This is a serialised novella.

When Rachel witnesses a couple having sex in the library, she has no idea that this is the start of a journey into depravity.

Part 1

Rachel gets caught witnessing a couple having sex in the library.

Part 2

Rachel takes matters in her own hands, but will it satisfy her enough?

Part 3

Chris and Rachel embark on a sexual journey. Does Rachel realise what she got herself into?

Part 4

Chris and Rachel have sex. Can Chris satisfy Rachel as much as she needs to be?

Part 5

Chris meets Rachel at work again for some sex, but there’s a surprise twist to his games with her.

Part 6

Chris ramps up the games he plays with Rachel. Read more to see whether Rachel can take what Chris doles out.

Part 7

Chris brings Holly along for his next sexual encounter with Rachel. Rachel is hesitant about sex with a woman.

Part 8

Chris and Holly finish Rachel off. Rachel overhears them talking about a new plan for her, one that sounds dangerous.

Part 9

Things are changing between Chris and Rachel. Is Rachel up for this new challenge? How far will they take it?

Part 10

Martin and his men have their way with Rachel. Things get darker and Rachel wonders if she’s in over her head.

Part 11

Chris continues to be concerned for Rachel, but Rachel demands to get what she deserves. Will Chris deliver?

Part 12

Chris takes care of Rachel after her intense night of BDSM. Despite her misgivings, Rachel enjoys his care.

Part 13

Chris finally claims Rachel officially as his submissive. Rachel couldn’t be happier about this.

Part 14

Rachel is forced to become a playtoy for the attendees of one of Martin’s parties.

Part 15

Chris and Rachel take their relationship to a new level. But has Rachel made the right decision?

Part 16

Rachel is aching for more humiliation, but when Chris takes her to a conference she is in for a surprise.

Part 17

Rachel is challenged to endure more than she’d ever had to. Can she rise up to the challenge?

Part 18

In this final part, Rachel’s patience is severely tested and Chris has a surprise for her. Will she be pleased?