The problem with writing erotica: erotic language

romantic couple on the beach

I wrote about my experience with writing erotica and the specific challenges that comes with it here. In that post I focused on the practical matter of how to make sure you positioned everyone correctly in a sex scene. Today I want to write about erotic language. Continue reading “The problem with writing erotica: erotic language”

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Author spotlight: Brook Wood

Couples Therapy The weekend awayToday I want to welcome Brook Wood to the blog, who is a fellow erotica writer. I really enjoyed her Couples Therapy series, which you can get on Amazon. And if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited, her books are free!

I asked Brook a few questions about her books and her writing. Continue reading “Author spotlight: Brook Wood”

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Flash Fiction Friday #21 – Katie’s reward

This is a continuation of Flash Fiction Friday #19.

It was time for Katie’s reward. I pushed Katie on her back and grinned at her quick intake of breath. Now that my own urgent need had been if not quite sated, then at least lessened, I could concentrate on her. I had no idea what her experience had been, but I was determined to give her an earth shattering orgasm. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #21 – Katie’s reward”

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The problem with writing erotica: entangled limbs

Writing erotica can be a challenge. I recently wrote my first erotic romance novel. This was by no means the first novel I have written, just the first erotic one. I had read quite a bit of erotica before, so I didn’t think it would be too difficult. Boy, was I wrong. I will share some of the lessons I learned in this post and others to follow. Continue reading “The problem with writing erotica: entangled limbs”

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Flash Fiction Friday #18 – Her first lesbian experience

Her eyes were enormous in her face. ‘Please,’ she whispered.
I felt a pang of pity for her, but squashed it. She had asked for this. ‘Please what?’ I asked, deliberately making my voice hard. Continue reading “Flash Fiction Friday #18 – Her first lesbian experience”

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Sex toy review: Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress

Although not technically a sex toy, this product does fall into the category of sex toys, hence the title. Read my other sex toy reviews here.

Dressing up in the bedroom is always fun, but up until recently the extent of my dressing up has been stockings and high heels, items already in my possession. I never really felt the need to buy something especially for the purpose of sex and seduction. When hubby intimated that he would like me to dress up in a sexy latex-like dress, I decided to give the Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress a try. After all, if it turns him on, I’m game. Continue reading “Sex toy review: Ann Summers Zuri wet look dress”

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Writing fearlessly


I’ve done it again. I started my new erotic novel about a month ago and I have just decided to scrap the whole thing and start over. Over 30,000 words in the bin. It’s painful, but the right thing to do. The reason for this drastic rewrite is that I once again started writing from the wrong angle.

Continue reading “Writing fearlessly”

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Reflection time – be bold

Dance like no one is watching.


I love that saying. I try to live by it as well. I love dancing and I do far too little of it. I don’t really go out dancing that often anymore – really only at the office Chrismas party – but when I do, you can’t get me off the dance floor. And I don’t care who watches. It has always been a dream of mne to learn how to pole dance, but I am too old and weak to learn that now. Alas, a missed opportunity. Continue reading “Reflection time – be bold”

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“I am a dirty slut”


I was having a conversation with my new friend. We are both budding erotica writers and were chatting about erotic language. In bantering with me, she described herself as a dirty slut. I was taken aback. For me, the word “slut” had negative connotations and I was uncomfortable with her use of the word. Continue reading ““I am a dirty slut””

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Book review: Babysitting the Baumgartners

Babysittinbaumgartnersg the Baumgartners is a novella by Selena Kitt. Ronnie has been the Baumgartners babysitter for years. When the Baumgartners invite her on a holiday to Key West, Ronnie jumps at the chance. She is eager to have a bit of relaxation while working on her tan. However, Doc and Mrs B have something more exciting in mind and when they set out to seduce Ronnie, she finds there is much more to the Baumgartners than she had imagined. Continue reading “Book review: Babysitting the Baumgartners”

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