Flash Fiction Friday – Playtime


If you follow me on my blog or on Twitter, it will not surprise you that this is loosely based on my own experience.


 Gary is away for the evening and I am horny. Super horny. I think about my glass dildo and bullet vibrator. About all the fun I can have with those. Gary doesn’t like it when I get off without him, but I know I need some relief. If I don’t take off the edge now, Gary will have a hard time satisfying me completely when he comes home.
I make my way upstairs, wetness coating my thighs in anticipation of the pleasure I will give myself. The pleasure Gary will add to it when he comes home. It has been a long time since I had a proper, long fuck. I deserve this.
I prep myself and the toys in record time. I start with my fingers; I always like starting slow. Feeling my own swollen pussy, the wetness dripping out and coating my hands, arouses me even more and it doesn’t take long before I reach my first climax. The first of many.
I am properly hot now, so I grab my dildo and some lube. I slide the dildo over my aching pussy, the cold, hard glass relieving the ache a little. My cunt is screaming to be filled, so I slowly circle my entrance with the tip of the dildo, teasing myself until I cannot stand it anymore. Pushing the dildo further into my tight cunt, I groan as I am stretched wide. The ridged edges of the dildo bump along the inside of my cunt, sending further spasms of pleasure through me. When the dildo is fully in I let it rest there for a moment while I take out my vibrator. My clit needs some attention too.
I am not in the mood for another tease, so I apply the vibrator tip directly to my clit. I scream as pure, hot pleasure, bordering on pain, shoots through me. My cunt clamps down on the dildo and I pull it almost all the way out before ramming it home again.
My whole body is suffused with pleasure and it isn’t long before I am gushing all over my hand, the bed. I reached climax after climax, not allowing myself to come down properly in between. I am chasing that one big orgasm, the one that will give me pause for a moment and I know exactly how to get it. I thrust the dildo against my G spot while not letting up the vibrations on my clit, the bullet now at the highest setting. I can feel my whole body tense and then there it is. My cunt spasms painfully around the dildo, my arms and legs grow heavy and I have to stop the vibrator. I can’t pull the dildo out; my cunt is still contracting tightly around the hard glass, so I lay back, moaning and panting in the throes of one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had.

‘Have you been playing without me again?’ a voice sounds above me.
I look up and stare into Gary’s smiling eyes. I nod timidly, panting wildly as if I have just run a marathon.
‘You know what I said about pleasuring yourself,’ he scolds. ‘At least do it in my presence. As punishment, I will have to give you another round of pleasure, just to show you what you have been missing.’
I groan in mock protest, but he knows me well. Knows that I willingly subject myself to another hour – or more – of orgasms. I am insatiable and he loves that I started off without him. It is part of our ritual.
I moan in delight as he spreads me wide and slowly pulls the dildo out before slamming it back into my aching cunt.

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