The Experiment – Part IV


This story is part of a series about a Dom testing his sub’s limits. You can read Part I, Part II and Part III if you want to catch up.

Sir helped me lie back down. My cunt was sore from all the cocks I had taken, but it was a good soreness. It reminded me of how well I had done. My body was humming with need though, desire flowing like molten lava through my veins. I needed relief and I was eager for the women to have their turn with me.

As soon as Sir retreated, the women approached me. It was as if they were as horny as me. They kissed me, stroked my skin, sucked my nipples, brushed their fingers through my hair. It all felt incredible, but my cunt was screaming to be touched.

“Please,” I whimpered.

“Please what?” one of the women asked.

“Please make me come.” I was close to tears now. The break after the men had only served to heighten my arousal

“Very well,” the woman said.

A moment later she fastened her mouth onto my cunt and started licking as if I was the most delicious mean she had ever tasted. Another two women fondled, licked and sucked my breasts and the other two kissed me everywhere they could. It was sensory overload and within minutes I was adrift on a sea of pleasure.

The woman between my legs flicked my clit with her tongue, making me moan loudly. She made an encouraging sound in her throat and licked me harder. It did not take long for my climax to hit me. My cunt convulsed and I arched my back in pure bliss. The relief was almost painful, my cunt clamping down on nothingness. The woman licked me gently until I had come down from my orgasm, only to be replaced by another woman.

The second orgasm hit me almost as hard as the first, and in even less time. The relief was overwhelming and I shuddered and shook with the force of it. Arms cradled me, mouth kissed me and tongues licked my nipples. I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time but I knew I wasn’t done yet. There were still three women remaining.

One of the women left and came back with a wand vibrator in her hands. She smiled at me, her mouth a beautiful red shapen, almost cruel. I looked over at Sir, who sat near the bed. We hadn’t discussed sex toys, but Sir just smiled at me. I knew I could stop this with one word, but I didn’t say anything. I wanted to make Sir proud, and I could easily endure another orgasm.

Or so I thought. The moment the woman turned the wand vibrator on and pressed it against my cunt, I was gone. My hips bucked to meet the deep, powerful vibrations as another orgasm ripped through me. I wanted this: this powerful, almost savage orgasm that wrecked my body and my mind. But when my orgasm subsided, the woman kept the wand on my cunt. Another woman joined her and slipped a slim vibrator into my sopping hole. It grazed my G-spot and I cried out when she turned it on.

I love G-spot orgasms, but it usually takes me a while to get there. Not that evening. The combined force of the wand and the G-spot vibrator made me come so hard I squirted all over the bed. I shook with the force of it, my limbs trembling uncontrollably. Tears streaked my face and I sobbed unashamedly.

“Enough.” Sir’s voice cut through the silence and the woman left me. Sir took their place, gathering me gently into his arms. He pulled a blanket around my shivering body and laid me down. He kissed my tear-streaked face.

“You did so well, baby,” he whispered. “That was absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of you.”

I basked in the glow of his praise. My body was heavy, fully sated. I wanted to rest now, to focus on the feeling of ultimate bliss that coursed through me. The experiment had been fantastic. I was amazed at how much my body had been able to endure – both in terms of taking pleasure without relief and in climaxing over and over again.

Sir tucked me in and turned off the light. I knew he would be back after he had seen to the other guests. I hoped he would thank them profusely for how they had made me feel. With a smile of utter satisfaction, I fell asleep.

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