Silence in the Library – Part 18 The End

Continued from Part 17.

It was two weeks after the conference. Rachel had healed quicker than expected and Chris had taken advantage of that by taking her to ladies’ night. All his female clients – and the wives and girlfriends of his male clients – had been invited. Rachel was to be the entertainment. She was under no illusion what that meant and the thought of being at the disposal of a group of women turned her on.  (more…)

Silence in the Library – Part 14

Continued from Part 13.

CW: humiliation, BDSM

When Martin had mentioned clients, Rachel had imagined a small gathering of a few men. She couldn’t have been farther off the mark. The house was heaving with people when they arrived. Chris pulled her through the throng of people. It seemed like a normal posh party. Men and women dressed in their finest drinking wine and eating finger foods. But Rachel noticed a few naked women here and there in the room. They were sitting in a corner or standing by the wall.  (more…)