Silence in the Library – Part 1


As promised, I’m starting a novella – or at least a very long story – on my blog for the coming weeks. Hope you enjoy this sexy story.

It was quiet in the library. Rachel tried to concentrate on her work, but her thoughts kept straying to the couple she had seen coming in a few minutes ago. They didn’t look like they were here to borrow any books. They had only had eyes for each other, the woman giggling and pulling the man along. They didn’t look like the usual couples who came in to use the library for a romantic rendezvous. Although romantic… Having a quickie in the reference section was probably the least romantic way to spend time, in Rachel’s opinion. Not that she cared. She wasn’t into romance. Sex was far more interesting.

She checked the clock. It was half an hour before closing time. Her colleague May would start packing up any moment now. Rachel had never been happier about May’s routine of leaving early. Tonight she wanted to be the only one in the library. Except for the horny couple, of course.

“Okay, I’m off,” May said. “You don’t mind locking up, do you?”

By this point, the question had become a rhetorical one and Rachel didn’t bother replying. May walked out of the library and Rachel locked up after her. She didn’t want anyone to walk in on her.

Her heart pounded when she made her way to the back of the library. She wasn’t sure where the couple would be, but the reference section was the obvious place to look. It was secluded from the rest of the library and had a couple of low benches, which were perfect for having sex on. Rachel had used them for exactly that purpose herself.

Tonight all she wanted to do was watch. There had been something about the man that had drawn her attention. Although the woman had pulled the man along, he seemed in perfect control. His demeanour was demanding, as if he was the one calling all the shots. Rachel wanted to know how a man like that would treat a woman. Would he be demanding, rough, taking what he could without regard to the woman’s needs? Or would he completely destroy his partner, leaving her drenched and sated?

The thought alone made her pussy flood with need. It had been a while since she’d been fucked properly. Not that she expected to get any tonight – of course not! She wanted to watch, and maybe touch herself as she did so. There was nothing more arousing than being a witness to someone else’s pleasure.

Rachel crept towards the reference section. Her intuition had been right: she could hear soft moaning sounds coming from behind the bookcase. Not wanting to be seen, she paused behind the shelf and pushed a few books aside. As luck would have it, this afforded her a perfect view of the couple. 

The man straddled the bench, his clothes discarded on the ground. The woman had got rid of her dress and panties but had kept her stockings and shirt on. It was a sexy sight – more arousing than if she’d been naked. She straddled the man’s lap, holding his shoulders for balance. Her high heels were planted on the ground on either side of the man and she rode him hard. Rachel had a perfect view of his thick cock plunging in and out of the woman’s wet cunt. 

The woman angled her hips and Rachel saw her pussy lips clamped around the man’s cock. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh made Rachel’s pussy ache with desire. She wanted to be filled like that – a hard, thick cock ramming into her, stretching her painfully wide. She chocked back a gasp as the man reached around and pressed a finger against the woman’s anus. The woman moaned softly and increased her speed. The man’s finger slipped into the woman’s hole, making her whimper.

The sounds were almost too much for Rachel to bear. She pulled her skirt up and reached between her thighs. Her underwear was sodden and she pulled it aside with an impatient grunt. She was about to plunge two fingers in her needy hole when the man lifted his head and looked straight at her.

Rachel froze. It had never been her intention to be caught spying. Usually, the couples she spied on were too far gone into their sexual excess to notice anything around them. But this man looked at her as if he’d known all along that she was there. As if he had anticipated her arrival. He grinned and Rachel felt a shiver down her spine. Her fingers halted their journey to her pussy. She couldn’t do anything but breathe as the man kept eye contact. He winked at her as he gently lifted the woman off his lap. 

Rachel’s eyes widened at the sight of his cock. It was rock hard and huge – bigger than she’d ever had. The man stood up and Rachel could’ve sworn he was showing off to her. Then he pushed the woman to the bench and plunged into her from behind. The woman lost all control and moaned loudly. The man didn’t bother telling her to be quiet. Looking up at Rachel he fucked the woman hard, almost savagely. His hand gripped the woman’s hips and he ploughed into her as if he had a score to settle. The woman writhed and moaned beneath him, her face contorted in pain and pleasure. Her eyes had rolled back into her head and she gripped the bench so hard, her knuckles were white.

Rachel’s whole body was on fire. She didn’t dare breathe, let alone move. The man’s eyes never left her face as he made the woman come time and time again. At last, he stiffened, then pulled out of the woman and sprayed his seed all over her back. Rachel’s mouth watered at seeing all that lovely cum being spilt. Involuntarily she licked her lips and the man’s lips curved into a knowing smile.

Before the woman could recover herself and see Rachel, Rachel turned and fled back to the reception desk with an aching cunt and sodden panties.

This story has been edited and turned into a novella and is now available on Amazon under the new title Surrender in the Library.

Masturbation Monday
Surrender in the Library

A dark BDSM story that will leave you gasping for more

Hot librarian Rachel loves her job and the perks that come with it. When she is caught spying on a couple having sex between the bookshelves, that should mean the end of her job. However, Chris has other ideas. Instead of reporting her, he has a proposal for her. As Rachel enthusiastically embarks on a journey full of sex and depravity with Chris, it soon becomes clear that his mind is even more twisted than hers.

Can she endure his demands and can he succeed in making her surrender?

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