Ultimate Fantasy: A Night of Fun

With a last glance in the mirror, I smoothed down my dress. It was obvious from the low-cut neck of my dress that I wasn’t wearing a bra. What was less obvious—luckily—was that I wasn’t wearing any panties either. The dress was short enough that I had to take care not to flash anyone I didn’t want to flash, but loose enough to hide the fact that I was going commando. The only other person who knew I was naked underneath was him. After all, he was who I was doing this for. And—not going to lie—a bit for myself as well.

The photoshoot had been fun, but tonight we were meeting socially, with no other reason than to have fun together. We’d left it open what this fun would be, but considering how worked up we’d both been after the photoshoot, there was no doubt in my mind that we’d take this a lot further than just a drink.

As I entered the bar, I spotted him immediately. He was sitting at a corner table, scrolling through his phone. I took a moment to watch him unobserved. As he’d promised, he was wearing a button shirt with the sleeves rolled up and well-fitting blue dress pants. He was hot. I’d forgotten just how fit and handsome he was. My mouth went dry as desire pooled between my legs. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it through one drink. It took all my willpower not to walk up to him and straddle his lap, grinding my wet and aching cunt against his groin. 

With an effort, I pulled myself together. Surely I could at least make it through one drink without throwing myself at him? 

As I approached the table, he looked up. It took him a moment to register who I was, but then his face lit up. Part of me melted at the sight of his delighted face. My pulse beat a silly staccato when he got up to greet me.

His eyes were dark pools and he made no effort to hide his lust. As his gaze roved over my body, heat flared up in me. There was no doubt in my mind anymore: tonight I was going to let this man fuck me. 

He pulled me into a big hug, his arms nearly crushing me, before releasing me enough to look at me. 

“You’re so gorgeous.” His voice was low. “Damn, woman, I’d love to take you right now.”

I shivered and managed not to dissolve into a puddle of lust. “Drinks first.”

He cocked his head to the side. “Don’t I get to kiss you?”

I bit back a whimper. “Of course you do.”

Placing his hand behind my head, he guided me to him. As his lips brushed mine, I melted against him, eager to drink him in. Parting my lips, I invited him in, desperate to be taken by him. 

As his tongue swept my mouth, his hand travelled from the back of my head to my back, while his other hand firmly cupped my ass. I moaned against him as he squeezed my ass hard, his fingers straying dangerously close to the apex of my thighs. 

I widened my stance, heedless of the other patrons in the bar. I wanted him to slip his fingers between my thighs, to feel for himself how wet I was. My cunt was slick with desire and it wouldn’t be long before my inner thighs would be coated with my juices. I was ready to be taken—here and now—aching to have his tongue, his fingers, his cock in and on my cunt. 

But he released me and winked. “Shall we have that drink?”

I was under no illusion that he knew exactly how hot he’d made me. If my moans hadn’t alerted him of the fact, then surely my flushed face and chest would have been a dead giveaway. 

I took place opposite him at the table, the high bar stool making me feel slightly off balance. My head was fuzzy and I asked him to order me a whiskey. I didn’t usually drink spirits, but wine sometimes gave me an allergic reaction and that was the last thing I needed tonight. 

When he came back with the order, he put it on his side of the table. “You’ll need to earn this.”

A shiver ran down my spine. We hadn’t discussed this course of action, but he knew I was sometimes submissive. And tonight, with how horny I was, this ticked all my boxes.

Licking my dry lips, I managed, “What do I need to do?”

“Hike up your dress and spread your legs.”

I bit my lip. We were off to the side of the bar, relatively private. He’d chosen the table well. Nevertheless, we weren’t entirely shielded from the other patrons and if someone looked over at the right time, they’d be able to see what I was doing.

He seemed to sense my hesitation. “Switch seats so your back is to the rest of the bar.”

My legs were shaking as I did as he asked. When I sat down, he moved his bar stool closer to me, so he had a perfect view. 

When I didn’t move, he raised an eyebrow. “Do you not want your drink?”

I did. And what was more, I wanted to show him how wet I was. Throwing caution to the wind, I shifted forwards so I was perched on the bar stool. With trembling hands, I slid my dress higher until my cunt was uncovered. Spreading my legs I slightly tilted my hips to offer him a better view.

I’d never been this brazen in my life. Although there was a very low chance of my cunt being seen by anyone other than him, the fact of the matter was that I was half-naked in a public space. And rather than being horrified by it, I was incredibly aroused. 

He leaned forward and grabbed my legs, forcing them apart even more. “I need a good view. Now spread your lips and show me how wet you are.”

My face flushed with heat, but I did as he asked. Using my fingers, I spread my pussy lips, holding them open while he gazed at my cunt as if it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. 

No one had ever looked at me with such lust and adoration. My cunt throbbed with need and it was all I could do to keep myself from sliding my fingers through my wet folds and relieving some of the aching need.

For a brief, exhilarating moment I thought he was going to touch me, but he straightened up and nodded curtly. “You can cover yourself up again.”

