Don’t touch yourself

“Don’t touch yourself,” Gary said before he left. “Don’t masturbate when I’m away, no matter how horny you get. I will reward you for it when I get home. It will be worth it, I promise.”

Fool that I am, I agreed to it. I didn’t think it would be hard; after all, I don’t masturbate that much and he was only going to be away for a week. How hard could it be?

Turns out that being told not to masturbate only makes you want to do it more. The first two days were fine. I was busy at work and in the evening I did my usual chores. At the end of the night I would cuddle up with a book and a nice hot tea and sex was far from my mind.

The third day, Gary decided to throw a spanner in the works. Probably because I hadn’t texted him all horny complaining about not being able to masturbate. Maybe he thought I did it every day or something. I don’t know, that may be a conversation for later. At any rate, he texted me to tell me how horny he was, and how he couldn’t wait to remove my clothes and kiss me all over. He added an explicit description of what he wanted to do to me, especially how he would eat me out, and of course that added fuel to the fire. Suddenly I was a raging horn machine.

In normal circumstances, I would quickly rub one out, or take a bit more time and get my toys involved. I realised the reason I don’t masturbate that much is because Gary and I have sex a lot. When you have sex every other day, it’s not really that important to masturbate the other days. You can wait. In this instance, I still had five days before he would be home. And suddenly those five days seemed so long.

After another two days I seriously considered just ignoring Gary’s demand and masturbating anyhow. I couldn’t stop thinking about sex. I had to change panties at least twice a day, because I was in a constant state of wet arousal. I swear even my dreams conspired against me, as I had the most delicious sex when I was asleep, only to wake up with an aching cunt and sodden panties.


“Don’t touch yourself.”

I wake up, wet, aroused and disorientated. “I’m not,” I protest before I am fully awake. I sit up and rub the sleep out of  my eyes.

Gary is sitting at the foot of the bed, looking hotter than ever. He tries to look stern, but his eyes are smiling.

“Did you touch yourself at all?” he asks.

I shake my head. His voice is enough to send my pulse racing and I swear I have the female equivalent of blue balls. My cunt screams for his touch.

Gary gets up and pulls his shirt off. I eye him hungrily. He better not play games with me now; I am not in the mood. I want him, and I want him now. His hands, his tongue, his cock. My whole body is yearning for him.

When he is naked he joins me in the bed. My panties are already on the floor; I waste no time. Gary puts his hand on my knee and slowly caresses my leg, higher towards my hot, wet core. I try to make a joke, but the words die in my throat and a moan escapes me. I am quivering with lust, my whole body more sensitive than it has ever been.

Gary bends his head and kisses my neck, eliciting another moan from me. “I can see you have been a good girl,” he whispers. “And I promised it would be worth it.”

His hand cups my sex and I am afraid I am going to come right then and there. His fingers trace over my cunt, through my wet slit and up to my throbbing clit. He slides a finger inside me as his mouth seeks mine, his tongue intertwining with mine. I moan against his mouth and buck my hips against his hand. He moves slowly, one finger rubbing my G-spot, the other on my clit and the dam breaks and I come. Waves of pleasure wash over me and I lose all control. I buck and writhe, but Gary doesn’t withdraw his hand, doesn’t change his movement until he has drawn another three orgasms from me.

I am drenched in sweat and shaking by the time he is finished. My body is mush and I feel like I am glowing.

“How was that?” Gary asks, his breath hot against my ear.

“Worth it,” I whisper back as I snuggle up to him.

“I’ll give you a rest now, but in a while I will take you again. This time with my cock,” Gary says.

Oh God. The words haven’t left his mouth or I am wet and aching all over again. The thought of being filled with his cock dispels any tiredness I may have had.

“No need for a rest,” I say. “I’m ready now.”

Gary’s eyes widen and then he grins. “I need to go away more often,” he says as he settles between my legs.

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  1. Very good idea for a tale – great descriptive hot scene – my man is going away soon, maybe it will be like that when he returns 😉 Thanks for the mention x

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