The end of an era

My blog is a little over four years old. I’m amazed I’ve stuck it out for so long, to be honest. Before I had this blog, I had started a few others, but never really stuck with it. I always abandoned it after a few months, discouraged by the lack of readers. Thanks to the amazing community, I was able to increase my readership to over 1000 posts read a month. It’s been a great ride.

I’ve grown and developed so much since I started this blog. I’ve sold quite a few erotic short stories and I’ve written six novels. I had hoped to monetize off my blog. I had hoped to sell my novels. I had hoped that I would become a regular contributor of short stories to a website (I did for two websites, both of which folded).

A lot of people told me to stick with it. That once I published 30 books, my sales would increase. But frankly, I’m tired. I have a full time job, two teenagers who need me more than ever and I’m also trying to get my non-erotica writing career going and that takes a lot of time as well. I’m fed up with the fact that I can’t be open and proud about this blog and my erotica. I’m burnt out trying to make a go of this and not succeeding. I’ve failed to get into the right clique on Twitter – either for my sex blogging or for my novels. It’s fine – I was never one to belong to cliques – but since Twitter is really the only place I can promote my novels, support for my novels has dwindled significantly as soon as I failed to find time to promote constantly. Completely Yours was released on Thursday and sold a measly four copies on the first day (and nothing since), which is disheartening to say the least.

Mostly I’m spread too thin. I can’t put equal time in my erotica and my non-erotica career and frankly, my one non-erotica novel has sold better in one month than my six erotica novels together, so it seems that the universe is telling me to give up erotica. Completely Yours will be my last erotic novel. I have a blog tour next week, which I will stick around for and promote and after that, I will take my blog down. I just don’t have the time to blog for two blogs. I also don’t feel like I have that much more to say on the subject of sex. The articles on my blog that receive the most reads are the toy review ads and I don’t do toy reviews anymore. My website will still be there, because I don’t want to lose my domain just yet, but I’m giving up blogging.

I’m sad that it didn’t turn out better. I’ve had a lot of fun on here and I’ve made great friends. But at the moment, my family needs me and I need to simplify my life so I can turn this burn out around. I don’t need the frustration of slaving away for years on a novel only to have it sell four copies the day it’s released. It’s demoralising and I’ve decided to put my mental health first. And yes, it’s amazing that people read my novels at all. I really appreciate everyone who buys a copy, and especially those readers who leave a review.

I’m not going to stop writing erotica completely. I’ll still write the occasional short story for Frolic Me and for Medium. I’ll keep my Twitter account, but won’t be there much anymore. Sadly, it’s time for Isabelle Lauren to semi-retire. I really loved being her. I have learned a lot about myself in the time I was Isabelle, but it has become exhausting having to hide her and coming out is not an option.

It’s been a blast. Thank you for supporting me and reading my blog posts, stories and novels.

Stay sexy, everyone!

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