Summer 100 – Round Six Results

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

And we have come to the end of the challenge. Here are the posts that were published in round six.

Dildo or Dildon’t

B-vibe Cinco Anal Beads Review

Isabelle Lauren

Why good sex education is important
Taking up space in a men’s world
Don’t touch yourself

Miss Scarlet


Pleasure Connoisseurs

Kandi Coated Makeup

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

I don’t need a toy; I need the real thing

If Sex Matters

Gino ~ an abrupt beginning and end
Let’s talk about sex education
The curse. Part nine ~ when Eddie met Chloe
August ~ my blogging summary and SOSS

Witch of the Wands

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit 2018: a witchy wrap-up

Your Heavenly Body

Communication: as illustrated by Crash Pad Series