I smoothed my dress down over my legs as he slid my glass of whiskey towards me. “Drink up.”

It was hard to act normal while my heart was pounding in my chest. My body was tense with need, and the temptation to throw back my whiskey and drag him out of here was almost too great. But I wanted to be good. I didn’t want to take control tonight. That was the one thing we’d agreed on: if we were going to go ahead with sex, he’d call the shots. I was always in control in all other aspects of life and this was my chance to completely give over to someone else. As hard as it was to sit there and sip my drink, I knew I’d regret it forever if I took the initiative tonight. 

I tried to match my drinking pace to his, while taking my time to observe him. He really was very fit, and his clothes looked tailored. My gaze travelled down his immaculate dress shirt to his groin. His dress pants were the perfect fit and didn’t hide much. My eyes widened as I noticed the bulge in his pants. Biting my lip, I pressed my legs together. Soon I’d be able to touch him, wrap my lips around his cock and suck him deep into my throat. I couldn’t wait to straddle his lap and feel him push his way inside me. 

Stifling a moan, I grabbed my glass and downed the last of the whiskey. It burned my throat as it went down, but I relished it. I needed something to pull me out of this haze of lust. 

“You can touch it, if you want.”

My head shot up. Of course he’d seen me checking him out. My heart pounded, but this was what I wanted, wasn’t it? And it wasn’t as if I was going to undress him here in the bar, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone catching me. 

Shifting forward in my seat, I slid my hand up his leg until it was resting on his upper thigh, right next to his groin. He hissed in a breath as I moved my hand, tracing the outline of his cock with my fingers. 

I looked up and gave him a little smile. “I’d love to unwrap this package. Will I have to wait long?”

He swallowed hard. “If you’re done your drink, shall we go up to the room?”

“Oh god, yes.”

I had to force myself to walk out of the bar at a normal pace. Every fibre of my being wanted to rush upstairs, but I had to behave. 

The elevator seemed to take forever to come. When the doors opened, an elderly couple stepped out and I almost pulled them out of the way in my haste to get in. 

We were the only people in the elevator and as soon as the doors closed, he was on me. He pushed me against the wall, his mouth seeking mine. I hungrily opened up for him, savouring his taste. He grabbed my hips and I wrapped one leg around him as his groin ground against my cunt. His one hand dug into my bare ass underneath my dress as his other pulled my hair to tilt my head back. His lips roved over my neck, and I moaned as I tilted my hips to get more friction on my clit. 

Too soon the elevator dinged and the doors opened. We pulled apart, both of us flushed and out of breath. We didn’t speak as we walked down the hall. In front of my hotel room, I fumbled to get the key out of my purse, my shaky hands nearly dropping the slim card. 

Finally the door opened and we were inside. He didn’t waste any time. Claiming my mouth again, he pushed me further into the room. Breaking our kiss only to pull my dress over my head, he lifted me onto the desk. His hands fisted my hair, pulling it almost painfully, but the pain added to the heat of the moment. I loved how he claimed me, pushing my legs apart so he could pull me closer against him. 

His hand snaked between us and then his fingers slid through my slit. I moaned as he pushed his finger inside me and I tried to grind against his hand. 

He pulled away, a smirk on his face. “Patience, my little girl.”

He watched my face as he pushed his finger deeper inside me, curling it up against my vaginal wall. Leaving his finger in place, he pulsed it gently, driving me crazy with lust. I craved hard stimulation, but all he gave me was the gentle probing of his finger inside my cunt. 

He knew exactly what he was doing, too. Raising an eyebrow, he watched me tilt my hips in an effort to get more stimulation.

“What do you want, baby?” 

I groaned. “Please make me cum. I need more than this.”

“This isn’t enough for you?”

I took a gamble. “No, daddy, I need more. Please will you lick my pussy? I really need your tongue.”

His eyes widened and I knew my words had hit the mark. Bending over, he kissed me deeply. “Okay, baby, because you asked so nicely.”

He withdrew his hand and I whimpered at the loss. But then he was on his knees, his head between my legs. As he ran his tongue over my slit, I leaned back, letting pleasure wash over me. 

He took his time, when all I wanted was to be pushed to an orgasm as quickly as possible. Taking care to stay away from my clit, he licked my outer labia, getting closer and closer to the throbbing button. I moaned and tried to grind my hips against his face, but he held me firmly in place. It was clear he was going to make me cum at his pace, not mine.

Closing my eyes, I forced myself to relax. My cunt ached with need, but I trusted that he wouldn’t make me wait too long. With the next sweep of his tongue, he probed between my inner lips, lapping at the juices flowing from my greedy hole. I cried out as he pushed his tongue inside, pulsing a few times, before continuing his way up to my clit. 

When he finally connected with the bundle of nerves I cried out, arching my back as white hot pleasure shot through me. Tension mounted fast as he sucked my clit between his lips, feasting on me as if he was starved. 

I didn’t hold back as my first orgasm ripped through me. Clamping my legs around his head, I shuddered while my cunt convulsed. 

