Here are some short stories for your enjoyment. These stories are completely free, but if you want to show some appreciation, you could always buy me a coffee.

Becca’s First Threesome

Becca has been lusting after Claire’s husband James all holiday. So when Claire makes her an offer of a threesome, how can she refuse?

Coffee Shop Romance

Coffee shop barista Lisa catches the eye of one of her customers. Can romance blossom or is it too late for Lisa?

Executive Submission

CEO Olive is in for a surprise after a chance encounter with a young woman at a work conference.

An Unexpected Encounter

Josh and Laura run into each other by accident years after they had last seen each other. As their passion for each other is rekindled, will this be a one night stand or longer lasting?

When Spring Turns to Autumn

Sixty-year old Michelle had forgotten how good sex could be until she opened her heart – and her body – to her housemate Emma.

Silence in the Library

A serialised novella. When Rachel chances upon a couple having sex in the library, she has no idea that this is the start of a journey into depravity.