Welcome to the Summer 100 Blog Challenge

The 2018 Summer 100 Sex Blogger Blog Challenge has now ended. A massive Thank You to everyone who participated.

Welcome to the Summer 100 Sex Blogger’s Blog Challenge. I am hosting this challenge together with Victoria from Pretty Pink Lotus Bud, who started this challenge last year.

I will update this page throughout the challenge, so please check back frequently.

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

Here are some important links to help you throughout the challenge:

It is important to keep the Criteria and Guidelines in mind, so if you need a refresher, don’t hesitate to reread them. [Update: we have made a change to the amount of blog posts you have to publish in order to qualify for the next round. Although we would like to encourage you to post as much as possible, if you post at least a few blog posts, you will go through to the next round.]

Victoria has set up a Facebook group where you can post links to your blog posts and chat with other participants. I am not on Facebook, so if you want to reach me specifically, you can do so on Twitter.

Summer 100 Blog Challenge Starts 1 June

We have themes for each round, to give you some inspiration. Be sure to check everyone’s Summer 100 blog posts as well.

Once you have posted your blog posts, be sure to visit the Guestbook and let everyone know what you have blogged about. After that, share, share, hashtag, share.

Last, but not least, check out your fellow participants. Each round this list will be updated for those participants who qualify for the next round, so check back regularly.