naked woman lying on her back with her legs bend and spread

Fucked on the boss’s command

This is a quick and very dirty piece of fiction featuring non-consent (or at the very least dubious consent). This is fiction and does not depict a situation which would be acceptable in real life. My stories generally feature enthusiastic consent, so if that is important to you, please peruse my other fictional stories. This is a fantasy that sometimes plays in my head, but is not something I would ever want to have happen to me in real life. Please read it with that in mind. 

In the elevator, I tug at my skirt in an attempt to cover more of my thighs. The outfit my boss asked me to wear is ludicrous, although I’d never tell him that. He’s a great boss and I get paid very well, but there are certain aspects about my job which are less than conventional. I don’t mind them, as he always treats me well and my end-of-year bonuses allow me the lifestyle I always wanted. 

But usually he doesn’t dictate how I should dress. Nor does he tell me to meet him off-site. My…services have always been required in his office. Nowhere else. 

He hasn’t given me a lot of information about what he’s expecting from me. So when the elevator doors open and I walk into a fancy hotel suite, I’m not prepared to see six men sitting around the table. My boss looks up as I walk towards them, my legs unsteady. 

He narrows his eyes as he looks me up and down. “Unbutton your shirt further. You should know by now how I like you.”

I swallow and hasten to do as he asks. As per his request, I’m not wearing a bra—or panties for that matter. I have a suspicion about what he’s expecting from me. 

“I’m in the middle of closing a deal.” He gets up and walks towards me. “You’re here to sweeten it. Make sure you perform well.”

I nod, but this doesn’t satisfy him. He grabs a fist full of hair and pulls my head backwards. “I need to hear you say it.”

My eyes sting. “Yes, sir. Whatever you want.”

Satisfied, he lets me go. He shoves me towards the table. “Do whatever they want.”

I stumble, but regain my balance. I can’t afford to piss him off, and by the looks of these men, this is an important deal. If I fuck it up for him, he’ll make sure I’ll pay for that. He’s been almost gentle with me so far, but I know he can be ruthless. I don’t want to see that side of him. 

Standing in front of the men, I clasp my hands behind my back. I’m not sure what they want, but one thing I know for certain: they want me submissive. They want to take control of my body, so I need to wait for them. 

“For fuck’s sake, take you clothes off.” My boss appears behind me, his hands on my shirt as he rips it open. The buttons fly everywhere, but I know well enough not to cover up my tits as they spring free. My nipples harden in the cold air.

The men say nothing. The watch me as I undo the zipper on my skirt and let the flimsy fabric fall to the ground. I’m naked except for my high heels. I know better than to take those off as well.

Some of the men are openly rubbing their cocks through their pants. They make no effort to conceal their lust. I stand and wait.

My boss grabs my tits from behind and twists my nipples. “She’s ready to be fucked, fellows. Who’ll have her first?”

I bite back a whimper as pain shoots from my nipples. I want to look away from the hungry looks on these men’s faces, but I can’t anger my boss. I’m here as a tool, an object to be used for his gain, and I can’t protest or turn away. This, too, is in my contract, even though I never thought he would use that particular clause. 

One of the men unbuckles his pants and takes out his cock. Stroking it, he gestures to me. “Kneel.”

I don’t have to be told twice, but even so, my boss gives me another shove. I kneel between the man’s legs and take his cock into my mouth. He grabs the back of my head and guides me up and down, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I gag a little, but manage to relax enough to take him deeper. The man groans and grunts as he fucks my mouth. His hand fists my hair, pulling it hard enough to make my eyes water. I cry out—a bit louder and more pathetic than is strictly necessary—and the man curses as his cum hits the back of my throat.

I know what is expected of me, and I swallow his load, licking him clean before he releases me. 

I don’t get a chance to recover, as the next man pulls me to my feet. With a shove, he pushes me over the table. The hard edge digs painfully into my thighs and my nipples chafe on the rough wood. He kicks my feet apart and then his hand is between my legs. I’m wet despite my repulsion for these men, and his fingers press into my hot core. He pumps them in and out for a bit before positioning his cock at my entrance. My cunt is tight, the ring of my entrance unwilling to relax to let him in, but that doesn’t deter him. He shoves himself roughly inside of me and fucks me hard. I brace myself with my hands on the desk, but even so, the force of his thrusts slams me hard against the table, the edge digging deeper into my thighs. 

The other men are standing up now as well. One of them grabs my head and shoves his cock down my throat as others twist me around to get better access to my tits. They are pawing at me, stroking their cocks and taking turns fucking my throat as the man behind me continues to pump my cunt. 

My boss is beside me, his mouth suddenly close to my ear. “You better show them how much you enjoy this. They better feel you cum hard.”

I don’t want to obey him. My body is being used against my will. Me deriving pleasure from this was never in the contract. I am an object, not a willing participant in this. 

My cunt is well-trained, though. Despite my revulsion for these men, I tighten my muscles, milking the cock which is currently plowing my hole. The man grunts and groans as his thrusts become frantic and erratic. He stiffens inside me, and then I feel his hot load hitting the back of my cunt.

He pulls out and wipes his cock on the back of my thigh. The next moment, another cock breaches my entrance, this one much thicker and longer. I wince as the man forces himself inside me, almost cleaving me in half. 

Semen mingles with my juices as this man fucks me hard and quick. He takes far less time than the first, but my ordeal is far from over. As soon as this man is done, hands pull me up and flip me over on the table. I’m on my back and hands grab my legs, pushing them back so I’m almost bent in half. Cum leaks out of me as another man takes place between my legs. 

My boss fumbles with something, then places a bullet vibrator on my clit. I cry out as my body convulses. As long as I could disassociate myself from what was happening, I was able to endure it, but now that I am forced to have orgasms, I unravel quickly. My moans and cries spur on the men, who seem to have gotten their second wind. As my cunt spasms, load after load is being dumped in me and on me, until I’m completely ruined. 

They leave me on the table, wet, covered in cum and aching all over, as they discuss the terms of their business deal, forgetting about me already.

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