Blogger spotlight: Taryn from Ace in the Hole

Summer 100 Sex blogger challenge

Please welcome Taryn from Ace in the Hole. Taryn is another participant in the Summer 100 Sex Blogger Challenge. She reviews sex toys and talks openly about being asexual. I am very happy she agreed to be interviewed.

What made you decide to start a sex blog?
I had been following some sex bloggers for a while (girly juice, epiphora, bex talks sex, dangerous lilly mostly) and thought hey, I could do that! I wanted to make a space for asexuality in the sex blogging space, and I thought my SEO for Sex Bloggers series would be valuable as well.
What, if anything, would you like your blog to achieve?
First and foremost, I wanted it to be a creative outlet for me. I struggle with depression, and having something that has a set schedule and allows me to be creative is really helpful. Ultimately though, I wanted to meet likeminded people and open up a conversation about asexuality and the spectrum, including gray asexuality and demi-sexuality.
How much do you protect your anonymity as a sex blogger or are you quite open about writing a sex blog? And if the latter, what kind of reactions have you received?
I use my real name, but I try to keep details limited since I do have a day job I very much like and want to stay with. That said, some people in my life do know about my blog. My partner is super supportive, my friends read it, and even though my mom made her “uncomfortable and surprised face” when I told her, she’s supportive as well!
If readers would read only one post from your blog, which one would you recommend? (i.e. which is your favourite/most important blog post?)
Mm, my most important? I don’t know about that, but one of my recent favorites is called Is This How Kink is Supposed to Work?
Do you have any advice for other sex bloggers?
Write even if nobody reads it. Just write for you.
And finally, why have you decided to join Summer 100 Sex Bloggers Challenge and are you really going to write 100 posts?

I wanted to get involved with a larger blogging community! Right now the bloggers I follow are WONDERFUL, but it can start to feel like a bit of an echo chamber. I know that I won’t write 100 posts, but that’s okay. Having the structure and repository for great writers is benefit enough!

Thank you very much for your answers, Taryn and I am looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.


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