Calendar Girls – February

Welcome to the next instalment of Calendar Girls, a monthly blog event hosted by Flavia and Melanie. The theme for this month is Best YA Romance.

Best YA Romance – The Royal We

 For my pick this month, I have chosen The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. In what is essentially a Kate Middleton fanfic, Bex is an American exchange student coming to the UK to study for a year. There, she meets – and falls in love with – Prince Nicholas, the future king of Great Britain. As she is drawn more into the glitz and glamour that is Nicholas’ world, she has to make a decision: does she want to sacrifice everything for love?

My thoughts

Despite my dislike for Kate Middleton and Prince William I found this a really cute read. It was heartwarming and thanks to the shenanigans of Prince Nicholas’ younger brother Freddie there was a lot of fun and humour in the book. Bex is sympathetic although she makes some questionable decisions, but if she didn’t, the book would be boring.

The characters are very well developed and you can tell that Heather and Jessica – who run an amazing fashion blog – have done a lot of research on the royal family. I have never been to Buckinham Palace, but the details described in the book ring true. The royal family is of course a fictitious royal family, but a very plausable one, in an alternative universe kind of way.

The book has a happy ending and is in general a real feel-good book. I can heartily recommend it.

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