Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge

Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge
Although the weather doesn’t feel like it, summer is only a couple of months away, which means that it’s time for the Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge. Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned one, you are welcome to sign up for this challenge.

I did this challenge last year when I was just a baby blogger and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t really track my SEO improvement (something I intend to do this year), but I got to know a lot of other sex bloggers which was awesome. I created a lot of new content, even though I lost a lot of it due to my host wiping my whole website. This year I plan to make more back ups of my site, so the same disaster won’t befall me again.

Who is this challenge for?

Any sex bloggers or erotica writers can join, whether you are a long established blogger or new to the game. What you can get out of it is the following:

  • Make new internet friends
  • Support marginalized bloggers and writers
  • Build content
  • Improve SEO
  • Search engine rank
  • Grow subscribers and followers
  • Increase site traffic

Track your growth via Spreadsheet.

Criteria Guidelines

For search engine visibility, participating posts must have:

  • 500+ words,
  • two to five images, and
  • two or more embedded links to challenge participants.The more media variety you have in an individual post, the better the search engine visibility.

Participating content must be dated June 1st through September 1st 2018.

Embedded links must be including in all particating content.

THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: Embedded linking is when you link to related content from other challenge participants within the context of your post versus at the very end. Here is an examples below from Victoria’s Joys of Fellatio series.

Learning the Ropes to Giving Bad A$$ Blow Jobs

Link to other participants consistently. You can find the links in the Summer 100 Guestbook or in the FB Group. The better your content and the more content you have, the likelier others will link to your posts.

There will be an ongoing list of all participants that will be updated each round and shared via a google spreadsheet along with other challenge updates. See the list of participants here.

Each participant must meet the guidelines above in order to remain on the list.

So How Does This Go Exactly

This year’s challenged with progress in “Rounds” where each round will be equivalent to approximately two weeks. As long as you average 5.5 posts per round, you’ll move on to the next round.

Those who do not progress to the next round or just didn’t participate may still contribute to the challenge at your own pace, participants won’t be required to deep link your posts, your link will be removed from the list of participants, and you won’t be eligible for prizes at the end.

However, feel free to continue to post to the Summer100 Guestbook as long as your post meets guidelines.

As long as you are participating with some consistency, I’m sure other participants will continue to link to your posts. Remember it’s all about community and growth! Be creative and have fun.

What do you need to do

Sign up for the blog challenge here.
Write awesome posts while deep linking to fellow sex blogger challenge participants.
Publish an average of 5.5 (</=) posts per round
Post your link in the Summer 100 Guestbook

Comment, Like, and Share the posts of fellow participants. Comment on participant’s actual posts. Tweet links. Tag participants in your IG stories. Share on other social platforms.

That’s all. Victoria and I will handle the rest.

Support Equals Success

Support equals success. Last year was such a success because each of us supported one another through visiting, commenting, and sharing one another’s posts. I know 2018 will be even more successful.
When posting via social media, use #Summer100 to make your content easy to find and follow.

There is also a Summer 100 Facebook group that you can join. You may follow the #Summer100 hashtag on Instagram and search it on Twitter as well.

All new post should be added to the Summer 100 guestbook and if you are a part of the Facebook group, you should add it there as well. The guestbook is perfect because anyone can access all the latest Summer 100 content regardless of participation. Post that do not meet criteria will not be allowed to publish to the guestbook and yes, we will be checking.

Do your best to Tweet or Retweet content from all challenge participants that meet criteria guidelines.

Posts that include affiliate links are absolutely welcomed. I assume that we all are very open to receiving income through our blogs. After all, we’ve worked so hard and we absolutely deserve it. If not, this may not be the challenge for you. As long as you exercise ethical practices and don’t spam others, this should be good.

Enable pingbacks on your blog so you can get an alert whenever someone links to your blog. (HOW TO ENABLE PINGBACKS ON WORDPRESS)

You are also welcomed to tag me, @Romanticisa or Victoria, @pinklotusbud on Twitter for a tweet out or retweet of your post. Remember to use the #Summer100 tag.

Producing one hundred post within 90 days is definitely a challenge. Fortunately, it’s not a requirement. Last summer the average was about half of that and the challenge still turned out amazingly well.

You’ll have plenty of support and encouragement. Certainly use this as an opportunity to be creative, be controversial, establish your niche, and collaborate with other bloggers.

We’ll be sending out post ideas, recommendations, tips and hacks throughout the challenge.

You can sign up for the #Summer100 Sex Bloggers Blog Challenge here.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or contact me privately.

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  1. Wow that sounds really challenging – well done you for signing up last year. I am going to check out all the ins and outs – you know 😉

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