Summer 100 Participants

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

The Participants

The 2018 Summer 100 Sex Blogger Blog Challenge had 19 participants. You can check out all their blog posts in the round ups of the six different rounds below. At the bottom of this page is a list with links to all the participants in case you would like to check out what they have been up to since the challenge.

A massive thank-you to everyone who participated!

To see what everyone has posted in Round One of the challenge, check this page here.

A round up of all blog posts posted in Round Two of the challenge can be found here.

Round Three marked the halfway point and these bloggers have posted during this round.

The results of blog posts published in Round Four are finally up and can be found here.

It seems that people have been running out of steam a bit in Round Five, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some great posts in this round.

Towards the end of the challenge the volume of blog posts petered out, but Round Six still has a number of wonderful posts.

The following participants blogged during the 2018 Summer 100 Sex Blogger Blog Challenge

E.T. Costello
Fairy Cake’s Land
Isabelle Lauren
Krystle in Bed
Leila Loren
Life Erotique
Miss Scarlet Writes
My Messy Room
Pleasure Connoisseurs
Pretty Pink Lotus Bud
Risque Views
Sex Matters
Super Smash Cache
The Story of A
Viva La Sexy Blog
Witch of the Wands
Your Heavenly Body