This didn’t make him stop. If anything, he redoubled his efforts. While I moaned and panted with the force of my orgasm, he slipped two fingers inside my convulsing cunt and curled them up against my G spot. I swore as my body was prevented from coming down from the orgasm, instead being swept upwards in a tidal wave of intense pleasure. 

I tried to wriggle away from him, to push him from between my thighs, but he held on tight. Another orgasm ripped through me and I sagged back, unable to fight it any longer. Every nerve ending of my body was on fire and yet I felt as if I was under water, my limbs sluggish and heavy. My screams died down to whimpered moans as he made my orgasm last longer than I had thought possible. As he worked my cunt with his fingers, I felt something give way and the next moment, my juices gushed all over his face. 

I would have thought that would have made him pause, but he lapped eagerly at my cunt, until I was completely spent. I slumped on the desk, my legs sliding off, my head lolling to the side. And still he didn’t stop. 

“Please.” My voice was hoarse from screaming. “Please stop.”

He looked up from between my legs, a grin on his face. “Are you sure?”

I nodded weakly. “I can’t take anymore.”

He pulled away and kissed my inner thighs as my ravaged body slowly stilled. Then he lifted me up and lay me on the bed. Standing next to the bed, he took his time undressing. I was exhausted from the amount of pleasure he’d given me, but when he pulled down his pants and his cock sprang free, I licked my lips. It had been too long since I’d sucked a cock and I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he’d given me. If that was even possible. 

Turning onto all fours, I crawled over to him, saliva pooling in my mouth. As tired as I was, I wanted to feel his length slide into my mouth, hit me deep in my throat and make me gag.

He grabbed the back of my head and guided my eager mouth to his cock. Cradling his balls, I relaxed my jaw and throat as he pushed his way inside. I started sucking eagerly, my drool dripping down my chin as I tried to keep up with his thrusts. He fucked my throat, eagerly, urgently, as if he had a score to settle. Every now and then he went too deep, making me gag and splutter, but that didn’t slow him down. It was almost uncomfortable, but it made me so hot to be used like this. To have my holes available for his pleasure. 

As much as I wanted to give him an orgasm, I didn’t want him to cum too soon. I wanted him to push me onto the bed and fuck me hard. But I wasn’t in control here—he was. 

He took his time, clearly enjoying the mewling sounds of delight I was making as I was sucking his shaft. His hand tightened around my hair as his thrusts became shallower. He groaned, but didn’t pull away. My hand clamped around the base of his cock as I tried to keep up with his thrusts. 

He shuddered and then I felt his balls tighten as his cock shot his load into my mouth. I spluttered and pulled away with surprise, and a smidgeon of dismay. My cunt ached to be filled with his cock, but I didn’t think that would happen anytime soon now that he’d had an orgasm.

He stroked his cock, looking down on me with an expression of naked lust. I was delighted to see that he was still rock hard. 

“Turn around.” His voice was gruff and he gave me no chance to reply. He grabbed my waist and pivoted me on the bed. Digging his fingers into my ass, he pulled me towards him. 

My brain had hardly processed what was happening before he pushed my legs apart. Sliding his hand between my thighs, he gave my cunt a few rubs before positioning his cock at my wet hole.
Despite the mind-blowing orgasms I’d had, I moaned with lust as his cock breached my entrance and he filled me up. With one hand, he pushed my head down into the sheets, which tilted my hips up, allowing him to penetrate me deeper. His fingers dug painfully into my hips as he slammed into me. My cries of passion were muffled by the bed covers, but he didn’t seem to care as he fucked me hard. 

Pleasure racked my body, but my orgasm was slow to build. I wasn’t even sure if I had it in me to come again. What really drove me wild was his apparent lack of care about my pleasure. He’d done his bit—he’d given me more orgasms than most women dream of—so now it was his turn. 

His groans became deep and guttural as he plowed into me. My hands fisted the sheets as my body shook with the impact of his thrusts. Incredibly my ravaged body began to respond. My cunt flooded and tightened around his cock, drawing him deeper inside me. 

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He was panting now, his thrusts becoming urgent. “Come on my hard cock, baby.”

I moaned as my orgasm approached. Before it hit me, he swore and his cum filled my cunt, the heat of it filling me up and making me moan. He remained hard and continued to fuck me as my cunt convulsed with the force of my orgasm. He reached around and rubbed my clit, prolonging the intense pleasure that racked my body. 

As my body spasmed and shook, he brushed my hair away from my face. “Good girl, you did so well. I’m so proud of you.”

I whimpered at his words. They hit a well of deep longing inside of me, and I wanted to hear him say it again and again. I had no energy left for anything, and when he slipped out of me, I collapsed on the bed. 

He cradled me in his arms and kissed my forehead. Ignoring his cum leaking out of me, I rested my head on his chest. I’d worry about cleaning up later, but now I needed to be held. I was sated and completely spent. This was the most incredible few hours I’d ever spent with a man, and I couldn’t wait to do it again.

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