Writing during times of chaos

We live in interesting times. I’ve actually not blogged for the better part of a month (or more, actually) as I’ve been busy trying to write a novel. But with the chaos we find ourselves in these days, I’ve decided to write more. Writing is my mental health coping strategy, so the more I do, the better I’ll feel. Or so I hope, at least.

As of Monday, I’m going to start writing a longer piece of fiction. I’m not sure whether it’ll be a very long story, a novella or a novel, as I haven’t really planned it out that much. I usually don’t write anything long before I’ve planned out each scene, but I feel the need to just fling words onto the page. Filthy, dirty words to arouse and tantalise.

Not only am I going to start this new piece of fiction, but what’s better – for you – is that I’m going to publish it on my blog. I’m hoping to write a little bit each day and post the story on my blog in instalments. Sort of like a serialised novel (only it may not be novel-length). Just filth from my keyboard to your screen. We’ll take this journey together and just see where we land.

I feel the need to write. I need to give myself permission to write something that may not be perfect. It’s been a long time since I’ve written erotic fiction just for myself and I want to write filth without overthinking it too much. If I just write for myself without putting it on the blog, I’ll stall out after a few thousand words. I know myself. On the other hand, if I write with the intention to publish (on Amazon etc.) I’ll overthink it and I’ll never be able to finish as I’m also writing another novel right now. So it’s just going to be me writing a long, rambling, sexy story with loads of sex. You can choose to come along on this journey or you can choose to ignore it. Either way, it’ll be free on the blog in case you need some entertainment. So check back on Monday if you wish.

In the meantime, stay safe everyone! Stay at home, keep your distance, support your local sex shops and masturbate to keep your immune system boosted!

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