Summer 100 – Round Three Results

Summer 100 Blog Challenge

It’s already the end of Round Three of the Summer 100 Sex Blog Challenge. And with that, we are halfway through the challenge! I can’t believe how much time flies. Below is a round up of all the blog posts published during Round Three. The theme of Round Three was relationships.


Crash Pad Series 266: Ramses Rodstein and Siouxsie X
How not to be an asshole to your insecure lover

E.T. Costello

Our corporal reward

Fairy Cake’s Land

Communication isn’t just a major

Isabelle Lauren

It takes two to tango: relationships take work
An evening of kink and bondage with the Scarlet Ladies
Your partner isn’t responsible for your happiness

Krystle in Bed

Millennials might be recreating relationship dynamics

Leila Loren

Vibrating anal beads
No does not mean try harder

Miss Scarlet Writes

A sexual performance
Why I don’t write erotic fiction

My Messy Room

Summer 100 June Update

Pretty Pink Lotus Bud

Sex with strangers
Signs of men I’ve loved

Sex Matters

Smut Marathon Round Five
Recreate from tasting menstrual blood
The curse Part Five – West End Girls
Cock-a-doodle do I want a relationship with you
Intelligent, daring guys get my vote

The Story of A

Are men being sexually feminized?
Ban marriage, keep love

Witch of the Wands

Rocky relationship with my body
Share our shit Saturday Summer 100 Week 5
Late night rambling: unconventional communication
Share our shit Saturday: Summer 100 Week 6

Your Heavenly Body

How to make your PTSD more manageable
Review: Crash Pad Series: Episode 81
What is romance anyway?