Flash Fiction Friday – Begging

Her eyes were enormous in her face. ‘Please,’ she whispered.
I felt a pang of pity for her, but squashed it. She had asked for this. ‘Please what?’ I asked, deliberately making my voice hard.
Her lip quivered and I resisted the urge to kiss her hard. ‘Please touch me.’
I scoffed, but I could feel the heat starting in my pussy. I would be dripping in no time. ‘Touch you?’ I asked. I lay a hand on her breast, felt the nipples stiffen. ‘Like this?’
She nodded, but when I didn’t move my hand at all, she frowned. ‘Not like that,’ she said almost impatiently.
I raised my eyebrows mockingly. ‘Like what then?’
She blushed, but I didn’t break eye contact. I wanted her to say it. I needed her to say it.
‘I want you to fuck me,’ she whispered.
‘I can’t hear you,’ I said. ‘Speak up.’
‘I want you to fuck me,’ she said, loud and enunciating every syllable.
I grinned and she looked away from me. She might have been embarrassed, but she was also very turned on. The spreading dark patch on her panties told me she was very aroused.
I leaned over her, breathing in the scent of her desire. ‘Lay back and take off your panties,’ I ordered. Then, to soften the order, I took her face in my hands and kissed her gently. She leaned into me, her breasts touching mine. Yep, I was dripping wet.
I contained my need though, hers came first. I gently pushed her down on the bed and peeled off her panties, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. I gasped in surprise and saw a flash of satisfaction in her eyes. I had not expected this, but I was delighted. I had to restrain myself from ravaging her right there.
‘Spread your legs,’ I said, my voice hoarse with desire.
She did as I asked, spreading her legs wide, showing me her dripping pussy. Her nectar was flowing out of her, coating her thighs and butt crack. I licked my lips and looked at her. Her eyes were half-closed, her need was palpable.
I knelt between her legs as if in prayer and lowered my head to her delicious cunt.

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