Flash Fiction Friday – Masturbate

This week it’s a bit of a longer one. Longer than my usual flash fiction, but I can’t get it down to less words and it’s still not horrendously long. Next week I will write some M/F action. Or if you have any requests, leave it in the comments!

Private Lesson

I had been at university for six months and was still as naive as when I had started. My roommate Suzy professed to know all about sex and didn’t talk about anything else. So one evening I plopped myself on her bed and told her, ‘Teach me how to masturbate.’

I make that sound so cool, but really I was a quivering mess when I did that, worried Suzy would laugh at me, or worse, be repulsed. But she merely closed the door, sat down next to me on the bed and took my hand.

‘You want the theoretical guide or the practical guide?’

In for a penny… ‘The practical guide.’ My face felt like it was on fire, but I held her gaze.

She grinned. ‘In that case, take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.’ She moved to a chair and swiveled it to look at the bed.

I swallowed, but did as she said.

It felt strange, but arousing to be naked in front of Suzy. She looked at me and smiled. ‘You are beautiful. Now, take your hand and softly stroke your breasts. Flick your nipples and let them get nice and hard.’

I did as she said and my nipples responded immediately. Each touch of my fingers sent electric shocks to the place between my thighs and I felt a familiar heat down there.

‘Now slowly move your hands over your belly, caressing your skin all the way to your pussy.’

Heat flooded me at that word, and my hands hesitated. Suzy sat still, her eyes glued on my body. I closed my eyes and caressed myself. My skin was hot and very sensitive. My pussy – I liked that word – was wet.

‘Spread your legs,’ Suzy said and my eyes flashed open. Suzy smiled. ‘I’d like to see your pussy,’ she said with a shrug.

I found that I wanted to show her, so I spread my legs wide. She readjusted her chair for a better view.

‘Now slide your hand down, let your fingers slip through your wetness.’

By rights I should have died from embarrassment, but I let my fingers trail over my pussy lips. I gasped at how wet I was. Suzy breathed hard; she had her hand under her skirt and I didn’t have to ask what she was doing. I didn’t care, my fingers were making me feel too good to stop for anything.

‘Start rubbing a bit harder,’ Suzy suggested, her voice hoarse. ‘Find your clit.’

I took my time exploring my own pussy. Eventually my fingers found my clit and I couldn’t believe the pleasure rubbing it gave me.

‘You can slip a finger inside your pussy if you want,’ Suzy panted. ‘It feels so good.’

She was slumped in her chair now, legs spread wide, her hand working her own pussy underneath her skirt. The sight of her increased my arousal and after a moment’s hesitation I slipped a finger inside of my pussy. I gasped at the sensation and I used my other hand to rub my clit.

‘Oh yes,’ Suzy moaned and she hitched her skirt for better access. I could see her pussy now: pink and smooth and dripping wet, her fingers plunging in and out. I moaned as an intense wave of pleasure started building inside me, sweeping me away, making me cry out. Suzy’s cry followed a moment later and I lay back on the bed, sweating and panting.

Suzy reached over and brushed the hair out of my face. ‘So now you know how to masturbate,’ she said.

I grinned at her. ‘Thank you so much. I have a feeling I will be doing this all the time.’


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