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This week’s food for thought topic is “What did you want to be when you grow up?” I always find it hard to stick exactly to the prompts given in these types of memes, so I am going to deviate a little bit this time as well. I will discuss what my dream job was when I grew up, and I also want to tell you what my fantasy job would be like.

My dream job

When I grew up my dream job was to be a writer. I started writing stories when I was in my early teens; each Sunday afternoon I would be at the typewriter, and later the computer, hashing out story after story. I even dabbled in poetry, but that wasn’t very successful. I still have some of the earlier stories I wrote, and while some of them are obviously cringe-worthy, they aren’t all bad.

I carried this dream with me even when I went to university. I hold a Master’s Degree in English Language and Literature, but once I graduated everything went downhill. Or not, depending on your view. But for my dream, that was it. I went out into the big, bad world knowing that I needed to make money to survive. One thing led to another and in the end I found myself doing accounting. I even got a professional qualification.

That was the end of the dream. I had entered the corporate world and once you get used to a certain salary, it’s very hard to give that up. I toiled in my profession for a decade before I decided I really wanted to go back to writing. I am realistic enough to know that I can never make enough money to become a full time writer (I could never replace my current income), but I thought maybe there was a way to turn my dream job into a hobby. I started writing novel, then this blog and then short stories.

Especially in the last year I have become much more serious about my writing. I am a regular contributor to the Sunsette App which makes me a little bit of money. I still write novels and this year I have become a bit more serious about publishing them, whether self-published or traditionally. I will never have my dream job, but at least I can enjoy writing as a hobby (although to be honest, it sometimes feels like a second job).

My fantasy job

My fantasy job is exactly that: a job I could see myself doing, but a job I would never have in this lifetime. Just because of the circumstances of my life. I would love to be a madam of a high end brothel. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and I honestly don’t know how I got to think about it. It’s not really your standard “I dream of…” scenario. And considering I’m not even a sex worker, it doesn’t really make much sense, but then, when do fantasies ever make sense?

I guess what I like about that fantasy job is the idea of taking care of a number of lovely ladies. To spoil them, buy nice things for them and keep them safe. Of course my ladies would all be very happy in the work they are doing and the clients would be vetted rigorously. I could just see myself surrounded by a number of women who respect me and look up to me for guidance and support. Swanning around in beautiful clothes – in this fantasy I’m exceptionally wealthy and both me and the women working for me are clad in the best clothes – ensuring the happiness and welfare of all who work for me. I think that would be awesome.

Of course my brothel would be gorgeous too, and the women who work for me do so on their own terms. They can have their own rooms and set their own hours. They will come to me for advice in their lives or in the job and they will all be exceptionally well paid. There will be an on-site nursery for those with children and the benefits would be amazing. Haha, I’m really getting carried away with this!

Anyhow, there you have it. My reasonable, and realistic dream job and a ludicrous fantasy.

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3 thoughts on “What is my dream job”

  1. Oh yes to the brothel! I’ve often had the same thought myself. In fact, I remember being a young teenager and driving down the road where it was well known you find women to pay for sex and I often said to my Mum, much to her horror, ‘why are they on the streets? why can’t they work in a house? someone could keep them safe and look after them that way?’ I don’t remember us continuing the conversation, but I do remember the eye-roll she gave me. Yet another one of her daughter’s funny ideas, lol. I realise now it’s a complex issue, but part of me is still that girl who just keeps wondering why we can’t do it differently x

  2. I can relate to both of these ideas. The wanting to be a writer, but not making enough money, as well as the high-end brothel idea. I don’t really know why such an environment sounds so alluring. And no, I don’t think I’ll ever find out in real life :p

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