Masturbation Monday: On display

hands tied up

“This isn’t going to hurt a bit,” she whispers in my ear.

I know she is lying, but I don’t care. The thought of being hurt sends shivers down my spine. Shivers of excitement.

My hands are tied above my head, my body bent over the stool, my legs spread. I am on full display and I can feel the cool air on my soaked cunt. I can’t see the crowd behind me, but I can hear them. Some of them are kissing, moaning while they fondle each other. I have been to enough of these events to know that most of them are naked, their eyes on my body. This is what I am here for: entertainment.

It always takes a while for someone to get things started. Everyone will be aroused: hands on cocks or slid between thighs. Pussies gathering juices. This is a free-for-all, men and women take part equally. I wonder who will be the first to take me, and whether they will be gentle or rough. I don’t know what I prefer really and the thought sends another pulse through my already aching cunt.

“Come on, don’t be shy,” my mistress tells the crowd. She spreads my legs a bit wider and slides her fingers through my engorged pussy lips. “She is ready and willing.”

Someone groans and there is a shuffle. I brace myself as I feel two hands grab my hips. Fingers dig into my ass cheeks as they spread them apart. Anal is not on the menu, and I panic for a moment, but then the fingers slide lower and over my wet cunt. I moan as I feel the tip of a cock at the entrance of my cunt and I involuntarily press my hips back.

She is next to me right away. “No moving,” she hisses. “You don’t want me to tie you up even more, do you?”

I shake my head.

“Good, but maybe we need to keep you distracted.”

She snaps her fingers and a man comes into view. His cock is huge, but I am well trained. I try to stay still as he slides inside my mouth and I easily take him down my throat. At the same time the man behind me slams his cock into my cunt, meeting no resistance. I can’t help a moan, but the cock in my mouth muffles it.

The men move in synch with each other. Whether that is by agreement or happy coincidence I don’t know, but as I am fucked from behind I am pushed onto the cock in my mouth. I suck and lick, but it’s hard to concentrate as the hard rock cock in my cunt speeds up, sending waves of pleasure through me. It’s hard to stay completely still when you’re being driven towards a great orgasm, but I manage to suck the one man off just as the other comes inside me. He stops and I choke back a whimper. I’m not done yet.

I needn’t worry, because the man is immediately replaced. This time it’s a woman who lavishes her attention on my cunt. No one replaces the man at my head, so I can concentrate on what the woman is doing. I hear gasps and moans across the room, which arouses me even more.

The woman is good; she has definitely done this before. She teases my clit, sliding her tongue over the length of my cunt, occasionally dipping it inside my soaking hole. I bite my tongue to keep me from moaning too much as she finally hones in on my clit, her firm tongue pressing it from all sides. My belly tightens and the first convulsions start deep inside my cunt. I gasp when she slides a finger inside me, expertly finding my G-spot and stroking it with hard, deliberate strokes. My breath becomes ragged and the orgasm takes hold of me. Waves of pleasure seem to coarse from deep inside my cunt, engulfing me completely until I am nothing more than a quivering mess, barely held up by the stool.

She lightly slaps my ass when she is done, but I barely register it. My thighs are soaked from my orgasm, my cunt still tight from the contractions.

But I get no respite. Another cock pushes its way inside, giving my cunt something to tense up against. Another orgasms starts building with the expert thrusting of this man, whoever he is. The moans around the room turn to cries of ecstasy as others reach their climax, which spurs me on even further. I can barely stand, but still I am not released. More cocks plunge into me, more tongues lap at my clit. As I expect, my mistress procures a vibrator and this is received well by the crowd. Everyone wants a go at making the poor slave moan and cry and writhe with pleasure.

Too much pleasure can turn into pain and so it is tonight. My body feels like jelly and my cunt is aching. My clit is so sensitive a feather can make me come. I have lost all sense of time, all sense of how many orgasms I have had. And just when I think I can’t stand it anymore, a robe is pulled over my body. My bounds are loosened and my mistress takes me by the hand. She hands me a glass of water and I drink. My head clears a little and I look around the room. Most of the men are standing against the wall. The women are on the couches and chairs, legs spread open. Some finger themselves lazily, but all eyes are on me. The next stage of my service has begun.

I kneel between the legs of the first woman, vaguely wondering if she is one of the many who has eaten me out. I inhale the musky scent of her sex, then gently start licking her clean.

Masturbation Monday


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    1. Isabelle Lauren

      I am so glad you liked it and yes, it’s one of my fantasies as well, although I’d be horrified if it happened in real life.

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