma had spent the night in her bed, although they had simply slept, their naked bodies entwined. Emma’s arm lay heavily on Michelle’s stomach, but she didn’t want to move. She wanted to revel in Emma’s nearness as she tried to wrap her head around what had happened the night before.
Emma had satisfied her in a way not even Gerald had been able to do, and Michelle had always found sex with Gerald satisfying. But Emma didn’t only possess the skill to make Michelle come harder than she had ever had, Michelle also felt far more aroused by Emma than she had ever felt with Gerald. Feeling Emma’s breasts touching her side, Michelle felt herself get wet again. She wanted to stay in bed with Emma all day, exploring every inch of her body. She wanted to bury her head between Emma’s legs, inhaling her scent and tasting the sweet nectar of her sex. The thought brought heat to Michelle’s face – and her cunt – and she shifted uncomfortably. She had never particularly liked sucking Gerald off, but Emma intoxicated her. It was as if she was a different woman around Emma, especially now that her lust had been awakened and fanned into a roaring fire by Emma herself.
Michelle didn’t want to dwell on the long term. She didn’t want to worry about whether the events of the previous night meant more to Emma than just a fun night with her friend. Emma had promised to teach Michelle to pleasure a woman – her – but that could mean anything. Surely Emma wasn’t interested in a relationship with an older, much less experienced woman?
“Penny for your thoughts,” Emma said, her voice thick with sleep.
Michelle smiled. “Just thinking about last night.”
Emma lifted herself up on one elbow so she could look at Michelle better. “Any regrets?”
Michelle shook her head. “None at all. In fact, I was just thinking about how you promised to teach me how to make you come.”
The heat was back in her cheeks, but she ignored it defiantly. There was nothing shameful in wanting to pleasure another person. Only her conservative upbringing made her feel shame.
Emma grinned. “I’d gladly teach you,” she said. “But before we go on, I want to clear up the air.”
That sounded ominous and Michelle felt a trickle of fear.
Emma sat up and took Michelle’s hand. “I really like you. As in I want to be with you, not just for a night or a few days. I realize this is all new to you, and I am happy to explore where this is going, but I don’t want to just be an experiment for you.”
Warmth spread through Michelle and she pulled Emma close. She kissed her deeply, then pulled back so she could look at Emma. “I want to be with you too,” she said. “I really like you and the sex is just icing on the cake.”
Emma cocked an eyebrow.
“Oh okay, it’s more than just icing,” Michelle conceded. “I bloody love what you did to me last night and I have been thinking about how much I want to make you feel the same way. And how lovely it would be to touch you, to taste you.”
To her relief, Emma didn’t laugh. Her eyes darkened with lust and her voice was hoarse when she spoke. “I would love that very much. I have the day off, so we can stay in bed if you want.”
Michelle tentatively reached out and run her hand along Emma’s leg, over the hill of her hip, and letting it rest on her breast. Emma’s breath hitched, and emboldened by that response, Michelle rubbed Emma’s nipple, watching as it formed a peak. Emma’s skin was soft and smooth and Michelle moved her hand over Emma’s stomach. Emma rolled over on her back and let her knees fall apart in a blatant invitation. Michelle caught the scent of Emma’s arousal and her own cunt contracted in response. She slowly moved her hand lower, watching Emma’s face for a reaction. Emma’s eyes were half closed, her lips parted and Michelle leaned over and kissed her. Emma’s mouth opened in response, her tongue meeting Michelle’s. Michelle’s hand crept lower until it arrived at the soft curls at the apex of Emma’s thighs.
Emma shifted her hips slightly in encouragement and Michelle moved so she could watch what she was doing. Emma’s sex was delicate as a flower, the soft pink petals opening willingly under her probing fingers. Michelle crouched between Emma’s legs, spreading Emma’s labia to reveal the wet entrance that lay within. Emma moaned when Michelle circled her fingers over that sweet spot, smearing the hot juices around.
“Is this good?” she asked.
Emma moaned in response. “Yes, keep doing that.”
Dragging her wet fingers upward, Michelle uncovered Emma’s small clit; a button straining to peek out. Recalling her own pleasure at having her clit rubbed, she flicked the button with her fingers. Emma gasped and Michelle’s cunt flooded in response. She felt powerful for being able to elicit such sounds from the younger woman.
“Can I lick you?” she asked, her mouth inches away from Emma’s cunt. Her scent was intoxicating and Michelle didn’t know what she would do if Emma said “no”.
“Yes, please,” Emma said. “I need your tongue.”
Michelle paused for a brief second, wondering where this sudden desire to eat out another woman’s pussy came from, but then pushed those thoughts away. They could wait. She tentatively let her tongue wander over Emma’s labia, probing deeper to lick the sweet nectar at the heart of Emma’s cunt. Emma gasped and writhed and Michelle had to hold her hips so she could continue her ministrations. She had no idea if what she was doing was right, but the scent and taste of Emma’s cunt drove her wild and she used the tip of her tongue to explore Emma’s clit. Emma groaned and grabbed the back of Michelle’s head, digging her fingers into Michelle’s scalp. Emma’s wetness coated Michelle’s lips and chin, dripping down. Michelle slipped a finger inside Emma cunt while continuing to lick her clit, her tongue firm. Emma’s voice was glutteral, the noises driving Michelle crazy with lust. Her own thighs were coated with her wetness, but she concentrated on Emma, who seemed close to her climax.
“Oh yes, make me come,” Emma panted, thrusting her hips against Michelle’s face.
Michelle moaned against the hot, soaked cunt and then Emma stiffened. Michelle felt with wonder how the walls of Emma’s cunt contracted against her finger as Emma arched her back and cried out. Michelle withdrew her finger and looked up from between Emma’s legs. Emma’s face was flushed, her hair sweaty. Michelle licked Emma’s juices off her lips and moved to lie next to Emma.
“Are you sure you have never done this before?” Emma asked, her voice breathless.
Michelle grinned. “You are the first.”
“You did not need any education in that respect. That was fantastic.”
“Thank you.” Michelle felt inordinately proud of herself. She had been worried Emma would be disappointed in her. Maybe she wasn’t too old for something different after all.
“Can we do this every morning?” Emma asked.
“I would love that,” Michelle said. “I could do this all day.”
Emma giggled. “Are you sure you’re sixty? You have the stamina of someone much younger.”
“I’m making up for lost time,” Michelle joked.
The air was heavy with the scent of sex and Michelle snuggled closer to Emma. It had been a perfect start of the day, and the sharp ache of arousal in her own cunt made Michelle happy. It meant that she was still capable of desire – and love.
“Let me catch my breath and then I want to eat you out,” Emma said.
“You spoil me,” Michelle laughed. She had never realized how powerful words could be, but Emma’s choice of words sent a shock of desire through her. She felt wanton and carefree; and utterly herself.
“Good, you deserve it.”
As Emma settled between Michelle’s eagerly spread legs, Michelle wondered with amusement what her daughter would think of this turn of events. She stifled a giggle thinking of Amy’s shocked face.
Emma’s tongue slid over Michelle’s cunt and she moaned with delight. This new chapter in her life was going to be quite the adventure.