Ultimate Fantasy: Bound for Him

This part contains scenes of bondage and someone being fucked while sleeping (consensually).

He stayed overnight. Of course he did, I wasn’t going to let him go that soon. My time in his city was limited and I wanted to experience more mind-blowing orgasms. 

Before we’d gone to sleep, I’d told him to feel free to make use of my body while I was asleep. That had always been a fantasy of mine—to surrender myself completely to a man, even in sleep. I’d never been with a man who I’d felt comfortable enough with to suggest this, but I trusted him completely. The way he’d lavished on me, putting my pleasure ahead of his own, showed me that he’d be respectful enough. I wanted to see how far I could take this, and in my super horny state, I was up for anything. 

Nevertheless, it was still a shock to wake up with an orgasm ripping through me. My body shook and trembled as I became aware of his fingers working my cunt. I cried out and he looked up at me, a grin on his face. 

“You’re finally awake.”

I found it hard to talk. “How long…?”

He winked at me. “Quite a while. Turns out your body is very responsive even in sleep.”

Fuck, that was hot to hear. He pulled his fingers out of my convulsing cunt and pressed them against my lips. I parted them and sucked his fingers eagerly. I loved the taste of my juices.

His eyes widened while I sucked greedily. He was naked, his cock hard between his legs. Although I’d just had an orgasm, I longed to have him inside me. I wanted to be fully awake for the next orgasm.

I tried to pull him on top of me, but he grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head. “Not so impatient, baby.”

Keeping my hands in place, he lowered his head and kissed me deeply. I could taste my juices on his lips, evidence that he’d done more than just finger me while I was asleep. Lust coursed through my body, and I wished he’d recorded himself taking advantage of my sleeping state. I wasn’t sure why the thought of him ravaging me while I was asleep was so hot, but in that moment I didn’t care to dissect that. I just wanted to be taken by him again.

“Because you’re too impatient, I think I’ll need to tie you up.” His voice was a growl, which set all my nerve endings on fire. 

“I need you inside me,” I whimpered. 

He took no notice of me and got off the bed. A few moments later, he returned, a length of rope in his hands. 

I shivered when I realised he’d planned this all along. We’d been talking about this during one of our long sext sessions, but I hadn’t had the foresight myself to bring any restraints. I was suddenly very happy that he’d been more prepared. 

“I think you need to be immobilised, so I can use your body thoroughly.”

I moaned. “Yes, please.”

He tied my hands above my head, pulling the rope through the headboard, leaving me very little room to wriggle. After checking that my circulation wasn’t cut off, he then moved onto my legs. 

Grabbing my knees, he spread my legs. Moving quickly, he tied my ankles to the posts of the footboard, leaving me spread-eagled and very vulnerable on the bed. 

Standing at the foot of the bed, he looked down on me, an expression of naked lust on his face.“Fuck, you look hot like that. You’re completely in my control now.”

I’d always wanted this, and I couldn’t believe my fantasy was becoming reality. My cunt was fully on display, my juices seeping out of me and staining the bed. 

He remained at the foot of the bed, looking at me while he stroked his cock. I licked my lips, but didn’t say anything. Begging wouldn’t get me anything anyway. We were moving at his pace. 

Joining me on the bed, he took place between my legs. He slid his hands over my ankles, my calves and up to my thighs. When his fingers brushed my inner thighs, I let out a whimper. I wanted him to fuck me so badly, but I equally loved the teasing. It made me even more needy for his cock. 

Massaging my inner thighs, he made sure not to touch my cunt, even though his fingers crept closer and closer. I strained against the bounds, eager to get him to touch my cunt, to slide his fingers through my juices and strum my clit, but to no avail. He’d tied me up just right—there was nowhere for me to turn. 

With a grin, he massaged the soft flesh of my thighs, pushing closer and closer to my cunt. Every now and then his fingers pressed against my outer labia and I moaned with need. 

“You like this, don’t you?”

I nodded. I liked this more than I expected to. The agonising wait, the teasing, only to be denied what I craved most. 

He didn’t let up, his hands expertly plying my willing flesh. My lust was evident from how wet my cunt was, but he exercised incredible self-control. I wanted to show him I could be good, too, so I bit my lip while my whole body screamed to be taken. I would endure this, because the ultimate release would be so much better. 

