The Experiment – Part III

This is part of a series. Make sure you read Part I and Part II if you haven’t already.

“Are you ready for the next experiment, my pet?” Sir caressed my back as he spoke.

I shivered. The first experiment had been good, great even. But I wasn’t sure I was able to take it to the next level.

“I don’t know, Sir,” I said. “I’m not sure I’m strong enough.”

Sir kissed my neck. “You are very strong, baby. You just need to find your strength.”

I sighed. “How many people this time?”

His lips curved into a smile. “Ten.”

Ten! Four had been bad enough, but ten! I was sure I couldn’t do it.

“No,” I said.

Sir picked me up and carried me to a chair. He knelt in front of me. “What are you afraid of?”

“Four was already so hard. I don’t think I can hold out for ten.” I hated how small my voice was. I wanted to be strong like Sir said I was, but I felt weak and scared. I wanted to be good for Sir, but I felt he was asking too much of me.

Sir caressed my legs. “If you don’t want to do it, we don’t have to. But I think you can do it. I will be by your side all the way and if it gets too much, all you need to do is tell me and we’ll stop.”

“But then I’ll be punished,” I said.

“No, I want you to push yourself but if you can’t take it, you won’t be punished. It’s just an experiment.”

When Sir put it like that, it didn’t sound so scary. “Will it be the same as last time? Men and women?”

“Is that what you prefer?”

I nodded. “Five men, five women.” As soon as the words had left my mouth I realised my mistake. Last time, the women were far harder to resist than the men. I come much harder – and easier – with clitoral stimulation, which was what the women had given me. Penetration was lovely but on its own, it did not have quite the same power to drive me wild with desire. I should have asked for eight men and two women.

Sir seemed to sense my dilemma because he chuckled softly. “Remember you asked for this.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I was a bundle of nerves on the night of the experiment. I couldn’t eat a bite and when Sir prepared me for the activities, I was shaking.

Sir pulled me onto his lap. “Why don’t we do it a bit different tonight?”

“Different how?” I felt as if I was letting Sir down.

“You will endure all the pleasure the men can give you without coming. They can use their cocks, fingers and tongues. When it’s the women’s turn, you can come. Over and over again. You’ll endure all the orgasms they can give you.”

My breath hitched. Orgasm denial followed by forced orgasms? That was like a dream come true.

“That sounds lovely, Sir. Are you not disappointed in me?”

He pulled me closer and kissed me. “You can never disappoint me, my pet.”

Warmth engulfed me and I snuggled up closer to Sir. “I will make you proud tonight,” I promised.

“I know you will, my pet,” Sir said.

Sir led me into the playroom. The guests were waiting, masked like last time. Sir helped me on the bed, then turned to the guests and explained the rules to them. An appreciative murmur rose from the crowd when they realised I was allowed to orgasm with the woman.

“Let’s start,” Sir announced.

Apart from anal, Sir had allowed the men to do whatever they wanted with me. Two men approached the bed.

“On your hands and knees,” one man commanded.

I obeyed, shaking slightly with excitement. The man took place behind me, pulling me roughly towards him. The other man stood in front of me, his cock pointing at my mouth. I grinned. This was a scenario I loved.

I took the man’s cock in my mouth while the other man entered me. Both cocks filled me, doing full justice to the term spit roasting. I sucked with relish while the other man pounded into me, pushing me towards the man’s cock at each thrust.

My body heated up, my cunt tightening around the man’s cock. I could feel the fire spread throughout my belly, the pleasure gathering strength.

“Don’t come,” Sir said beside me, pulling me out of my warm reverie.

I groaned. I had been so wrapped up in the delicious sensations, I had momentarily forgotten the experiment. I had been teetering on the edge of a climax and needed to pull myself back. With an effort, I focused on sucking the man’s cock, trying to ignore the other cock pounding my cunt.

With a grunt, both men came. The one at my face pulled out and pushed me into the mattress. He sprayed his cum all over my back. The other man shot his load inside his condom. My cunt was throbbing with need, but I didn’t have a chance to catch my breath. As soon as the men moved away, two others took their place. This time, they pushed me onto my back.

Sir took my hand as the men fucked my mouth and cunt. The man at my head leaned forward and rubbed my clit. I moaned around his cock, straining to hold off my orgasm.

“You’re doing very well,” Sir whispered. “Hang in there.”

The men came, leaving me gasping with the need to come. But still I wasn’t allowed to come. One more man was left. He took place between my legs with a grin. Achingly slowly he pushed himself inside me. I spread my legs wider to accommodate his girth. My cunt, tight with the need to come, clamped around his cock. I moaned when he dragged along my vaginal walls and pressed up against my G-spot.

He seemed to take it as a personal challenge to try and make me come. He took his time, seemingly focusing on my pleasure rather than his own. I squeezed Sir’s hand, tears pricking my eyes. I tried to regulate my breathing as the man gradually increased his pace. My G-spot felt swollen and full, ready to burst.

Sir stroked my face. “Don’t come.” His voice sounded stern. “You can come in a bit, but not now.”

I nodded as tears streaked my face. I concentrated on my breathing and tried to relax my aching cunt. The man was thrusting hard, his grunts fuelling my need for relief. He was lost in his own pursuit of pleasure now, using me as his toy. He grunted, his thrusts became erratic and with a final groan, he shot his load inside his condom.

He collapsed on top of me, his cock sliding out of me, leaving me gasping and empty. Sir brushed my hair from my sweaty forehead and kissed me.

“Are you ready for your relief?” he asked.

“Please,” I whimpered. “Please let me have it.”

Sir helped me up and handed me a glass of water. “Take a breath. You’ll need your energy for the following part of the challenge.”

I drank gratefully. My body was on fire and I needed an orgasm. The ache in my cunt was almost unbearable. I was fully ready to take on the women.

[To be continued…]

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