Welcome to my new space!

Welcome sign

Hello and welcome to my new space. Whether you are new here or have migrated with me from my WordPress blog, I am happy you could make it. I hope you like what you read here and I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Please feel free to roam around and let me have it in the comments. A new feature of the blog is the story page where I will post some of my longer stories. New features will be added as we go along.


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Busy, busy, busy

I am aware that I have neglected the blog a bit. I didn’t even have time to write and post a Flash Fiction Friday post, I’m sorry. I am working through edits on my manuscript which I will send out Monday in a week after which things won’t be as hectic. I’ll be back to posting regularly soon.

Stay sexy, everyone!

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Happy Valenine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I know it is just a commercial holiday, designed to make people spend money on cards and champagne and chocolates, but I like it nevertheless. I will be spending the night with bubblies, chocolates and Mr Isa, having lots of sex. We do that on other nights too, but Valentine’s Day gives us the excuse to do it during the week. (We do have sex during the week, don’t worry, just not bubblies.)

So how are you spending Valentine’s Day? With a special someone or alone with a special something? However you are spending it, I hope it involves lots of orgasms!

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