His hands left my hot flesh and my heart leapt, thinking he would surely now take me. But with a grin, he moved across the bed and pressed his cock against my unresisting lips. The tip of his cock was leaking pre-cum and I lapped at it eagerly. As my mouth closed around his hard shaft, he groaned with obvious delight. I didn’t resist as he started fucking my throat, although my cunt was throbbing and aching with need. 

There was no need for him to keep me in place. With my hands above my head it was hard to move my head, even if I had wanted to. I loved him fucking my throat, taking his pleasure from me. He was in control, and we would go at his pace. It wasn’t that my pleasure wasn’t important, too, but his was a priority. I loved that. I loved him using my holes as he saw fit, enjoying my body. I wasn’t worried about not being able to cum—even if he didn’t focus on my needs, this whole scenario was so hot, I was bound to have an orgasm soon. 

After a while, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and lowered his head to my nipples. Taking them into his mouth in turn, he sucked and bit them hard. My piercings added additional stimulation, which sent waves of pleasure to my cunt. My moans became deeper, as I descended into a place of intense need and longing. As if he knew where my mind was going, his bites became harder, more painful. I tried to wriggle away from him, but the bounds didn’t give me any slack. 

I could have stopped him. I had no doubt that if I’d asked him to stop, to take me already, he would have complied. But I wanted to be good for him. I wanted to see how far I could go with this, what it would take to push me over the edge. I had only once cum from having my nipples played with, but I was very close now. 

The pain made it hard for me to think, but I didn’t want it to end. As much as my nipples hurt—especially with him twisting my piercings—it flamed my lust into a roaring fire. Pain and pleasure built into a heady combination which made me lose sense of where and who I was. I was floating, simultaneously disconnected from what was going on while acutely conscious of every cell in my body. Tension built and built, and each time I thought I would for sure fall over the edge, he found a way to push me higher. 

I was sweating and panting by the time he released my abused nipples. My cunt throbbed, aching to be filled. I wanted to beg him to take me, but I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from crying out. I needed to be patient, to be good. I wanted to hear him say those words. Good girl, you did so well.

He sat between my legs, his gaze roving over my body while he lazily stroked his rock hard cock. I suddenly panicked that he’d stroke himself to an orgasm, denying me the release I so desperately craved. 

But then he moved on top of me and his cock found my aching hole. I cried out as he breached my entrance and slowly made his way inside of me. His cock dragged along my vaginal walls, and he gave a few shallow thrusts as he drew level with my G-spot. Enough to make me moan, but not enough to push me over the edge. 

Digging his hands into the soft flesh of my stomach, he started riding me. His head was thrown back, his eyes shut in obvious pleasure as he claimed my cunt, using it with deep, hard strokes aimed at making him cum. My climax was secondary, and not really his concern. He didn’t rub my clit, or play with my nipples, he just grabbed my soft flesh and rutted me. 

The almost brutal way in which he used me drove me closer to the edge. I loved being used as a receptacle for his cum. The fact that he derived such pleasure from my body made me feel powerful, even though I had no power to do anything in this moment. I was bound, and completely in his control, and yet it was me, and my body, which drove him wild. 

And yet, despite being bound, I wasn’t completely unable to do anything. My cunt squeezed around his cock with each of his thrusts, making him groan and grunt deliciously. I loved hearing him come closer and closer to losing control.

“Fuck that feels good.” He leaned over me, almost crushing me with his weight as he stopped thrusting. His cock throbbed inside me and I kept squeezing him, massaging his hard shaft until with a curse, he shot his load deep inside me. 

His cock stayed hard and he moved his hips to slowly fuck me as his cum kept filling me up. He bent his head and took one of my nipples into his mouth. As he sucked hard, pain shot to my cunt and mingled with the pleasure of his cock hitting my G-spot. I cried out, desperate for my release, sensing it so close but still just out of reach. 

I closed my eyes and let the different sensations wash over me. The bounds were digging into my limbs as I strained against them. And then, finally, my climax hit me and I came undone, convulsing around his still-hard cock as my throat hurt from my screams. 

He kissed my neck, my tits, my belly and, finally, my cunt as my body shuddered through the climax. Then he undid my bounds swiftly, massaging life back into my extremities while he pulled me close to him. 

Kissing the top of my head, he whispered. “Good girl. You did so well, I’m proud of you.”

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